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Ataraxia Updates #46 - April 8th 2020 NXT!

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Ataraxia Updates #46

- Settings Changes
- Magic Rework
- Action Bar
- Bank Changes
- Cosmetic Changes
- Aura Manager
- Home Changes
- Look below NXT stuff for more updates too!


[+] NXT


It's finally here! We feel as though NXT is in it's final stages of development, and the only bugs left should be minor ones that we will find and fix along the way. W're so excited for this release and we hope you are too! A lot is going to change, but continue reading and we'll walk you through some of it to make the experience even better for you!

[+] Examine Interface



[+] Aura Manager

- Auras are now all handled through the Aura manager interface
- Right click your aura slot in Worn Equipment and press Aura management!
- Dropping an aura adds it to this interface!
-Aura's and their cooldowns now accurately work like RS3


[+] Settings Changes


- Ability to customize and save UI placement
- Ability to change between different loadouts freely
- Free zoom with mouse wheel & custom sensitivity for zooming
- Complete UI customization control
- UI transparency settings
- Ability to use RS3 or legacy UI
- QoL settings like slayer counter
- Much more, see the guide


[+] Magic Rework

- New RS3 animations
- Gear now matters and affects damage of spells
- No longer have the ability to use spells without a magic weapon
- Ability to have two different spells auto-cast
- Borrowed spell no longer needs the amulet, charges can be stored directly into it
- All spells are now working correctly
- Removed Miasmic Barrage


[+] Action Bar


- You can now use the action bar for items


[+] Bank Changes


- Ability to use placeholders
- Ability to auto-placehold items
- Ability to equip through bank
- Ability to look at gear while in bank
- Actual RS3 preset interface
- Ability to search for items without any bugs
- Ability to view equipment stats while in your bank
- View user friendly guide here


[+] Cosmetic Changes


- New RS3 cosmetic interface
- Ability to filter choices/owned
- Ability to preview the cosmetic overrides
- View, buy, and equip all in the same interface


[+] General Changes

- Home area has been remodelled a bit due to NXT stopping some objects appear
- Pillars have been removed from the shop area
- Scrimshaw crafter and Summoning obelisk have been moved

[+] Bug Fixes

- Black screens at bosses, NXT fixes this
- Cosmetic override issues, NXT fixes this
- Magic being garbage, NXT fixes this
- Fixed players being able to use portables at home by using items on them
- Donor object 1 hour glory period multiplying and resulting in permanent usage from Voting
- Fixed DXP from Voting
- Toolbelt not displaying the correct Tool
- Barbarian agility rate multiplication fix
- Evil tree portal will no longer take you to old home
- Dung teles will no longer take you to the broken dung

[+] Combination Interface

- Type ;;comb or ;;combinations to open this interface:


- You can get 4 items from this:

Necklace of Omnipotence (15%):

- Provides the effect of Amulet of Souls while boasting bonuses equalling all of the above necklaces + more

Ring of Omnipotence (10%):

- Provides the effect of Ring of Death & 'perfect' ring while boasting bonuses equalling all of the above Rings + more

Gloves of Omnipotence (10%):

- Provides the effect of Deathtouch bracelet while boasting bonuses equalling all of the above Gloves + more

Boots of Omnipotence (10%):

- Provides the hybrid bonuses of all of the Boots + more


lare96, Xenthium, Armark1ng, Kirito & Jaedmo

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