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Ataraxia Updates #51 - 9th July, 2020

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Sorry for the delay with this Update.

Lots of intricate fixes and content pieces were needed and it took longer than anticipated.


Ataraxia Updates #51

- GIM Bank/Group Fixes
- Herblore, Crafting and Fletching Skilling Interfaces
- Rune Pouch, Large Rune Pouch & Unlimited Rune Pouch
- Necklace of Omnipotence (blood)


[+] General Changes

- Double Trouble and Omni ring "double"/"vanish" messages now filter
- Triskelion Key fragment rates have been reduced from 5% to 3% drop chance from Mobs on the table
- You can now right click convert your Ataraxia dollars into Ataraxia Dollar (vote)
- Members Zone, Platinum Zone and Diamond Zone have been removed again. The objects were not the cause of the freezing.
- Excalibur and Enhanced Excalibur will now have proper right click options
- When opening the Grand exchange it will now tell you to add 5% on Unlimited offers
- Glaives have replaced Strykebow for the Saradomin staff combination due to an issue with Strykebow
- Vorago Pets now have a threshold system in place, (the higher the kc the higher the chance to receive)
- Bombi has been added to Vorago hard mode drop table, you'll need to "maul all rots in hardmode to get it" (idk vorago hopefully you nerds know what this means. 1/100 drop
- ALL npcs now spawn faster. From 36~ seconds to 10-15~ I felt the biggest challenge with Slayer on my Hardcore was waiting for them to respawn.
- Jellies have been added to Platinum zone instances
- Corrupted Creatures have been added to Platinum zone instances
- Tormented demon Plat zone instance now spawns 3 instead of 1
- Assembling Crystal triskelion message is now filtered
- You can now purchase/sell Ataraxia dollars through the Grand exchange
- Blood, Soul and Death rune General store prices have been decreased, a few people have been caught macroing Runecrafting for this, hopefully this devalues the method for those we have failed to catch
- You will now receive the Omnipotence equipment on your 11th try 100%, this is to stop people becoming demotivated 🙂


[+] Crafting, Herblore and Fletching Interfaces

- These interfaces have been added with the same functionality as Runescape 3!
- This allows for "spacebar" skilling, making it faster for you and more convenient!
- There are some imperfections yet to be added, however, these interfaces are still more relevant and useful than the previous ones
- Here they are!





[+] Necklace of Omnipotence (blood)

- The Necklace of Omnipotence (b) is the new Best-in-slot necklace, to create it, you must use a Bottle of Blood from the Combination interface on the Necklace of Omnipotence. This will unlock the superior version also granting access to the Blood necklace effect.
- The Bottle of Blood will set you back the following:


- Hefty price for a great necklace:




[+] Harold's Helmet

- Harold.. I.E The Grim Reaper of Runescape has let go of his most valuable possession, his Helmet.
- To achieve Harold's helmet, simply complete the following Combination!




[+] Rune Pouches




- Have fun with this one... 


[+] Bug Fixes

- Nex instance will no longer crash
- Combination announcements are fixed, no more "-1" spam
- Fixed Lady ithell taking your dust without giving you a Crystal Pick/Hatchet
- Fixed Slayer rewards stating Imbuing rings is 300 pts, not 125
- Fixed Telos turning into Hans
- Fixed Nex: Angel of Death drops occasionally not dropping to players
- Fixed Nex: AoD dropping Mazcab ability codex
- Professional disassembler is now properly added to Complete and Utility perk packages
- Fixed the Dagannoth King ladder not taking you out of the controller
- Fixed Group creation and Groups for Group Ironmen
- Fixed GIM Banks not working



Xenthium, Armark1ng, JTlrBrad & Jaedmo

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