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Ataraxia RSPS
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Ataraxia Updates #30 - 22nd September 2019

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Ataraxia Updates #30

- 907 Client/Cache Update
- Death System
- Legione Bosses
- Ice Dyes
- Reaper Perks
- The Magister!!!



[+] General Changes

- Tztok-jad's in the Fight kiln minigame now count towards your reaper contract
- All missing pets from the ;;pets interface have been added, if there are still some missing, please message Shnek
- Rune h1-h5 has been added to Hard clue scroll rewards for the Collection log
- Zamorak, Sardomin & Guthix armour has been added to Hard clue scroll rewards
- Ironmen can no longer join other people's Evil tree instances
- Supply table in Diamond zone will now show potion timers
- Supply table in Diamond zone will now give the Pet perk effect if you have a pet out with the perk
- Barrows items have been added to Drop collection
- Dreadnips, Familiars and pets will now count towards your hits on a Monster
- Added Vorago & Kalphite Queen contracts to Reaper
- You will now have Curses disabled upon entering the Warriors' guild
- Vesta/Superior Vesta's spear special attack is now exactly like rs3
- Removed Ranged strength bonus from Elder Shortbow/Shieldbow
- You can now use Evil dust on an Altar to offer them
- Noxious scythe special attack has been added to Xmas scythe
- You can now tan hides correctly at Tanners
- You can now enter Menaphos and Sophanem
- Fight Kiln drop collection has been added
- You can now teleport out of your Telos instance provided the fight hasn't started
- Ring of Death effect has been added to the new Death system
- Glacors can now hit through Prayer, their Magic accuracy has also been increased
- Kree'arra's magic defence has been nerfed
- You can now see how many Mystery boxes you've opened with a counter (will only count from now)
- Examining a Player will now also show Virtual levels
- You can now revert Crystal equipment back to a seed through the Singing bowl
- You can no longer create defenders with Main-hand drygores
- You can now use Firelighters
- You can now pay for ;;eviltree with Coins
- General Tafani has been added to the Max guild
- You can now revert the Christmas scythe back to a regular Noxious scythe (why would you)
- Poison damage inflicted by you to a Monster will now count as your hit
- Tormented demons have been added to Morvran and Kuradal tasklists
- You can now create a private Nechryael instance in Platinum Zone
- Ring of wealth (c) now degrades, you can recharge it with Onyx's
- You can now use 40 vis wax to reset Wisdom aura cooldown
- You can now view daily Skilling contract leaderboards on the Scoreboard
- Black h1-5 has been added to Easy Clue scrolls
- Adamant h1-5 has been added to Medium Clue scrolls
- You can now type ;;clearpatches to clear all bugged patches
- Evil tree experience rates have been nerfed again
- Starter equipment has been nerfed, we don't want it out-performing the gear you should strive to get
- Minigame & Clue scroll collection logs added

[+] New Death Mechanics

- Death will take all but your 3 (influenced by protection prayers) most valuable items when you die. You will have to buy them back for a fee
-  If you die again while he's already holding items for you, a 25% tax will be added to the final fee. He will never 'lose' your items
- You will keep items with charges, but they will lose 20% of their charges
- Having a charged ROW (c) or ROD will allow you to keep your items



[+] Rare Item Token Store

- This rotation will last until November.


- The following items are new: Phantom Deathbeard's whole outfit, Scurvy (cannon pet), Fish in a Bag, Yin-yang amulet and Crocospeak Amulet!

[+] Chime Shop Rotation

- Chime shop has had some edits! We've taken out a few of the old items and replaced with new cool items! This is just the beginning as there'll be more edits in the near future:


New Items: Chic Scarf, Globetrotter backpack, Peg legs, Peg legs feet, Gnome Goggles, Ring of Rares, Ban hammers & Bad weather umbrella

[+] Ataraxia Panel

- The Quest tab has received a glowup! It is now the Ataraxia Panel
- You can interact with it to access all the lovely information you'd want! 


- Access: Game Settings, Quests, Achievements, Highscores, Teleports, Collections, Server info, Titles & Cosmetics in a neat little Interface!
- Have fun exploring it!


[+] Reaper Perks

- You can now purchase Reaper perks from the Grim Reaper!
- These perks cost Reaper points and provide the following "toggleable" effects

Reaper's Choice (150) - Random chance of being able to choose your assignment when receiving a new one
Reaper's Blessing (200) - While killing your assigned Reaper target, receive 5% increased drop rate
Extended Massacre (150) - All reaper tasks will be extended by 25% and you will receive 25% more points for completing your task
Take Two (200) - After completing a task, you will get the ability to skip your task once for free

- Enjoy!

[+] Ice Dyes

- You can now receive Ice Dyes from Elite clue scrolls (exclusively)
- You can use them on T90-T92 equipment to get an Ice-variation of the equipment:

116?cb=20180920173248                  132?cb=20180720165220


[+] Combat Pets

- You can now receive Combat pets! Get these by receiving an experience drop in: Attack, Constitution, Defence, Magic, Prayer, Ranged, Strength and Summoning.










[+] Boss Timers


- You can now type ;;timers to get an Interface showing all of your best times & kill-counts!


[+] Legiones Update

- Legiones combat has been edited, before it was clunky and "private-server-esque" but they have been worked up!
- All Legiones now follow the combat patterns similar to RS3!
- Read up on the fights here: 



[+] The Magister

- The Magister has been added!
- You can use the Key to the Crossing to access the Magister through the Sophanem Dungeon
- You can run through the whole Dungeon or alternatively use the Boss portal at ;;bp or Tune a portal at the Max guild!
- The mechanics are quite basic.. If you know what you're doing that is!
- Battle The Magister for great loot including Phylactery, which can be Shattered for Scrap of Scriptures
- 100 Scraps can be used to create one of three blessings; Sky, Sand or Sea
- All three blessings are required along with the Khopesh of the Kharidian/Off-hand Khopesh to create the T92 Khopesh of Tumeken/Khopesh of Elidinis
- Here are the bonuses!


- Get them both to see their individual bonuses 😉
- Read up on the Magister's combat here: https://runescape.wiki/w/The_Magister/Strategies


[+] Bug Fixes

- You will no longer be able to wear items through presets if you don't reach the requirements
- You can no longer use the options on Max cape without Max stats
- Pet perk: Power exchange now works as intended
- Fixed mismatched Dagannoth King & GWD contract ids
- Fixed Kiln counting twice on reaper contracts
- Reward potential will no longer reset when dying far away from Evil trees
- Fixed not being able to pick up items unless you are under them in the Animated armour room of Warriors' Guild
- Fixed not receiving Dungeoneering tokens/experience from Dungeoneering instances
- Fixed Nex's blood sacrifice attack, it will now function exactly like Runescape 3
- Tormented Demon Reaper contracts should function properly
- Ports & Gambling teleports can no longer remove you from any circumstance
- Fixed being able to use ;;pets in LMS controller
- Fixed Nice but Dim trigger rates
- Cooking formula has been edited to work as intended (again) (fr this time tho)
- NPCs unrelated to your instance will no longer show up unannounced
- Fixed Kalphite defender effects proceeding even after unequipping the defender
- Fixed Gaze aura effects not working while having an Aura active
- Fixed Portable crafters saving way too many gems while crafting
- Fixed Vindicta reaper contracts
- Portals in RFD no longer teleport you to GWD2 bosses
- You can now pick up Muspah spines and Elder charms
- Fixed Aggression pot effects on Strykewyrms, you'll now automatically walk to them and stomp
- Fixed all circumstances in which the Bank doesn't display your edited bank until you remove/add/move an item
- Fixed unreachable Rocktail/Cavefish fishing spots
- Fixed Double trouble pet perk not working at GWD2
- You can no longer get duplicate Skilling/Combat pets
- Fixed Crystal pickaxe having no animation
- Fixed being unable to mine Red sandstone
- Fixed Ladder to Mining guild not working
- Bane ore tuning has been fixed
- Araxxor Drop collection has been fixed
- Hydrix dragons will no longer lose aggro
- You will no longer receive garbage rewards when soloing Evil trees
- Ironmen can now rejoin their own Evil tree instances
- Picking Fellstalk will now add to Farming actions
- You can no longer kill Nex: Angel of Death without killing all 4 of the minions
- Fixed Glacors resetting HP
- All degrading issues fixed, all items that didn't degrade but should've, now do
- Skilling actions will no longer persist after using ;;ports
- Fixed being able to use Protean items after they've been converted

[+] Coming Soon





Thank-you for your patience with this update.

Likely the most difficult update we've done in terms of motivation and drive.

Glad we finally got it out.


lare96, Xenthium, Armark1ng, Shnek & Jaedmo

Ask the developers questions here

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