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Ataraxia RSPS
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Ataraxia Updates #31-34 - 6th October - 11th December 2019

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Right, here it is, the mega thread. What you've been waiting for!

Find every single change since Update #30 on this thread! Enjoy.


Ataraxia Updates #31-34

- Invention
- Group Ironman
- Dual Wielding
- Degrading Rework
- So many bug fixes/QoL changes



[+] General Changes

- New Discord commands
    - ;;gimscore ~ See top-5 teams on leaderboard
    - ;;pollhistory ~ See the names and dates of all past in-game polls
    - ;;viewpoll [poll name] ~ See the results of a past poll
- Can now use ;;swapchins to replace messed up skillchompas (they must be in your main bank)
- New ;;npcdrop interface! Check it out!
- GWD2, Vorago and AOD will now drop Noted items properly for Diamond Donors
- Server date now displays on Task tab
- Grand exchange offers board, you can find this at ;;home, it will display the latest offers on the GE 
- Diamond Donor stall Coin amount increased, you're now more likely to receive more coins
- You can now feed a Ban hammer to Pet troll
- Extra Arms now adds the extra resource to your bank
- Pet perk message colour has been changed
- Bonfire and Auras will now be added to Potion timers
- Your potions/prayers and spells will no longer be reset after exiting a Pest control round
- The Magister pet drop and Glove drop will now announce
- The Minister has been added to Pet interface
- Trivia shop has been revamped
- Low level slayer experience has been greatly buffed
- You can now right click dig on Clue scrolls with a Spade
- The create pouch interface now has filter support.
- Deaths are now cheaper
- Fixed teleport interface not working for certain teleports
- GIM no longer get cooking great white shark contracts
- The "Wear" option has been removed from the slayer gem
- Will no longer get priff agility contracts if you cannot access priff
- Platinum donors and above can now purchase skele outfit from wise old man
- Change ;;players on Discord to only show player count. Use <;;players all> to get the full list like before
- Skilling backpacks now have Communicate and Disband-party options when worn
- You can now request to leave your GIM group. The request will still need to be verified by any Staff member https://i.imgur.com/0ylOMAL.png
- All skilling contract rewards are now noted. All skillchompas are now in their stackable forms
- Non-GIM can no longer pick up GIM p-ring drops
- Skilling contract rewards have been redone, thanks to Kiri for the help. New drops (auto-generated) https://pastebin.com/rRBwcGYW
- Replaced squeel of fortune with treasure hunter, all spins will be converted to keys and hearts of ice(x3 spins amount).
- New Skills tab, will now show bonus xp you get, alot more informations. https://i.gyazo.com/dcbd7501bea9af123d8b4404718af5ad.png
- A new option added to misc settings, Gold Trim 99: Will show gold boxes around your maxed skills if enabled.
- A new claim xp interface which has invention and divination.
- New in-game walk overrides
- Lumbridge mining, Divination teleports, and Invention guild added to teleport interface
- Serenity stones lotus pose Fixed
- Cosmetic interface: color picking, keepsake items, loading every cosmetic!
- Lil goop pet
- Slayer now will go to level 120, not virtual and a new comp requirement
- Added freedom ability to the following shields: https://pastebin.com/stU61sCE.
- Added a shortcut to cast freedom ability : ctrl + x
- Make reaper contracts display bonus points from extended massacre perk (lare)
- Increased cash bags amount by x 20
- Edits on treasure hunter rewards
- Invention patch 2: Skilling tools and perks added:
    > Fishing rod-o-matic
    > Pyro-matic
    > Hammer-tron
    > Dragon and crystal hatchets and pickaxes

- Invention Perks coded (their effects are like rs3 check wiki for more info):
  - Rapid
  - Charitable
  - Imp souled
  - Confused
  - Cheapskate
  - Butterfingers
  - Pyromaniac
  - Polishing
- Precious gem rocks will now respawn faster
- You can now gamble capes for jad and kiln pet
- Flat 25% buff to all defenders damage.
- Added ;;path command to discord/regular commands(sends current vorago/araxxor rotation and days left till next rotation)
- Added ;;toggleauraglow command to toggle aura's weapon visual effect.
- Changed the "x14" in bank to custom amout.
- Changed chaos elemental respawn delay to 30 ticks instead of 60 (wildy spawn)
- Nerfed starter gear stats again
- Removed sapphire bolts (e) from mbox reward table
- Made ocellus able to change your ascension crossbow to opposite version when u use it on him.
- Added total xp announcements at 5b,10b,...,54b
- Updated charge befriender description in ;;perks
- Added more kingly impling spawns.
- Changed the scale repair from 2% to 5%(dyed armour)
- Added rise of the six pets to the chest (1/2500) DR and made it that it can't give u duplicates.
- Made ironman/gim/hc ironman drain charges from charge pack at 25% reduced rate.
- Buffed Steadfast scale,Glaiven wing-tip,Ragefire gland drop rates, and made them recharge the t90 boots by 75% instead of 50% charges.
- Added option to destroy your previous nex instance (so u can destroy it when it stops spawning)
- Precious gem rocks will now respawn faster
- You can now gamble your jad and kiln capes for a chance at their pets. Talk to TzHaar-Mej-Jeh
    > Jad pet
        - Fire cape ~ 1 roll
        - Kiln capes ~ 2 rolls
        - Enhanced fire cape ~ 8 rolls
    > Kiln pet
        - Kiln capes ~ 1 rolls
        - Enhanced fire cape ~ 5 rolls
- Edits for iron man items disassembly table ( https://pastebin.com/RYzBZDBw )
- EXPERIENCE NOW GOES TO 2,000,000,000


[+] Christmas Event

  - Talk to Santa on the upper level of ;;home. He needs help!
  - Follow hints and 'steal' his presents. Or you can 'find' his presents skilling, bossing, and playing minigames. These ones have to be returned to him, because you feel guilty. Whichever method you choose will yield rewards. If a reward has a special benefit it will be explained by "examining" it.
  - Rewards that needed to be coded
    - Gingersnap cookies, stackable and heal some health
    - Ring of Snow, transforms you into one of many "snowman" models
    - All toy horsey "play-with" animations
    - Snow globe "Shake" option
    - Christmas amulet, gives bonus XP while equipped. Evaporates once all its charges are gone
    - Present sack, stores presents to save inv space
    - All marionettes now work


[+] Treasure Hunter


- The Treasure Hunter has rolled in, replacing Squeal of Fortune!
- Find a full list of rewards here: https://runescape.wiki/w/Treasure_Hunter
- We will be rotating the Lamps etc.. Similarly to how RS3 did it!
- All rare items that were previously in Squeal of Fortune have also been added to Treasure Hunter


[+] Group Ironman

- Group Ironman has been added!
- You can start an account by simply logging onto a fresh account and selecting the gamemode "Group Ironman".


- The Gamemode is a competitive (or not) seasonal gamemode in which you can gain points through bossing, gaining experience & losing points through deaths.
- At the end of the season, the team at the top will win rewards!


- You can find all of the information related to Group Ironman through our Discord! Check the #gim-info and #gim-score-info channels!



[+] Invention

- Invention is an elite skill which requires you to have level 80 in divination/smithing/crafting skills.
- Two new spells have been added to all magic books( analyze & Disassemble):
Analyze: Check to what components each item is converted.
Disassemble: Disassembles items for components that can be used in gizmos to create perks, manufacture tools.
- Invention Workbenchs: Discover new blueprints and manufacture tools.
- Augmented items now can be levelled up and can store gizmos.
- Augmented items/gizmos will show their xp/level/perks inside them when hover them.
- You can switch between legacy/rs3 inteface skin for invention interfaces in misc settings.
- Two new commands have been added:-
::bag or ::materials - Opens bag of materials interface.
::charges or ::divinecharges - sends you a message with the current divine charges you have in your charge pack.
- List of added perks effects(The ones that have //done) above them have coded effects (rest will be added along the way) https://pastebin.com/7Gefnams



[+] Dual Wielding

- Dual wielding has been added! You can use any RS3 off-hand weapon in your off-hand slot and it will do a second attack!
- We are using rs3 hit chances and item bonuses and npc stats.
- Combat auras effects reworked completly, and added reckless/manical auras for 10k loyality points.
- Prayers/curses are now using the rs3 effects and curses now drain your enemies stats like they are supposed to.
- Magic speed/dmg have been buffed and now spell damage is correct to rs (balancing the combat triangle)
- Magic Debuffs are now applied correctly and actually affects your enemies.
- NPC's weaknesses (style/affinities), and special weaknesses (bone ammo against drags etc etc) are now fully working.


[+] Bug Fixes


- Fixed ancient cavern tele
- Fixed deathtouch bracelet amulet of souls, reaper necklace recharging
- Fixed divination skill in skills interface and added invention skill
- Fixed the DC that happens on login
- Fixed the Blackscreen that happens after fetching updates for some users
- Fixed the loading 50% crash (there are still some issues for DirectX users you can use OpenGL instead for now for no crashes)
- Buying a Clue scroll from the Vote shop will no longer give you 2
- Mystery boxes will no longer announce when purchased for Chimes
- Acid spider will no longer run at you like Dash from the Incredibles
- ;;vote now opens properly
- the Ataraxian title now has a gap before " the"
- Dagannoth Kings will now die properly
- Shooting star will no longer gain levels
- Efficiency perk no longer deletes an item when crafting gems
- Fixed dtd with new combat
- Fixed chrismas scythe/reaper hood stats.
- Added a toggle for disassemble warning in misc settings.
- Added a teleport to invention guild in new teleports interface skilling tab
- Fixed ava collector
- Fixed attack range for bugged weapons (magic shortbow, etc)
- Fixed slayer tasks not counting.
- Fixed range/mage on kree area.
- Added a reset for imbued items.
- Made Xuan exchange imbued gear for VP or Chimes.
- Fixed how augmented dyed items can be repaired.
- Fixed NPC stats for Telos P5, mature grotworms
- Fixed polypore when degraded below 50%
- Fixed a lot of missing item disassemble data(all reported ones + more i found).
- Fixed the message spam on login for invention.
- The "Efficiency Expert" pet perk will no longer send items to the inventory
- Draconic Visages, crystal keys, loop halves, and tooth halves will now drop noted for diamond players
- Gargoyles are now aggressive
- G.E noticeboard will no longer show completed offers
- Commands will now ignore letter casing
- Old Barrows Items(100,70,50,25) will now revert to the correct item id and degrade & repair correctly
- Fixed Bolt Rack As the only ammo that can be used for All Karil items. & tainted repriser
- Fixed Teleports Interface allowing you to go to priff without requirements
- Fixed Goliath gloves DMG and Accuracy calculations
- Fixed the fragements msgs that spams on login
- Fixed repairing items with 1 coin
- Fixed co-op slayer interface cache and server side.
- Fixed araxxor bugs:
    - Instant kill spider now has a warning telling you that araxxor has spawned one.
    - Araxxor web invisble sometimes now has been fixed.
    - Crash in p3-p4 now has been fixed.
- Fixed diamond players noting items effect for nex aod
- Made kiln send the reward to your bank if you dont have enough space for it in your inventory
- Fix bug with Pet efficiency perk where it doesn't work properly if the inventory is full
- Fixed Dagganoth kings instances error. (You will now be able to destroy your current instance if its bugged).
- Fixed artisans workshop clue
- Fixed treasure hunter items not stacking in bank (you will have to withdraw them and re add them to bank for them to work)
- Added coins bags and dung token boxes
- Made dominion weapons only have stats while your inside dominion tower
- Fixed goliath gloves giving extra accuracy
- Fixed tortured souls stats
- Fixed arraxor giving null reward.
- Fixed silverhawk boots charging/recharging.
- Fixed nomad tent options.
- Fixed gwd2 kc interface.
- Fixed sarabrew extra health effect.
- Fixed telos phase 5 west stream.
- Fixed mage bank lever teleport.
- Fixed reaper perk: EXTENDED_MASSACRE
- Added stats/combat definitions to desert bandits
- Fixed item perks displaying for augmented items (it will now update correctly when u used gizmo dissolver and what ever )
- Made all queen black dragon attacks hit zero after the dragon is dead.
- Fixed twin furies and kk blackscreen when they charge at you.
- Fixed ascension bolts giving halv damage on augmented crossbow
- Fixed the bug where items cannot be picked up sometimes
- ;;addbosspets will now check the ;;pets interface for missing pets
- Fix issue with death where items with large quantities prevent all items from being claimed
- Fix rax NullPointerException causing GIM to get lots of points
- For accounts that had issues, you can now change your display name again
- Portable skilling packs from Treasure Hunter now work
- Fixed the bug where people cannot pick up items
- Fixed mining spawn locations (mining guild, falador underground mine, mining guild resource dung)
- Added invention 99 max cape requirement to the interface (server and cache side).
- Fixed players being able to keepsake non stackable items (items with attributes).
- Fixed dragon dagger p++ spec
- Fixed items losing attributes when u die in wildy.
- Fixed gwd2 pets not registering in collection log and made ;;addbosspets command search your whole account for pets to add to collection (this will search your banks,inventory, ;;pets)
- Fixed sgb (ice) special attack
- Fixed augmented nox scythe spec
- Fix issue with death where items with large quantities cannot be claimed
- Fixed disassembly/siphon xp for hammer-ton/fishing rod-o-matic/pyro-matic (they where processed as tier 0 instead of tier 70)
- Portable skilling packs from TH now work
- Fixed augmented serengodbow (ice) spec.
- Made pot timers interface refresh the icons (no more bonfire icon becoming a pot).
- Fixed levelup message interface showing incorrect skill icon.
- Fixed reaper giving 2 bork as reaper task.
- Fixed smithing dwarf random event (being invisble for a while).
- Fixed items not showing correct attack styles (mud pie, magic shotbow, etc etc)(this needs client update)
- Fixed npcs stats (no more invincible npcs).
- Replaced smithing autoheater with coal bag in dung reward shop.
- Fixed attack styles for some more items (dragon dagger and few more).(this needs client update)
removing items sold to general store.
- Fixed the ticket command
- Added cresbot and corgi to pets interface



Sorry for lack of media, due to Discord not having a convenient way to add media when we were doing our updates through it.

This is about 75% of what we've done. The rest is undocumented and I'm sure you'll find some stuff to be fixed that might have been broken.

Enjoy the updates, thank-you for your loyalty. Much more to come!





Kind regards,

Jaedmo, Node, Lare96, Armark1ng, Xenthium
& the Staff Team

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