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Ataraxia Updates #45 - 1st April 2020

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 Ataraxia Updates #45

- NXT Pre-patch
- Bug Fixes
- QoL Updates
- New Trivia Questions
- Voting buff



[+] General Changes

- Last Man Standing is temporarily disabled
- You can now type ;;guides to access Kirito's masterguide
- Smouldering lamps have been removed from the Skilling Shop
- Trivia questions have been reworked
- Pest Control will now only roll for a Hybrid token if you win a game
- Hybrid tokens now drop from Corporeal beast
- Added a new fire to ;;home where the afkers afk
- Moved the altar to a more open area so it's more noticeable
- Moved Ellis to where the altar was
- Added Hefin monk for Cleansing stones
- Removed Grenwalls from ;;g1, ;;g2
- Replaced them with Corpse spiders, now accessible for Diamond players through ;;s1, ;;s2 (Grenwall one will be back soon)
- Added Waterfiends to Plat Boss portal
- Reaper quest now reactivates daily, it is repeatable and you will lose your 10% damage bonus if you don't complete it again
- Harmony moss rate from Juju farming potion increased by 7.5%
- Harmony moss rate changed from 2-4 to 2-9
- Trisk key rewards will now be sent to the bank if your inventory is full
- Bank Value Hiscores, Object at ;;home to view the richest Normal, Gim, Ironman and HCIM players
- HCIM News will now post to the discord channel, stats every Monday and Friday and it will post if a player dies from the top 25
- You can no longer get Edimmu slayer tasks below 115 dung
- Combination potions now count towards Herblore actions
- Evil tree and Shooting star will no longer spawn at the same time
- Your Prismatic exp will now be 0 when changing gamemodes
- GIM Accounts can no longer access the Home zone objects, only with voting


[+] Voting Changes

- New accounts will no longer have the 48 hour grace period for the home area
- Voting will now provide you DXP for 30 minutes as well as an hour of access to the Home area objects
- You will need to vote for 2 or more sites to receive these bonuses


[+] Skilling Contracts

- Lowered Exp multiplier slightly
- Doing the same contract back to back will result in less rewards
- 10% nerf to rewards on the first contract done after skipping
- You now need at least 10 non-combat level 80s to access Advanced skilling master
- The Global Skilling contract multiplier now caps at 2.25x



[+] Hybrid Armour Edits




[+] Bug Fixes

- Players will no longer be stuck online
- Hopefully fixed the periodic random kicking incidents
- Stargazer perk box now functions properly
- GIM Looters perk pack now functions properly
- GIM's will now properly be able to access Miscellaneous on Uzi's perk shop to buy Cosmetic coins and Bank containers
- Final boss title no longer has no space




lare96, Xenthium, Armark1ng, Kirito & Jaedmo


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