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Hybrid tokens & armors

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Hybird tokens are a rare currency that can be exchanged for T85 armor.
You can receive them from the following bosses & activities:

Example: 1:35 = 1 in 35 chance of receiving drop.
Nex - 1:180
Telos - 1:75
Vorago - 1:35
Araxxor - 1:60
Legiones - 1:600
Nex: AoD - 1:125
Pest control - 1:150
Kalphite King - 1:180
The Magister - 1:600
Corporeal Beast 1:450
Queen Black Dragon - 1:350
Barrows: Rise of the Six - 1:250
Temple of Aminishi (ed1) - 1:35

Hybrid token drops are separate from the npc/activity drop table
and are not influenced by any drop rate modifiers.

Drop rates are configured to take ~250 hours of gameplay to complete one set from any of the above sources.


There are 3 sets to complete, one for each combat type:

Vanguard (melee):      Trickster (ranged):      Battle-mage (magic):

nxt flex

Helm (5 tokens): +2% damage, +297 armor, +32 hp
Body (7 tokens): +3% damage, +341 armor, +64 hp
Legs (7 tokens): +3% damage, +326 armor, +48 hp
Gloves (3 tokens): +1% damage, +68 armor
Boots (3 tokens): +1% damage, +68 armor
Full set (25 tokens): +10% damage, +1100 armor, +144 hp

More Information:

Hybrid tokens and the armor pieces are untradeable.

While worn, each piece of armor will give you bonus damage toward its combat type.

Set pieces can be mixed to provide bonus damage for more than one combat type at a time.

The helm, body & legs provide a small boost to your maximum health while worn.

All armor pieces are non-degradeable, meaning you never need to repair them.

None of the armor pieces provide prayer bonus - it is sacrificed for increased damage.

Defensive stats are equal to T85 refined anima core of sliske.

The Hybrid shop can be accessed by interacting with a hybrid token when it's in your inventory.

gl & hf grinding.


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