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Ataraxia Updates #54 - 18th August, 2020

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Ataraxia Updates #54

- Runemetrics
- Boss Thresholds
- Bug Fixes
- Treasure Hunter Buff


[+] General Changes

- When purchasing pets from Uzi's Perk Shop it will now award you the amount of $ you spent to your Total donated
- You can now click on Bonus XP stars and "Open all"
- Prismatic Stars now give experience scaling with your Game-mode, the official calculation is: Base_Bonus_XP x XP Mode / 3, this will make the Bonus exp rewards a lot better, but with the dividing factor, not so overpowered
- When fighting King Black Dragon in Platinum zone Instance he will now aggro
- You can now Enchant Bakriminel bolts through the Enchant crossbow bolt spell
- Added penalty to dying in a Telos fight. Rare drops are halved on deaths, I.E if you had 6 dormant Seren godbows and died, you would lose 3.
- Common drops are reduced similar to RS3: "Part of the rewards will be removed as a penalty for dying. The percentage of rewards retained starts at 5% when starting a killstreak, increasing by 5% for every kill afterwards up to 75% (15 killstreak)."
- Bloodwood tree woodcutting increase to 366 exp per from 320
- All Omnipotence recipes now require Coins, 2m for every %
- Crystal Key (g) combination is now 100% but requires 10m to combine the 50 Keys
- Doubled price of cleansing crystals from the Hefin monk
- All Main-set GWD1 items reduced from 5m to 3m each
- All Godswords reduced from 15m to 7.5m
- All Off-set GWD1 items reduced from 2.5m to 1.5m
- Max Cape now costs 25m to Purchase, Completionist cape now costs 100m to purchase and Completionist cape (t) requires 250m to purchase
- Resource Chest and Supply table now cost 500k/350k per use respectively


[+] Runemetrics

- Runemetrics is the replacement for the "EXP Counter" that other servers/OSRS/Pre-EOC had, it's a clean interface as seen below:


- As you can see, the interfaces display your EXP gained in certain Skills, this is completely customisable, you can Pin rows to keep that skill there forever, remove rows to get rid of unwanted Skill tracking, Set level/XP targets, Reset the rows to 0 exp, track your GP gain per hour from PVMing, track your total damage and your damage per minute, and so so much more
- There are two options for Runemetrics, Runemetrics Free and Runemetrics PRO:


- The free version is your basic classic exp counter, drops and the ability to track/organise your exp counters how you please.
- Pro gives you access to Exp per hour, Time until next level/your level target, Damage, Damage per minute and much more
- Everyone will receive 3 days free of Pro!
- Pro does come at a cost of $10 per month (Ataraxia Dollars), however, you can purchase more months of Pro for a discount:

1 Month - $10
3 Months - $25
6 Months - $50
1 Year - $90

- Hope you enjoy the efficiency checks! Should lead to some great guides for Exp/hr methods and DPM testing!


[+] Boss Pet Thresholds

- Boss pet thresholds have been added for all Bosses!
- When you reach Killcount milestones, the drop chance of the pet is significantly reduced!
- The following documents show the difference, the first being Chance with 0 kills, the second being the chance with 5000 kc


- This update was hotly requested and hopefully ends the grinds for Dry streaks!


[+] Treasure Hunter

- Treasure Hunter has been a great Daily thingo for a while, However, for those who purchase Treasure Hunter keys in hopes for glorious loot, it was fairly mediocre
- Removed Lucky barrows from Treasure Hunter
- Removed T70-T75 Lucky Weaponry from Treasure Hunter (Godswords, Whip)
- Removed all Elite skilling outfits from Treasure Hunter
- Removed Pale and Bright Energy
- Buffed the amount of Incandescent and Luminous energy you receive by 10x
- Removed Skirmisher armour and weaponry from Treasure Hunter 
- Added a Coins reward from 20-50m
- Added Hydrix to "Super Rare" Loot table
- Added the following missing pets: Tiger Cub, Jaguar Cub, Snow Leopard Cub, Lion Cub and Springy
- Added the following Rare items: Santa Hat, Bunny Ears, Green H'ween mask, Red H'ween mask and Blue H'ween mask
- Hopefully with these changes, Treasure Hunter is a bit more sought after and highly regarded, also cycles in some of those Rare items!

[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed Zamorak mitre showing on the "General" tab of Clue scroll Collection log
- Fixed being unable to make Armadyl battlestaff orb
- Fixed Pet perks not functioning on Portables for Crafting, Herblore and Fletching
- Fixed Twin furies dropping Rune 2h unnoted
- Fixed Group Ironmen being unable to Duo skilling contract with eachother
- When typing ;;empty it will now reset your animation
- You will no longer receive damage from a dying/dead enemy
- Akhs will no longer deal damage once the Magister has been slain
- Fixed Skillchompa animation continuing while mining even though you have none left
- Fixed Visages and Crystal Keys dropping unnoted even with the Diamond perk enabled
- Fixed Quick teleport charges being consumed when attempting to teleport while Teleblocked
- Fixed Seren godbow spec/deathtouched dart bug
- Stopped Ironmen being able to access the Grand Exchange
- Fixed ;;players saying "ataraxia staff" and ;;staff saying "ataraxia players"
- Fixed HCIM players losing status in Dungeoneering instances



Xenthium, Armark1ng, JTlrBrad, ATD & Jaedmo

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Though I'm not thrilled about some of this, it's nice to see a lot of effort put towards the server, especially in terms of helping the economy and bug fixes.

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