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Ataraxia Updates #39 - 31st December 2019

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Patch Notes:

Additions / Changes:


- Added real decimation special attack.
- Added real SGB special attack
- Disabled tortured souls spec after the dragon is dead.
- Added muspah weakness to ancient spell book (x2 dmg mod).
- Made AFK area clear your poison so you don't get ko'ed after u leave.
- Added a check for transform to npc method (made it revert to -1 if the npc id has null defs) (it was throwing errors).
- Added Nex AOD flowing energy leave option. (so you don't have to relog to leave the instance).
- Made hellhounds drop hard clue scrolls instead of medium.
- Added an announcement for bonus  rare+ rewards(if you have the perk) when opening mystery box.
- Added disassembly data for missing blue mystic items.
- Added SLEIGHT_OF_HAND perk effect to priff workers.
- Added unstable glacor pet to glacor drop table.
- Added a index > size check for divination transmute dialogue (was throwing exception).
- Added a check if target username is null for bounty hunter getTarget method.(was throwing nullpointer)
- Can now obtain Effigy pet
- Added slayer tower resource dungeon
- Added additional abyssal demon spawns to resource dungeon



- Fixed null pointer exception in recharge item method.
- Reworked random perks selection for gizmo creation, will work more like rs now.(also it was throwing exceptions when two perks have the same chance percentage fixed now).
- Reworked materials random selection for item disassembling, should now work 100% like rs (it was also throwing exceptions for items that have the same chances).
- Fixed a null pointer exception in treasure hunter claim reward.
- Fixed dung reward not resetting selected item when you choose a reward that is not added.
- Fixed cooking items on prif bonfire.
- Fixed item drop command and added an example on how to use it, (was giving arrayoutofbound exception)
- Fixed LMS giving two rewards.
- Fixed camel staff not giving infinite fire runes.
- Fixed onion seed showing as logs (cache side)
- Fixed presets.
- Fixed divine locations.
- Fixed crystal skillchompa mining level required and added its pickaxe/hatchet speeds.
- Made loot share skip if sharing players list is empty. (was throwing error "bound must be positive" for empty sharing players list.)
- Fixed auto cast spells resetting when finishing dominion tower boss fight.
- Fixed null pointer exception in Araxxor (when player and araxxor die at the same time).
- Fixed comp cape hood and max cape hood not recolouring with their cape.
- Fixed pole swing XP in advanced gnome agility course.
- Fixed slashing web with knife in your toolbelt.
- Fixed Prayer skilling teleporting to Prifddinas without requirements
- Fixed vote reward logic > If your bank is full or you have a max cash stack in bank, you will be notified and have to make space in order to claim again.
- Fixed Santa Hats not being tradeable
- Fixed LMS code that was spewing errors

Big ass shoutout to @armark1ng for busting his ass over the christmas period and consistently pushing out updates.

@lare96, you've been great so far as well, no doubt we got a great dev team behind us.

As for upcoming updates:
- Clue scroll rewrite
- Divination changes so it is exactly like RS3
- New content 😉

Thank you everyone for being a part of this and sticking by! Much, much more to come.

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