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Ataraxia RSPS
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Ataraxia Updates #41 - 26th January 2020

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[+] Quality of life changes

- The message notifying you of your extra arms perk giving you an extra resource is now filterable
- Removed the easy clue from starter equipment
- Skilling pet announcements will now show up in #ingame-sync on Discord
- Celestial handwraps can now be traded
- The message notifying you of your lucky perk reducing damage now filters if it reduces less than 500 damage
- CTRL + G will now open the GIM bank, if you have the bank perk
- Salmon and trout fishing contracts have been combined
- "Magic Emporium" shop has had its stock greatly increased
- Polypore staff is now worth more than Polypore stick
- Added "Successfully loaded preset" to game filter
- Bronze donators can now start Fight Caves at wave 32


- Entering the gambling area will now make you auto-join the gambling FC
- Teleporting to the Evil Tree will now let you choose between paying with coins or tickets
- Clue scroll completion counter will now differentiate between clue types (<x> easy clues, <x> hard clues, etc.)
- All bugged fishing contracts have been fixed
- Nerf skillchompas when mining (was being abused with contracts)
- Increase Coeden's seed shop stock
- Added offhand Rune c-bow and offhand Dragon scimitar to rock crabs drop table
- You will now be notified when your degradable items have reached 25% and 50%


[+]  Bug fixes

- Aggression potion effects will now be reset when entering a dungeoneering instance
- Fixed the non-functioning portable braziers at diamond zone and boss portals
- Fixed afk players returning to empty map areas & other instances
- Fixed an error related to the title command
- Updated the URL for the donationinfo command
- The Enhanced fire cape now has a "Wear" option



~ With love from @Jaedmo, @Node, @armark1ng, @Xenthium, myself & the staff team ❤️

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Best update by far is the wear option on enhanced fire cape XD


Only thing i don't like is the entry level items like off-hand rcb / dscim being 0.3% drop rate, would be nicer if it was like 2-4%

Edited by Greg
had to add more

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