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Ataraxia Updates #48 - 16th May 2020

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Ataraxia Updates #48

- Nex: Angel of Death Rewritten
- Enhanced Excalibur
- Guthix Staff
- Glacors rewritten
- New Home


[+] General Changes

- Hybrid token drop rate reduced from 1/125 to 1/200 from Telos, the Warden
- Non-donator players can now access ;;players interface showing every player online
- Wisdom auras have been nerfed, from 25%/35%/50%/60%/75% to 10%/15%/25%/35%/50%, upon release, they were too overpowered, and it was this or make it so they can't be recharged with Vis wax, this was the alternative people seemed to prefer
- You will see Skilling & Combat pets on the ;;col interface, this is just a placeholder as we intend on expanding it. Slayer collection log coming soon
- Araxxor drops have been buffed, the hilt droprates have been increased by 66%
- Phylactery drop rate has been increased by 33%
- Scripts from Phylactery has been increased to 7/15/18/20 compared to 5/10/15/20
- Cosmetic chests have been removed from AoD & AoD's collection log as they're obtainable through the Cosmetic interface
- Vote books now go to bank from Vote parties
- Skillchompas have been buffed, they now gather 2x as fast as they did
- Runes have been removed from Aubury for Normal accounts, too many times people have complained about the shop being empty. Now buy them from Grand exchange
- Vorago's Seismic singularity/Wand drops have been nerfed 30%
- Tectonic energy rates from Vorago increased to 1-5 from 2-2
- Hitcaps on Vorago, Corporeal beast and Kalphite King have been removed
- The rate in which Double trouble deleted drops has been reduced from 6% at rank 3 to 3% at rank 3


[+] Nex: Angel of Death

- It works properly now
- Fully rewritten to compare to RS3
- Fight interfaces, mechanics all bang on. Enjoy it guys.


[+] New Home - Menaphos, the Final

- Home has been hot debate for too long, this is the final rendition of a Home (unless you want me to actually go crazy
- Menaphos is an extremely graphical and NXT boasting area, through many polls and discussions, it has been decided as our new home
- Arham_4 helped me make it something special, we now have this awesome cinematic for new players who join Ataraxia:



- I love the cinematic, I think it'll give new players that added "wow factor"
- Here's some media of the new home:


[+] Excalibur & Enhanced Excalibur

- Excalibur has been added to the Trivia shop for 50 Trivia points, this weapon will consume 100% of your Special energy to heal your player 240 points over 6 seconds
- Enhanced Excalibur has been added to the Combination interface:


- You can combine the Excalibur (50 trivia pts) with the Imbued gear (50 Vote points) to receive the Enhanced Excalibur! 
- The enhanced version will heal you for 480 health over 12 seconds
- We intend on making items like this prominent in late-game pvm, hopefully it spices it up a bit.


[+] Guthix Staff

- Guthix staff has been added to the combination interface
- You require two items; Grapes of Guthix and Camel staff (yes, i'm an asshole)


- You can buy Grapes of Guthix from Party Pete for 75 Vote points
- Guthix staff uses 25% special energy to lower the NPCs defence by 7.5% on a successful hit. This stacks.
- Once again, another item we want to make prominent in late-pvm
- Saradomin/Zamorak staff special attacks are being brainstormed, their existing ones are lame, so we want to make them custom, let me know if you have any ideas.

[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed Mizuyari on Corporeal beast & all other weapon classes
- Prestiging as a GIM no longer resets your equipment charges
- All Glacor bugs
- All Nex AOD bugs
- NPCs disappearing when respawning
- Fixed Omni ring not working for doubling drops



What's to come?

Boss/Monster Interface to match Skilling Panel
RS3 Skilling interfaces
Boss Reworks
LMS Rework/Re-release
Clan Expansion



Xenthium, Armark1ng, JTlrBrad, Shnek & Jaedmo

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All seems good but , Why not just add grapevine seeds to rago drop table & make us farm the grapes instead of making it 75 vote points? Would be good for people to make money on super brews & guthix rest

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am enjoying the new home, cant wait to see whats to come. gj boys.

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