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Hot Milo

Staff Updates #13 - 1st May 2020

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Staff Updates 1st May 2020

The Staff Update king is back on duty, I know there is a huge gap in between the last 2 Staff updates and we apologise for that... Anyone who has resigned or been promoted since within those gaps, we appreciate your time and commitment to Ataraxia. I say it time and time again, it never goes unnoticed.

Let's get this going


@Dawson has been promoted to KE6gira.png Administrator

Dawson was promoted to Administrator and also volunteered to take control of the staff team.
If you haven't heard of Dawson from his previous time here, you sure will get to.
This isn't his first rodeo, he was previously staff for many moons from Support all the way up to Co-Owner.
He has so much experience dealing with any problems or hurdles that come his way.
Anyone who knows Dawson knows he always puts other people first and is dedicated to any job he puts his mind to.
We can expect big things from Dawson.
Welcome back brother 🥰


@Hot Milo has been promoted to KE6gira.png Administrator

Hot Milo was promoted to Administrator, much like Dawson this is not his first rodeo either.
He is a longtime Veteran of the server with knowledge in every crevice of the server.
I may be biased, but I think this guy is one of the best staff.
But on a real note, it's good to be back. I have huge plans for you all.
Much love to all 😘


@Hopeful has been promoted to Z2MlStV.png.307713b9f7b767a44d00860779d70581.pngGame Moderator

Hopeful was promoted to Moderator after his, what seems like forever, time as Support.
He constantly reaches out to look to get himself involved in projects, whether that is in-game or behind the scenes.
Hopeful is extremely knowledgeable and reliable for information you're curious to know.
He is an absolute gem to have on the team.
Congratulations on the promo 😌


@iron cookie has been promoted to Z2MlStV.png.307713b9f7b767a44d00860779d70581.pngGame Moderator

Cookie was promoted to Moderator after showing exceptional grasp of what it is to be a Support on Ataraxia.
Anyone that knows Cookie from past, or present knows he puts in alot of time to share his knowledge and help people to the best of his ability.
Cookie previously was Moderator and was exceptional, there's no doubt in my mind he will again prove to us why he deserves this promotion.
He is consistently giving his all.
Good to have you back on your grind Cookie 😎


@Gary has been promoted to Z2MlStV.png.307713b9f7b767a44d00860779d70581.pngGame Moderator

Gary was quickly promoted to Moderator after showing how capable he is at whatever he puts his mind to.
Gary, like most others was previously staff and is experienced and knowledgable with anything that comes to Ataraxia.
He is quick to lend a hand out and help wherever possible and has some big plans for you all
Welcome back legend 🥵


@Sorbzs has been promoted to i4R97Op.png.0faaf3a6534b560cb3c742c84910401f.pngServer Support

Sorbsz was promoted, and quickly showed us why we might the right decision.
He is dedicated to making Ataraxia a better place for everyone and keeps everyone at a high morale.
While it's only been a short staff run so far, I have a huge feeling he'll be something great.
Welcome to the team fellow Aussie 🤠


@Tjay has been promoted to i4R97Op.png.0faaf3a6534b560cb3c742c84910401f.pngServer Support

Anyone who knows or has seen Tjay ingame knows he's an elitist at Ataraxia.
He has insane amounts of knowledge about the game through and through.
I have no doubt he can be someone we can reliable to make the right decisions or opinions in any part of the game.
Welcome to the team 🤑


@GIM Simp has been promoted to i4R97Op.png.0faaf3a6534b560cb3c742c84910401f.pngServer Support

GIM Simp (Echo) is a stand out player and when he applied we immeditely wanted him on the team.
Like everyone on the team, Simp has a broad knowledge of the game.
He has shown over and over he'll extend his arm out to help anyone with anything.
Absolute standout bloke.
Welcome to the team 🥳


@Nero has been promoted to i4R97Op.png.0faaf3a6534b560cb3c742c84910401f.pngServer Support

When Nero applied we knew we needed him on the team.
He showed us what he is capable of when we accepted him into our Beta team.
He single handedly tested so many changes to make sure they weren't broken and helped the Developers fix any potential problems.
Since his time on the team he has shown us why he deserves to keep his place here.
Welcome to the team noob 😜



@Kirito has resigned from cowoner.png Co Owner 

Ah man, always the most depressing part of writing these Staff updates is saying goodbye to people who have put in hundreds of hours of work into this server to make it what it is today.
Kirito is one of those people, I don't think I even need to express how much this guy did for us.
He will be extremely missed within the community, and definitely from the staff team.
His legacy will forever linger. It is a shame we never got to be on the team together again just like the old times.
Unfortunately Kirito lost the motivation to continue to do what was required for his role and chose to part ways.
For someone who did as much as him, it was inevitable.
Take care wherever it is you end up ❤️
Right on.

@Sintricate has resigned from KE6gira.png Administrator

Just like Kirito, this man put in so much work to make plans for the future of Ataraxia.
He was a standout Admin, always stayed on top of every project to make sure it was all running as smooth as it turned out.
He too will be greatly missed within the team and the community.
Hope you continue to pop in every now and then.
We appreciate the time, effort and valiance you showed us these past year and more.
Farewell brother. ❤️


@Exoz has resigned from B0D0WDG.pngGlobal Moderator

Exoz was a model staff member for our team.
He was extremely active, helpful, knowledgeable and a genuine gem within the community.
His passion for the game and the staff team was impeccable.
He was involved in many projects that will live on to see the end of time.
You will be so missed it isn't funny. (10-4)
Take care. ❤️


@Big Bear has resigned from Z2MlStV.png.307713b9f7b767a44d00860779d70581.pngGame Moderator

Bear since day 1 was a missing puzzle piece for Ataraxia.
He took on a lot of projects, plans for events, and just had a beautiful community presence.
Unfortunately not long after stepping up in many of the existing projects he got news from his work in real life and wasn't able to hold on to the role to the level he would have liked to.
Thank you for everything you did for us.
Take care, and I hope you thrive wherever you decide to go. ❤️

Jaedmo, Dawson, Milo


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Congrats to everyone that got promoted, sad to see so many people go 😞

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Posted (edited)

Super happy to be apart of the team. Thanks all staff for the warm welcome, and congrats on everyone for the promotions. ❤️

Edited by Sorbzs
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Much love to the staff team, past and present. WE APPRECIATE YOU ALL. ❤️ 😄

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