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Ataraxia Updates #38 - 26th December 2019

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Hey guys, happy holidays! Just a small update for you guys.

 - Added "You have sold <x>" message to filter
- Complete perk package fixed to have all perks
- You can no longer sell things to the skilling shops
- Left clicking Ataraxia dollars now opens Uzi's perk shop dialogue
- ROW (c) now has a disassemble warning
- The amount of items you can have on the "Drop catcher" perk has been doubled
- ;;kickme Discord command now works
- Added divine-o-matic chronicle message to filter
- Co-op skilling contract progress will now appear less often
- 2x,3x,4x pickpockets will now count as skilling contract actions
- ;;stafflist Discord command
- Bag for triskelion keys, can be obtained from LMS and vote shop
- Rune pouch not lighting up spellbook issue fixed
- The following areas are now multi combat:
     1) Hellhounds @ Taverly resource dungeon
     2) Glacor cave
     3) Guthix cave
     4) Slayer tower
- Fixed an issue with players being able to hit twice as fast when they switch from 2h to dual
- Fixed problem with not being able to augment some items (lava whip, staff of darkness, etc) and degraded items
- You can now dye/undye augmented items and degradeable items (their charges will carry over) and broken items
- Fixed all problems with augmenting items it will now work correctly (no more items nulling)

-God Wars Dungeon bosses are no longer available in Platinum Zone Portal instances.

Enjoy the rest of your Christmas!
~ ❤️ The Ataraxia Staff Team

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