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Ataraxia Updates #43 - 8th February 2020

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Ataraxia Updates #43

- Juju Potions
- Bug Fixes
- Mystery Box additions
- Skilling contract edits!


[+] General Changes

- Added ;;hidefamiliaroptions or ;;hideoptions shortcut, Command for hiding familiar and pet options
- Made barrows tunnel multi-combat area.
- Added araxxor base enrage limit of 300. 
- Skilling contract gathering contract amounts edited to be similar/equal time to the artisan skills
- Added Seiryus claw to ED1 mobs & bosses drop table
- Added Seiryus fang to Bryll Thoksdottir for 100k dung tokens.
- Invention blue prints will now reset on game mode change.
- Added Telos drop simulator ::simtelos (Kills 1 - 1000) (Enrage 0 - 4000) (Streak 0 - 100)
- Doubled the max charges of augmented items that don't use the universal charge system


[+] Juju Potions

- You can read all about Juju potions here: 



[+] Bug Nuke


Minigame/Boss Fixes

- Fixed RoTS not being able to start if the team size is bigger than two players.
- Fixed barrows dig option not letting you inside the tomb and saying "you find nothing!".
- Fixed Hardmode Vindicta not counting for reaper task.
- Fixed The Violet Lotus miniboss spawn location.
- Made elite dungeon bosses and minibosses freeze immune.
- Fixed Muspahs not always counting for slayer task.
- Fixed Kurask combat animations.
- Fixed the Magister collection log.
- Added correct handling for stackable items in collection log.
- Fixed Kalphite Queen teleport location on new interface.
- Fixed RoTS collection log not registering all drops.
- Made it so you cant summon pets/familiars inside Fight Cave.
- Fixed new Rax interface dead click areas.
- Fixed Vorago instance costs (3m, 1.5m with perk).

Skilling Fixes

- Fixed not being able to create "Titans Constitution Scroll" from any of its possible pouches.
- Fixed Fletching not checking if player has enough inv space.
- Fixed agility pyramid planks getting player stuck.
- Fixed agility pyramid ledge getting players stuck.
- Added correct skill requirements to milestone capes.
- Fixed not being able to disassemble ores sometimes.
- Fixed silver crafting animation.
- Fixed arrowheads Smithing requiring two bars instead of one.
- Fixed Platebodies Smithing requiring three bars instead of five.
- Fixed the "walk across" shortcut for red dragons in Brimhaven dung.'}


Combat/Item Fixes

- Fixed Masutas warspear cone attack.
- Increased the cone attack for weapons to hit the correct area targets (See gif below).
- Fixed overload salve not giving potion timers.
- Fixed Ascendri Bolts giving full damage on bows other than Ascensions.
- Fixed not being able to spawn Zaros godsword special attack sometimes.
- Made weapons/armour degrade only if your under combat.
- Fixed Shieldbow sight not working for Elder shieldbow.
- Fixed augmented spirit shields effects.
- Fixed prayer restoring effect from necklaces/aura for ash scattering.
- Fixed heal other spell.
- Fixed Staff of light passive effect of not consuming runes when casting a spell.
- Made Elite armour/weapons not degrade from dying inside Elite Dungeons.
- Fixed Celestial handwraps stats
- Fixed Soul split heal (made it RS3 heal rate +50%), It was healing WAY more than it should have been.
- Fixed an error in drain rate calculation it will now not include drain rate for items that don't use the universal charge system.

Miscellaneous Fixes

- Fixed the add item method to 100% insure the player gets the item if their inventory is full (fixing herb box etc etc).
- Fixed tormented demons weird text.
- Fixed vote not giving players items if they dont have space in their inventory.
- Fixed Auburys apprentice perk not working for rune pouches.
- Fixed God Wars Dungeon altars.
- Fixed filter chat mesages options not saving on logout.
- The "Withdraw-to-bank" option on the trisk key bag will no longer reset when its contents are deposited
- Bowstring will now be given as a possible reward from completing contracts
- Skillchompas have been nerfed when Woodcutting (same as the Mining nerf)
- You can now do ;;ltp to teleport to the last location you clicked on the Teleport Interface
- Dragon platebody shards/parts are now worth 3M. Dragon platebodies are now worth 10M. Karil's pistol crossbows are now worth 1.5M each




lare96, Xenthium, Armark1ng, Kirito & Jaedmo


Edited by lare96
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Head to our Discord and download the new Pinned client in #general!

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yeah i need a invite aswell please DeanoDabo#4449 is my discord <3 and thank you for the logs for updates thats awesome :D

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17 hours ago, Canx said:


On 2/8/2020 at 8:26 AM, MrBlue said:

how do i join on discored? dont i need an invite?



17 hours ago, Canx said:

yeah i need a invite aswell please DeanoDabo#4449 is my discord ❤️ and thank you for the logs for updates thats awesome 😄


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