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Ataraxia RSPS
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Ataraxia Updates #27 - 2nd July 2019

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Ataraxia Updates #27

- Evil Trees Skilling DND
- Dungeoneering
- New Account Interface
- Rare Item Token Store Rotation
- Voting Fixed
- Presets & Bank QOL!!!


Once again, screenshots aren't working, Pls click Gyazos i try hard when I write these and I'll know if you didn't click them.



[+] General Changes

- Dreadnip stuns no longer stack, the stun will apply for the first person to use it. You can no longer perma-stun late-game bosses
- Corrupted ore now stops smelting after 60 ores, rather than the previous 28
- Greater Berserker aura now gives 15% boost
- Drop catcher changes and Construction changes from the previous update have been removed due to popular demand
- 100m Experience announcement has been removed, it is rather pointless with the 120 announcement so soon after
- Telos enrage leaderboard now shows the player's KC
- Barrows amulets now automatically activate if you choose to enable the effect
- Novice experience announcements have been removed from announcements
- Zaros Godsword special attack now requires 60% energy rather than 80%
- Sirenic's defence is now better than Refined anima core of Zamorak
- Giant mole has been added to Boss teleports
- When examining a Player you will now be able to see their Game mode
- A variety of Herblore secondaries have been added to Unlimited on Grand Exchange
- Duo-rax is once again functioning, you can now tackle the Spider with a friend!
- Adrenaline potions have been nerfed
- You can now click the Golden ticket received from LMS for a 1/999 chance at a Black Santa hat, 1/998 chance at a Christmas cracker. You have approximately 25% chance to receive 5 Mystery boxes and a 74% chance to receive 2. Don't quote the math
- You can now repair Refined anima core with the relevant essences
- Many potion combinations have been added, too many to list
- Ectoplasmator now has a cap of 10,000 charges instead of 5,000
- Telos enrage multiplier has been drastically reduced in relation to Rewards, we're aware that too many weapons have come from this and I know a sink that'll work, which will come next update


[+] Evil Tree Distraction and Diversion

- Will spawn every 4 hours
- You can 'fast travel' to the tree's location by typing ;;eviltree or speaking with the Evil Tree Hunter at ;;home
- Join someone's Evil Tree instance by talking to the Evil Tree Hunter at home. Start an instance using a new item obtained as a drop from the trees
- Adds new training methods for Firemaking, Woodcutting, Farming, and Herblore
- New potions, 1 of which can be used for Farming, Firemaking, and Woodcutting training
- New perk 'Tree Hunter'
- New pet 'Entling'


[+] Tier 92 Weapon Edits

- You can now Dye all T92 weapons to receive their coloured variants
- These dyed versions share the same Bonuses as the uncoloured version
- T92 weapons now all degrade to a broken state, you can repair them at Bob for a hefty amount of GP
- The Seren Godbow's special attack has been edited.. Well, nerfed slightly, while we realize it's the best bow in the game, the maximum accumulative damage of all arrows was far too high. Not wanting to give it a flat nerf, we decided on having your maximum hit reduce by 10% for each arrow fired. I.E first arrow can do 100% damage, second 90%, third 80% etc...


[+] Preset Interface and Bank QOL

- Look, it's clear Shnek deserved Developer of the month, and you guys should thank him for this! About time we got it
- Firstly, you are now able to set custom removal amounts through the "1x" button
- You can set a quantity and 1 click on an item will remove than many from your bank
- This should make Herblore, Farm runs, whatever else you kids do for fun easier!



- Preset interface!


- On the screenshot above you can see a Button on your bank that looks like a Box and has a + next to it
- You can click this to open this interface above, in which you can set and save different presets for whatever you would like to do
- Uses of this would be Bossing/Slayer setups and it allows a quick transition between the load-outs!
- This has been a suggestion for about 3 years, and finally we have someone capable, Great job by Shnek! 


[+] Tune-able Max Guild Combat Portal

- You can now tune the combat portal in the Max guild to a wide range of bosses and slayer monsters.
- Diamond+ members can use the portal free of charge and no cooldown will be applied.
- This is a thing on Runescape 3 and Xenthium did a great job adding it, while many of you may use the Platinum instances/;;bp, this should add some nice QOL for those who aren't Platinum/Diamond!

[+] Starter Interface

- This was added last patch however, I don't know why I missed it...!
- Shnek added this interface for new accounts!


[+] Collection Log Edits

- Collection log bugs have been fixed such as:
- Gregorovic & Vindicta and Gorvek not counting drops
- Araxxor & Twin furies Killcount fixed
- Vorago & QBD added
- All 6 Legione bosses added
- Rune Dragons added


[+] Rare Item Token Rotation


- Captain Deathbeard makes a return along with some pretty cool animation-changing items, take a look:



- Thanks to Uzi again for this! Genuinely have no idea how he finds these awesome items.

[+] Voting Update

- Votes have been reverted back to the original state, Runelocus you receive 2 points, the other 3 you receive 1 per.
- Voting was a long task, and luckily we have such a dedicated Admin, Node.
- He worked for over a week on the Voting issues and finally, I can confidently say, it's fixed.
- You will now receive your Votes and Vote rewards from every available site! We have removed one, unfortunately, but their system was outdated which resulted in your Votes not counting.
- Also it's the start of the month, vote.


[+] Dungeoneering

- We recently polled whether or not you guys want Old Dungeoneering, or New, or both. The result of the poll was a vast majority asking for both.
- Unfortunately, new Dungeoneering's issues still aren't resolved, however, in the meantime, you can do the new-old Dungeoneering by typing ;;dung
- You go room to room, killing 20 creatures in each and the further you go the more experience and tokens you receive
- For obvious reasons, Aggression pots have been disabled in this Dungeoneering
- The good thing is, you can use your own gear, rather than Primal etc.
- As such, Dungeoneering items have been removed from the Vote shop, Dungeoneering requirements have been re-added to Max Cape and Completionist cape
- It's not ideal, but it will have to do while we do extensive testing on Full Dungeoneering. It's not worth the issues at this point.


[+] Bug Fixes

- Players who are Jailed and AFK are no longer sent to Bob and leave jail
- Sayln the Shark is no longer tradeable
- Prayer renewal now properly says 6-12 instead of 5-10
- Corrupted scorpions now properly drop noted gems rather than un-noted
- Telos no longer drains your special attack lower than 0%
- You can no longer use ZGS spec at 50% energy despite it requiring 80%
- You can no longer use Quick prayers to enable protection prayers in LMS
- Anima core of Zamorak legs bonuses fixed
- Dyed T92 weapons special attack now works
- When examining a player it now properly shows their Time played
- Zaros Godsword attack options reworked, it should hit as fast as and be as effective as a Scythe, but better obviously
- You can no longer use T99 prayers in LMS
- Fish barrel no longer gives cooked food


Oh we also have a new client background:



Jaedmo, Arham 4, lare96, Xenthium & Shnek

Ask the developers questions here

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