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Ataraxia RSPS
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Ataraxia Updates #29 - 8th August 2019

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Ataraxia Updates #29

- Pets interface/Massive overhaul
- Boss Updates
- Teleport Interface
- New Perks
- A metric tonne of everything!!



[+] General Changes

- Evil dust Prayer XP nerfed
- You can now get Evil Tree skilling contracts, if you have killed at least 100 evil trees and you have at least 70 Woodcutting OR Firemaking. You must "Talk-to" the skilling masters to unlock them
- The "Activate" option on corrupted slayer helmets will no longer equip them. Instead, it'll show your current slayer task
- The "Tree Hunter" perk box has been fixed (no longer acts as a lootshare shard)
- You can no longer reset slayer tasks when you have 0 points
- Dragon 2h has been added to Giant mole drops
- Corrupt dragon longsword has been added to Chaos elemental drops
- You can now do Telos reaper tasks
- ;;ticket now has a cooldown
- Evil tree rewards have been adjusted back to a healthy medium
- Dwarf trader thieving has been added, access them through the Teleport interface
- You can now type ;;hidepets to hide all pets
- Runespan no longer teleports you back to the start on login
- Hardmode Bosses now count towards Reaper tasks
- You can now receive Rise of the Six/Barrows Reaper tasks
- Gemstone dragons are now a task you can receive from Kuradal
- Potion timers have been added! Please let us know if there are any potions that don't pop up with timers, ;;pots to show/hide
- Telos has been added to Kuradal's boss log
- Dreadnip interface will now only open should you be able to use one
- Dreadnips now have an attack animation
- You can now decant into 4/3/2/1 doses through Bob barter
- Added Teplin Macagan near Bob barter, he will decant flasks to flasks, potions to flasks and flasks to potions
- The ;;cosmetics system will now only show you the items available to override your currently equipped items
- Evil potions now count towards pots made
- Added Crystal chinchompa hunting along with a heap of others such as: All deadfalls, all Kebbits, butterflies


[+] New Perks

- $8 Dungeon Architect: Dungeon Architect allows you to create a private instance in Dungeoneering. Up to one friend may join you.
- $10 Pet Trainer: Pet trainer gives you the ability to add pet perks to Boss/Skilling pets.


[+] Pets, Pet Perks and New Interface

- New Pet Perks:

Extra Arms - Tier 1/2/3:
2%/4%/8% chance to double resources gathered from Fishing, Mining and Woodcutting.
1%/1%/0% chance to lose the item you would've gathered.

Efficiency Expert - Tier 1/2/3: 
2%/4%/8% chance to save a material when cutting gems, Leather-working, Cooking, Fletching or Smithing
1%/1%/0% chance to use twice the materials when creating an item

- Pet Perk Removals:

Executioner's Demise has been permanently removed

- Pet Perk Edits:

Kuradamnn - Tier 1/2/3:
3%/6%/10% extra Slayer EXP on Task 
2%/5%/10% chance for a Slayer kill not to count towards your Slayer task

Overloaded - Tier 1/2/3:
Your combat stats cannot be reduced below 25%/20%/10% of your level when drinking brews
When sipping any Overload, you receive the bonuses of a Supreme Overload salve. (Tier 3 only)
You no longer take damage when drinking Overload potions

- We are still working on the Pet perks, more to come, more to edit. Stay tuned.


- All pets you receive can now be dropped to add to your ;;pets Interface.
- Through this interface you can; Summon, Favourite, Add Perks, Remove Perks & View your awesome collection
- Here's some media:


- When you receive a Pet perk, you now "Redeem" it in your Inventory, this gives you a credit in that slot.
- You can then add it to an Unlocked pet (you've dropped it)
- When adding it to the pet, it will show all of the perks your pet has in the middle of the interface such as this: 


- You can also now remove your perks and chop/change as you like... HOWEVER, each removal costs you 5,000,000 gp. So don't change too much or you might go broke.. (i know you all have like 2147m shards)
- Another awesome effort by Shnek, this has been a long time coming. 

[+] Teleport Interface

- You can open this new interface through ;;teleport, ;;tp, ;;t
- It should be a much easier way to navigate the game


- You can click it, Teleport to it, Favourite it for easier access and it'll open back on the last tab you had open.
- Thanks to Shnek for this awesome interface, will be much better than the dialogue despite all of you memorising the number order for content you always do.

[+] Boss Changes

Nex (Godwars Dungeon)

- Nex will now place a shadow trap at the start of the shadow phase inevitably
- Nex's wrath attack on death has been adjusted to 5 tiles
- You can now bring all pets/familiars into Nex encounters
- Nex's Blood sacrifice attack now mirrors Rs3's: https://runescape.fandom.com/wiki/Nex/Strategies
- Nex's blood sacrifice heal limits at 1500
- Nex's ice prison attack is 100% like rs now

Nex: Angel of Death

- AOD will now have Killcount

Rise of the Six

- Rise of the Six will now have Killcount


- On phase 2 if you fail to damage Vorago enough and lose the weapon piece you will now only have to shoot 2 gravity fields instead of 3-4
- Fixed multiple instances of Vorago glitching the stone spawns on p4
- Fixed p5 Vorago pushing you back too fast 
- Killcount on pet is now fixed
- Fixed Hardmode "The End" rotation
- The timer to knock down the weapon piece on p2 has been increased
- Fixed stones on p4 spawning in walls
- Added health bar/status to Vorago, displaying: Health, Energy balls left, Bring him down progress (p2), damage required percentage (p2), waterfalls left (p4/9)
- Reduced damage required to bring him down
- Reduced the push multiplier on p5/10/11
- If a player disconnects with a weapon piece it will now drop it
- Damage cap increased to 1500



- Araxxor minions can now walk underneath other NPCs
- Combat definitions for a few NPCs added in Acid path
- Araxxor will now follow players down the path properly in p2
- Araxxor's healing on the web ability will only trigger after the animation is completed
- Araxxor will no longer pull you on p2 of the acid phase
- Araxxor enrage resets every day
- You can now roll your loot for a chance at the Araxxi pets


- Teleporting away from a fight now resets your Killstreak
- Telos golems can now walk underneath other NPCs
- Dying in a Telos instance without starting the fight will no longer reset your streak
- Anima golems will no longer be immortal and stay alive
- Dreadnips are now usable on p5
- You can now properly attack Telos from every side on p5
- Fixed Telos' spawn/death position on p4/5
- Added current/max health to the Health bar
- Soothsayer will now swap your orbs


[+] Bug Fixes

- Evil trees should no longer randomly gain health
- Edited typo in "the Ataraxian"
- QBD drop collection KC has been fixed
- QBD completionist requirement fixed
- King Black Dragon's Visage drop now properly counts towards Drop collection
- Araxxor drop collection now works as intended
- Telos drop collection now works as intended
- Tormented demon drop collection now works as intended
- Fixed Collection log not recognising drops from Armadyl's minions
- QBD reaper tasks will now work properly
- Evil seed player limit now displays properly
- Multiple Fight kiln instance fixes to avoid nulled encounters
- Fix Evil tree not clearing after all rewards have been claimed
- Mithril dragons no longer drop Prayer mixes
- You can no longer heal on the same tick as ::killme to avoid death
- You can now customise Hooded max cape
- Nex will no longer teleport into the pre-game lobby
- Nylessa added to Boss pets command
- You can no longer trade in LMS
- Players will no longer receive no coins on some occasions when opening Mystery boxes
- You can now create pins that start with 0
- T95/99 Prayers will now properly work for Tokhaar-ket-dill, QBD and Legiones
- Collecting loot from Sophanem dungeon Cache will no longer collect from Telos
- Fixed A BUNCH of cosmetic item overrides in ;;cosmetics, please let us know any that aren't working still
- Manual decanting works better with a new system
- The Cooking burn formula has been reworked, you will no longer burn a ridiculous amount of food
- Corruption sigil now adds properly to the Collection log
- You can now complete Trivia in Runespan

[+] Coming Soon








Enjoy guys, apologies for the delay, lots of testing required for this patch.

Jaedmo, Uzi, lare96, Xenthium, Node, Armark1ng & Shnek

Ask the developers questions here

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