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1. Introduction  

                             2. Complete Legacy Experience

        3. How to Get There

        4. Graphics Settings

   5. Audio Settings

           6. Gameplay Settings

                        7. Game Interaction Settings

                             -Zoom Settings

                                                     -Camera Movement Settings

                                      -Interaction Settings

                              -Attack Options

                    a. UI Customization

                                          -Interface Appearance

                              -Lock Interface

                             -Slim Headers

                             -Hide Title Bar


                                        b. Optional Game Interfaces

                             -XP Pop-Ups

                            -Skill target

                                     -Slayer Counter

            c. Inventory

                              -Drag to Drop

                                        -Inventory Columns

8. Combat   

              a. Targeting

                                      -Hit Splat Indicator 

9. Skills      

                  a. Experience

                                  -Virtual Leveling

10. Social   

                                 a. Chat Customization

                                     -Enter Quick Chat

                                      -Local Timestamp

                                      -Split Private Chat

                    b. Chat Colors

                                11. Advanced Interface Editing

                      a. How to Start

                               -Load Layout

                               -Save Layout

                                b. Advanced Options




                                      -Loading Layout

      12. Conclusion




With the change to NXT, some of our older players, and even some of our newer ones, might feel a bit overwhelmed! We've gone from a fairly basic client to an extremely advanced one. Hopefully by the end of this guide you will have a general understanding of what settings changes you need to make to make your experience the best fit for you! You can keep the modern look and feel of the new client, revert back to the old stuff, or even mix and match to your liking.


Complete Legacy Experience




First open up your setting options by pressing the "ESC" key on your keyboard. Then select the option that says "Settings"



Go to your "Gameplay" setting tab and click on the "UI Customization" option in the "General" drop down menu.



Click on the "Legacy Settings" button at the very bottom under the "Advanced Interface Customization" sub-section.



Make sure the second and third options are checked.



If you've followed this correctly, your game should now look similar to the above image. Enjoy, and I hope this helped.



How to Get There


If you press your "ESC" key on your keyboard, it should bring up an interface that looks similar to the above interface. You will want to click on the "Settings" button. For now, we will be focusing on changing setting that will make your client run smoother depending on the machine you're running the client on.


Graphics Settings


Make sure you're on the "Graphics" tabs as displayed in the picture above. This should look fairly familiar to you, most of the options are the same. You can run an auto configuration by pressing the "Re-Run Auto Setup", click on any of the preset graphic modes, or customize your experience personally. If you decide to customize your experience personally, there's a few things you should take note of.



If you hover over an option you're unsure of, it will display tooltips to help you understand the option your editing. This will help you decide if you should change the option or not to best suit your machines capabilities.



With NXT comes the ability to change your FPS settings as well! You're no longer locked into lower FPS like the Java client had. This will make playing on higher-end machines a lot more smooth and fun!


Audio Settings


The audio settings haven't changed much, but now you can globally mute the entire game without having to mess with all of the different slide bars. You also have the option to mute things individually instead of having to slide the bars one by one.


Gameplay Settings


Game settings will allow you to change many aspects of your playing experience. It will allow you to add or remove things from your client and it will allow you to have a few QoL things while you play. I will be breaking the rest of the guide down into subsections, one for each category in the "Gameplay" settings tab.


Game Interaction Settings


Zoom Settings

Most of the settings for the mouse are pretty straight forward or already explained through the interface itself. For the purpose of this guide, I will simple let you know what kind of setting you might want for different play styles.

Legacy/Classic Experience           Camera Mode: Classic                Zoom Sensitivity: Mid-Low                   Lock Zoom: Enabled

Modern Experience                         Camera Mode: Modern               Zoom Sensitivity: Mid                            Lock Zoom: Disabled

Freedom Experience                       Camera Mode: Modern               Zoom Sensitivity: Mid-High                   Lock Zoom: Disabled



Camera Movement Speed

These settings adjusts how fast you can move your camera with the pre-determined keyboard keys or middle mouse wheel. Increasing these settings will allow you to move your camera side to side or up and down faster or slower depending on your preference. Much like the above settings, I will provide you with a general preset for different play styles. Feel free to deviate from this and customize this to what makes you the most comfortable while playing.


Legacy/Classic Experience    Keyboard Horizontal: Mid-Low    Keyboard Vertical: Mid-Low    Mouse Horizontal: Mid-Low   Mouse Vertical: Mid-Low

Modern Experience                  Keyboard Horizontal: Mid            Keyboard Vertical: Mid             Mouse Horizontal: Mid            Mouse Vertical: Mid

Freedom Experience                Keyboard Horizontal: Mid-High   Keyboard Vertical: Mid-High   Mouse Horizontal: Mid-High   Mouse Vertical: Mid-High



Interaction Settings

These options will change various cosmetic and QoL aspect when interacting with things in the game. You can change these to your personal liking, or simply follow the guide for your preferred preset. I will also explain each option in a little more detail.



Mouse over Text

This option is what makes information pop up when you have your icon over an object, item, or npc. Enabling this option will allow the information to be displayed.



Potion Information

The extra potion information will allow you to see all the affects of the potion you have you mouse over. It will display the information above rather than just the potions name and doses.



One Button Gameplay

One button gameplay allows you to use right click options with a single left click. This is nice for people that are trying to pick up loot that don't want to agro another monster or player by accident.


-Image Pending-

Hide Cogs

This option allows you to augment your gear but keep the look of your normal weapon or armour. This is nice if you want to use invention but hate the way invention makes your equipment look.


Legacy/Classic Experience    Mouse Text: Disabled        Potion Information: Disabled       One Button: Optional       Hide Cogs: Enabled

Modern Experience                  Mouse Text: Enabled         Potion Information: Enabled        One Button: Optional       Hide Cogs: Disabled

Freedom Experience                Mouse Text: Optional        Potion Information: Optional        One Button: Optional       Hide Cogs: Optional



Attack Options

These options are pretty self explanatory, so I will mainly be telling you which options to choose for your desired gameplay style. 

Legacy/Classic Experience              Player Attack Option: Left Click             NPC Attack Option: Left Click

Modern Experience                            Player Attack Option: Combat Level     NPC Attack Option: Combat Level

Freedom Experience                          Player Attack Option: Optional               NPC Attack Option: Optional 


UI Customization


Interface Appearance

There are a few options in this section, most of these affect how cluttered your screen will be. I will explain all of the options, but most of them are self explanatory.




Lock Interface

When you enable locked interface, you will no longer be able to move the interface around or re-size it. If the header is brown, like the first image, you interfaces are unlocked. If your headers are blue, like the second image, then your interfaces are locked!



Slim Headers

Slim headers option removes the test from the top of your interfaces. This is nice if you like a little less clutter and already know what all of the interfaces are.



Hide Title Bar

Similar to the Slim Headers option, this option eliminates a little more clutter. This option will remove the title bar from  your interfaces completely. This is nice for a smoother, more basic look.



This setting allows you to make all of your interfaces slightly more see-through. 


Legacy/Classic Experience       Lock Interfaces: Enabled         Slim Headers: N/A            Hide Title: Enabled         Transparency: Completely Left

Modern Experience                     Lock Interfaces: Enabled         Slim Headers: Disabled    Hide Title: Disabled        Transparency: Mid

Freedom Experience                   Lock Interfaces: Disabled        Slim Headers: Optional    Hide Title: Optional        Transparency: Optional


Optional Interfaces


XP Pop-Ups

XP pop-ups are the numbers that are displayed when you complete a skill based action. It displays the number of experience you've gained as a floating text.



Skill Target

The skill target based XP pop-ups adds how much experience you need to hit your target, as well as how much experience you still need from where you're at right now.



Slayer Counter

The slayer counter displays how many more kills you need for your current slayer task


Legacy/Classic Experience            XP Pop-ups: Disabled             Skill Target: Disabled            Slayer Counter: Disabled

Modern Experience                          XP Pop-ups: Enabled              Skill Target: Enabled             Slayer Counter: Enabled

Freedom Experience                        XP Pop-ups: Enabled              Skill Target: Optional            Slayer Counter: Optional




There are only two options in this section of the guide. They are fairly useful though, so please don't skip over them!



Drag to Drop

This option allows you to drag the item you'd like to drop out of your inventory instead of having to right click the item. This option can be convenient, but can also be annoying if you have a miss click.



Inventory Columns

This setting allows you to customize how many columns your inventory has before it moves to the next row. This is nice for quickly setting up inventories for specific situations.


Legacy/Classic Experience                             Drag to Drop: Disabled                            Inventory Columns: Set to 4

Modern Experience                                          Drag to Drop: Enabled                              Inventory Columns: Custom

Freedom Experience                                        Drag to Drop: Optional                             Inventory Columns: Custom





Hit Splat Indicator

Changing the hit splat indicator allows you to see the difference between a different players hits and your own. If you have your action bar hidden through the "Legacy Settings" then these numbers will not be able to be changed.





Virtual Leveling

These options are purely cosmetic and so I wont go over it in too much detail. The virtual leveling option will allow you to see what level you would be at based on experience if the level cap of the skill wasn't 99. The rest of the options are self explanatory.



Chat Customization


Enter Quick Chat

Enter quick chat is fairly self explanatory, but put simply; if your chat box is empty and you press "Enter" on your keyboard it will display quick chat options.



Local Timestamp

This option allows you to put a time stamp next to the messages in the chat box. The time used is NOT the server time, it is your time zone's time.


Split Private Chat

This option allows you to separate your private messages from your public message box. The private messages should display above the chat box by default.


Chat Colors


This section allows you to change the colors of the different chat. You have a lot of options for a lot of different chats. This will help you distinguish  what type of chat your reaping in the chat box.


Advanced Interface Editing

This might be a bit more complicated then some of you might like, and if that is the case simply skip over this section. Editing where all the UI is placed is a really nice way to make your screen less cluttered and more organized to what you're currently doing. You can save different presets as well, that way you can quick load a different UI setup if you change what you're doing.


How to Start


To get started, press the "ESC" button on your keyboard and select the "Edit Layout Mode" button.



From here you have a few options. I'm going to do over all of your options, and then move on to the more advanced part of this section.


Load Layout

This allows you to load different pre-made loadouts, as well as the ones you've made and saved yourself. This will allow you to quickly switch between what you want based on what you're doing or feeling rather than having to continually move everything around over and over again.


Save Layout

This allows you to save any changes you've made to a custom loadout. Once you've successfully selected one of the custom loadout selections, a message should pop-up saying that it saved your changes to the loadoutyou selected successfully.


Advanced Options




The "Advanced Options" button should open a screen that looks similar to the above picture. This may look overwhelming at first, and really confusing, but it's actually pretty easy once you get use to it. I will not explain what each some think about editing in this mode.




Snapping is a very useful tool that allows you to snap an interface on something else, or to the edge of the client, cleanly. 




Hiding different options by unchecking them is a great way to move only the interfaces you know you're going to be using frequently for the task you have in mind.




Moving interfaces around to suit your needs is the the most difficult and time consuming step. Above is an example of how to set everything up to suit your needs. For this example, I set up an interface that makes me happy while training slayer. Notice the main screen is nice and clear so I can maintain visual on the majority of my surroundings. All of the interfaces I would actively be using during slayer are all in one spot and can be tracked easily. This is an ideal setup for me when it comes to slayer.




Once you're finished editing your interface placement, press the "Preset Options" button at the top of the interface to return to the main interface options menu. Go to "Save Layout" and click on one of the custom option numbers that you're not already using, or don't mind overwriting. A message should display saying that the preset has saved successfully to the specified custom layout number.



Loading Layout

You should now be able to click on the "Load Layout" drop-down menu and your custom loadout number should be there. Simply click on the loadout you want to play with. Then click the "Save And Exit" button and the bottom and click "Save" to confirm and start playing the game with your custom layout!




I really hope this guide helped make your experience using NXT better and allowed you the ability to play the way that makes YOU happy as the player. There's a lot of changes to get use to with the introduction of NXT, but I promise you that it is going to be a better experience all around. I hope you enjoy, and please let me know below if you liked the guide, have any questions, or want me to add anything to the guide.



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