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Mystery Box guide

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Hello, this is a list of what you can get from Mystery box.

I might be missing some items, I'll be updating this overtime.


Please note that items with "(SWA)" have server-wide announcements, also the rarity of some items aren't confirmed, I just made it on how often I got that item.

Legend:  Common



                Very rare


~ Money ~

1.000.000 Coins
2.500.000 Coins

50.000.000 Coins (SWA)
200.000.000 Coins (SWA)

~ Weapons & Armours ~

1x Ahrim's hood
1x Ahrim's robe top
1x Ahrim's robe skirt
1x Ahrim's staff
1x Karil's coif
1x Karil's top
1x Karil's skirt
1x Karil's crossbow
1x Guthan's helm
1x Guthan's platebody
1x Guthan's chainskirt
1x Guthan's warspear
1x Torag's helm
1x Torag's platebody
1x Torag's platelegs
1x Torag's hammer
1x Dharok's platebody
1x Dharok's platelegs
1x Dharok's Greataxe
1x Verac's helm
1x Verac's brassard
1x Verac's plateskirt
1x Verac's flail
1x Abyssal whip

1x Korasi's sword (SWA)
1x Full slayer helmet (SWA)
1x Vesta's spear (SWA)

~ Protean ~

1x Small protean pack
1x Medium protean pack (SWA)
50x Protean trap
50x Protean logs
50x Protean plank
50x Protean bar
30x Protean hide


~ Skilling ~

112x Magic logs
100x Rune bar
200x Corrupted ore
112x Dragon Bones

84x Frost dragon bones (SWA)
200x Gold charm
20x Green Charm
200x Crimson charm

150x Blue charm (SWA)
1x Uncut onyx (SWA)


~ Consumables ~

70x Holy overload potion (6) (SWA)
35x Saradomin brew (4)
10x Aggression potion (4)
15x Aggression potion (4)

40x Aggression potion (4) (SWA)
112x Raw rocktail


~ Misc ~

5x Mystery box
2x Rare item tokens

1x Monkey nuts (SWA)
1x Equipment siphon
5x Divine charges
3x Armour gizmos
3x Weapon gizmos

10x Divine charges
3x Equipment siphons
1x Augmentor

3x Augmentor (SWA)


~ Cosmetics ~

1x Bob shirt (SWA)
1x Sköll boots (SWA)
1x Suitcase (SWA)
1x Off-hand suitcase (SWA)
1x Axe (SWA)
1x A jester stick (SWA)
1x Flaming skull (SWA)
1x Jack lantern mask (SWA)
1x Christmas tree hat (SWA)
1x Lovers medallion (SWA)
1x Haters medallion (SWA)


Please feel free to make your suggestion or if I missed something, or any info is wrong, anything is welcome to make this guide better for all players, thanks.

Edited by Bosh
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I like your organization and color coding. Very nice job, hope others find this helpful!

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