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Ataraxia RSPS
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Ataraxia Updates #28 - 16th July 2019

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Ataraxia Updates #28

- Account Pins
- Quality of Life changes
- Bug Fixes
- Evil Tree perk
- Updates teasers!!!



[+] General Changes

- You can now destroy your evil tree instance by right clicking the portal or leaving your instance after collecting your rewards
- Entling can now change colours
- Blade of Nymora/Avaryss are now rarer from Twin furies
- Twin furies HM now deal more damage on auto attacks
- Spawns of Dung monsters doubled in every room
- You can now do Gargoyles in Platinum Zone instances
- All players can use ;;ports to enter Ports
- Supports/Moderators now have a Yell colour
- Soul wars server announcement has been removed as the minigame is inactive and non-functional
- You can now have 10 Presets instead of just 5
- The following potions have been added and drinkable from flask: Super Saradomin brew, Regular/Super/Supreme/ Ranging potion, Magic potion, Combat potion, Agility potion, Super zamorak brew & Every antipoison
- You can now use a toolbelted pickaxe vs the Dills in Fight kiln
- You can now type ;;hidepets to hide every player's pets (and your own)
- The Collection log now displays the amount of an item you've received, not just that you've unlocked it
- Added Papaya fruit drops to Sophanem Slayer Dungeon, Evil trees and Skilling contracts
- You can now do construction with "Quick-ids", meaning you can press 1, 2, 3, 4 to build the object relevant to the number!
- LMS games no longer show the Rarity of the loot, people didn't attend lower standing ones, the rewards for all will be reworked soon
- You can now claim the Evil title through ;;titles, completing 100 Kills on an Evil tree unlocks this
- You can now "Repair-all" at Bob, rather than repairing your items one by one, Bob will detect all of the items and Repair them at the same time
- Adrenaline potions now have an effect timer before you can use another one again
- ;;g1-4 now has 1.3x experience to match the Diamond zone bonus
- You can no longer use Quick chat in the Friends chat
- You no longer require Completing floor 50 for Completionist cape (t)
- Divination teleports now display the Level alongside the Wisp Teleport


[+] Account Pins

- Due to the issues with Players losing their items and accounts to hackers abusing the fact they haven't changed password, we've decided to add a Pin system
- The Pin system will come into action when you log on your account directly after the update, you must type a Pin, this pin is then saved to your account.
- When logging in from a different IP/Mac address (from the original pin location), you will be required to enter the pin before your account is playable
- If you forget your pin, you may change it and recover it within 3 days. Alternatively, you may ask a Staff member to help you reset it.
- This is all for the security of your accounts, like 25% of you used Maclock, so Lare has worked on this.
- It is compulsory but don't worry, you'll get used to it and it'll help keep all of your accounts secure.


[+] Evil Tree Perk

- Was meant to be added alongside the Evil tree release
- "Tree Hunter" - $10 :
     - 25% More XP from Evil Tree related actions.
     - 2x Better chance at getting evil herbs, bark, and seeds
     - Free banking when fighting the Evil Tree
     - Free teleports to the Evil Tree


[+] Bug Fixes

- Evil tree should no longer randomly disappear
- Evil tree instances will no longer delete when you log out
- Special energy will no longer drain into the negatives
- Dreadnips are no longer usable in New-old Dung
- Rune pouch can now use all spells with runes in the pouch, before a few didn't work
- Superior ports gear is now repairable as it should be
- When switching gamemode you no longer lose your Tool-belted Tools
- Guards in Varrock are now Pickpocketable
- You can now eat Kebabs
- Fixed issue with a Shop overriding existing ones
- You can no longer attack Kuradal's Slayer monsters off-task
- Kalphite King minions will now disappear on death of KK
- You can no longer enter LMS on a brand new acc.. (Before tutorial)
- Muspah slayer has been fixed
- Auras no longer reset when entering LMS
- Fixed players having attack options after exiting a LMS game
- Fixed the issues coinciding with Barrows/Telos/Sophanem and claiming the same stuff/abandoning
- You can now jump the Stepping stones in Kharazi
- You can no longer bypass NPC requirements such as Slayer level/Slayer task using Aggression potions
- The Dungeoneering shop at home that you can buy Keepsake-able gear from has been fixed
- You can no longer trade ^ that armour
- Evil Dust is no longer dropped by monsters/sold in shops
- ;;G1-4 rate of catching fixed
- Gamemode titles now work properly for Ironman modes

[+] Coming Soon





Oh we also have new client loading backgrounds:


(Can't post them all)


Not a huge update, but this past fortnight has done wonders for our productivity. We've now got a great system to focus on the important things and we'll be implementing this system in patches to come. 


Jaedmo, lare96, Xenthium & Shnek

Ask the developers questions here

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