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Ataraxia Updates #49 - 2nd June 2020

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Ataraxia Updates #49

- Instances fix, hopefully
- Aura Timers
- Zamorak & Saradomin Staff
- Bug fixes
- Your Suggestions!


[+] General Changes

- Administrators now have the ability to reset game modes without reducing experience, this is used for Ironmen wanting to de-iron
- Evil tree logs & bark are now filtered messages
- You can now drink and decant Hunter potions
- You can now purchase the 'perfect' ring from Hazelmere's chime shop for 25,000 chimes, this allows people with <$250 donated to achieve the Ring of Omnipotence and Ring of Wealth (c)
- You can now purchase Superior PVP patch to Chime shop to upgrade Statius, Zuriel, Morrigan and Vesta equipment
- KBD contracts now give more points, Vorago tasks have been lowered to a range of 1-4 from 3-4, We'll be looking into balancing the whole Reaper point system, will be discussed further in CFVC
- Ring of Omnipotence now requires Ring of Wealth (c) rather than 'perfect' ring and Ring of death so people can use their existing RoW(c)'s
- Fire at home moved 1 pixel to avoid pets standing on it when players are banking
- As suggested, on the weekend, every hour you will receive 2 coins, every two hours you'll receive 5, to aid the people who are unable to log on for large periods
- Hit cap on Vorago is now 5000
- You can no longer create fires at Home
- Added more Abyssal demon spawns to the top of Slayer Tower
- Aggroverloads now give the same effect as Overloads
- You can now decant Aggro pots
- When left clicking a Portable forge it'll check for smelting
- When left clicking a Portable crafter it will now also ask for gem cutting
- All Aura timers except wisdom now  have a 120 minute active and 150 minute cooldown, overclock reduces the Cooldown by 30 mins meaning with Overclocked, no cooldown.
- Vis wax rewards from Skilling contracts has been doubled
- Pickpocketing actions are now greatly improved, before they were quite clunky and glitchy, they have been improved to RS3 standards
- You can now use ;;dc instead of ;;dropcatcher
- Disabled the ;;bug command, too many reports were vague and uninformative, it'll now refer you to the Discord
- If you use an Aggression potion, you will generate aggro despite wearing god items in GWD
- The Developer trivia question is now updated
- Hardmode Zilyana special attack to kill has been lowered from 35% to 25%
- Augmented Excalibur can now also use the special attack
- You can now find two H.A.M Members at Ardougne, they give a 1/8 chance of receiving an easy clue from pickpocketing


[+] Saradomin & Zamorak Staff

- Similar to the Guthix staff, Saradomin and Zamorak require the Grapes of their respective God, from the Vote shop
- Saradomin requires the Strykebow from Lava Strykewyrms
- Zamorak requires a Ripper claw pair from Ripper demons



[+] Bug Fixes

- Leaving the House portal now puts you outside it at Home
- Runecrafting Altars will no longer take you to old Home
- Xlogging from Plat zone portals will no longer take you to old Home
- Amulet of Souls & Souls ornament kit now properly make the Amulet of Souls (or)
- When using skillchompas on Divine locations they now subtract properly
- Duplicate bucket removed from General store
- Soul pylactery now works properly, promise this time 😄
- Pet perk: Double trouble now works properly, at rank 3, you'll have a 6% chance to double, a 3% chance to delete your drop
- Reaper tasks will now check upon completion whether or not you have achieved a title
- You can use Deathtouched darts on Kalphite King once more
- We're trialling an instance fix, if this doesn't work, we'll be rewriting the entire system to make sure it's fixed
- Climbing vines in polypore dungeon will no longer put you in the air
- Enduring Glacyte is now aggressive when it spawns
- Aubury's apprentice will now properly save 50% of your runes, for some reason this was reverted to 30%
- Omnipotence items no longer revert to another item when removing from the bank as a note
- Disassembling items will no longer randomly halt at 3-5 items
- You will no longer lose coins in your inventory when dying
- Disassembling Crystal shields will no longer crash you
- Evil tree interface will no longer get stuck when you teleport away
- Jadinkos now drop noted teak logs rather than unnoted
- Lady Ithell properly checks your toolbelt when upgrading Dragon pick/Hatchet
- Angel of Death collection log completion title should now work
- Lava strykewyrms health has been adjusted to proper RS3 emulation (3000 from 8500)
- We'll be trialling a fix for the lag issues & disconnection issues over the next week



Xenthium, Armark1ng, JTlrBrad & Jaedmo

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So vamp isn't unlimited anymore. R.I.P. PvM Pepega.
Master donator rank when btw

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2 hours ago, ely sia n said:

So vamp isn't unlimited anymore. R.I.P. PvM Pepega.
Master donator rank when btw

Um I believe you misread this?

Provided you have the perk, all auras (except wisdom) are basically infinite..

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Posted (edited)

probably did misread it because I was using it infinitely. I realized i misread it after using it in-game.


again master rank on forums when?


Edited by ely sia n

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