Jaedmo | Apr. 01 2020
Ataraxia Updates #45 - 1st April 2020

 Ataraxia Updates #45

- NXT Pre-patch
- Bug Fixes
- QoL Updates
- New Trivia Questions
- Voting buff



[+] General Changes

- Last Man Standing is temporarily disabled
- You can now type ;;guides to access Kirito's masterguide
- Smouldering lamps have been removed from the Skilling Shop
- Trivia questions have been reworked
- Pest Control will now only roll for a Hybrid token if you win a game
- Hybrid tokens now drop from Corporeal beast
- Added a new fire to ;;home where the afkers afk
- Moved the altar to a more open area so it's more noticeable
- Moved Ellis to where the altar was
- Added Hefin monk for Cleansing stones
- Removed Grenwalls from ;;g1, ;;g2
- Replaced them with Corpse spiders, now accessible for Diamond players through ;;s1, ;;s2 (Grenwall one will be back soon)
- Added Waterfiends to Plat Boss portal
- Reaper quest now reactivates daily, it is repeatable and you will lose your 10% damage bonus if you don't complete it again
- Harmony moss rate from Juju farming potion increased by 7.5%
- Harmony moss rate changed from 2-4 to 2-9
- Trisk key rewards will now be sent to the bank if your inventory is full
- Bank Value Hiscores, Object at ;;home to view the richest Normal, Gim, Ironman and HCIM players
- HCIM News will now post to the discord channel, stats every Monday and Friday and it will post if a player dies from the top 25
- You can no longer get Edimmu slayer tasks below 115 dung
- Combination potions now count towards Herblore actions
- Evil tree and Shooting star will no longer spawn at the same time
- Your Prismatic exp will now be 0 when changing gamemodes
- GIM Accounts can no longer access the Home zone objects, only with voting


[+] Voting Changes

- New accounts will no longer have the 48 hour grace period for the home area
- Voting will now provide you DXP for 30 minutes as well as an hour of access to the Home area objects
- You will need to vote for 2 or more sites to receive these bonuses


[+] Skilling Contracts

- Lowered Exp multiplier slightly
- Doing the same contract back to back will result in less rewards
- 10% nerf to rewards on the first contract done after skipping
- You now need at least 10 non-combat level 80s to access Advanced skilling master
- The Global Skilling contract multiplier now caps at 2.25x



[+] Hybrid Armour Edits




[+] Bug Fixes

- Players will no longer be stuck online
- Hopefully fixed the periodic random kicking incidents
- Stargazer perk box now functions properly
- GIM Looters perk pack now functions properly
- GIM's will now properly be able to access Miscellaneous on Uzi's perk shop to buy Cosmetic coins and Bank containers
- Final boss title no longer has no space




lare96, Xenthium, Armark1ng, Kirito & Jaedmo


 Ataraxia Updates #44

- New Home/Donor Area
- Uzi's Perk Shop Update
- Hybrid Tokens


Be sure to change your Home through ;;settings to access new home!


[+] General Changes

- Farming contracts will now work when collecting from Divine locations
- Tarromins have been added to Herb boxes
- Bronze/Iron bars, Normal/oak logs, Raw shrimp, anchovies, sardines, herring & Tin/Copper ore added to Grand Exchange unlimited items for Skilling contracts
- You can now cook food by pressing "Use" on a fire
- Bob has been added to ;;bossportals
- Donor Zone teleports have been changed to the new Home area
- All old Home/Donor zone areas have had NPCs/Objects removed
- Reworked the Donor store & Uzi's perk shop
- Pet perks now give $5 when redeemed rather than the amount donated when donated for
- You can now choose your Task with the Perslaysion perk!
- Aura effects no longer work in LMS and will not reset your cooldown
- Cleaning cloth now costs 5 instead of 15 Vote points

[+] Rare Item Token Store


- The new shop contains everything Spring!


[+] Hybrid Tokens

Hybrid tokens are a new currency which can be obtained from certain bosses & activities and used to purchase T85 hybrid sets from the Hybrid armor shop.

Hybrid tokens can be obtained from the following bosses & activites:
Token drops are separate from the boss / activity drop table.

Example: 1:35 = 1 in 35 chance of receiving drop.
• Nex - 1:180
• Vorago - 1:35
• Araxxor - 1:60
• Queen Black Dragon - 1:350
• The Magister - 1:480
• Telos the Warden: - 1:75
• Nex: Angel of Death - 1:125
• Kalphite King - 1:180
• Barrows: Rise of the Six - 1:250
• Temple of Aminishi (Elite dungeon one) - 1:35

Why so rare?
Hybrid tokens are intentionally very rare, as these armor sets will essentially be the new best-in-slot non-degradeable armor.
The sets are non-degradeable, provide a health buff & when a full set is equip, all of your outgoing damage is buffed by 10%.
The odds for each boss & activity have been calculated based on the average time each activity/boss takes to complete.
You should treat obtaining these sets as a long term goal to work towards while doing general pvm/activities, because
completeing one set of armor is expected to take 200-300 hours of pvm, regardless of the boss or activity.
To add to this, both the tokens and armor are untradeable, so you must earn everything yourself.











[+] New Home & Donor Zone Changes

- This project has been under Development since October, 2018... Huge Credit to Xenthium for being the lead on it!
- The idea of this new Home area was to bring the entire community together. Too many years were spent with the Donors hidden away in their respective areas skilling away.
- This area has it all combined, and a nice little hub in the middle for everyone to hang out!
- This home will be defaulted, however,
you will all need to manually set your home to it from the current one!
It is still in the early stages, we want to make this as good as it can be for everyone, if you hate it, tell us. Navigate to the Discord Channel: #New-home-suggestions
- The centre Fountain will provide you with: Bank, Grand Exchange, Teleports around the area & Boss portals & Best of all, the new Fountain of Goodwill! You can fill this for 2 hours of 1.5x exp
- You will receive Experience bonuses in this area dependant on your Donor rank, Non-donor/Bronze/Silver/Gold = 1.1x, Platinum = 1.2x and Diamond = 1.3x
- Accounts with under 72 hours playtime will have access to all Objects/NPCs except: Great white fishing, Dream tree & Banite rock

- The following NPCs are at this Area:

  • Father Aereck (Gravestone Options)
  • Solomon (Donation/Cosmetic Options)
  • Surgeon General Tafani (Healing)
  • Kuradal (Slayer Tasks)
  • Death (Boss Tasks)
  • Cook (Recipe for Disaster Minigame)
  • Lottery Coordinator (<-----)
  • GIM Guide & Prestigious Paul (Group Ironman)
  • Estate Agent (Home options)
  • Party Pete (Vote shop)
  • Diango (Rare Item Token shop)
  • Scavvo (Melee equipment, Ranged equipment, Magic equipment & Food/Potions)
  • Wise Old Man (Trivia shop, Skill capes, Diamond outfit)
  • Xuan (Loyalty shops)
  • Bob (repairing)
  • Brother Omad (Bronze/Platinum Donor shop)
  • Uzi's Perk Shop (All donor items)

- The following Objects are at this Area:

Non Donor

  • Fountain of Goodwill
  • RFD Chest
  • Altar
  • Death's Portal
  • Crystal Chest
  • Supply Table
  • Furnace
  • Anvil
  • Ports Portal
  • Scoreboard
  • House Portal
  • Thieving Stalls
  • GIM Objects
  • Bank Chests
  • Lava crater


  • Gem Stall (Bronze)
  • Gem Rock (Bronze)
  • Blurite Rock (Bronze)
  • Cavefish/Rocktail/Karambwan Spot (Bronze)
  • Dramen Tree (Bronze)
  • Divine Locations (Platinum)
  • Seren Stone (Platinum)
  • Robust Glass Machine (Platinum)
  • Yubiusk Portal (Platinum)
  • Crystal Tree Shard (Platinum)
  • Harp (Platinum)
  • Delicate Gem Stall (Diamond)
  • Robust/Crystal Glass Container (Diamond)
  • Great White Shark Fishing (Diamond)
  • Soul Altar (Diamond)
  • Portables (Diamond)
  • Dream Tree (Diamond)
  • Banite Rock (Diamond)



Home Hub






Donor Skilling


More Donor Skilling & Misc





[+] Uzi's Perk Shop

- I've reworked Uzi's Perk Shop & the Donor Store. You can now only purchase Ataraxia Dollars, Animation Overrides & Keepsake Keys from the Store.
- When opening Uzi's shop you'll now be faces with these options:


- You can now purchase all Pets & Pet perks from this Shop
- You can now purchase Bank Containers, Ataraxia Coins & Squeal of Fortune Spins (forgot to rename to Treasure Hunter) through Miscellaneous
- This will hopefully clean everything up a bit! And make it easier to transition to our new store soon.
- If there's anything missing please let me know and I will add it as soon as possible


[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed players not being automatically kicked when they become "soulless" (no received packets in 20s)
- Fletching will no longer be limited to 27 actions
- Dungeon Architect perk item finally added so you will no longer receive "Skeleton cape"
- You can now create Armadyl runes properly
- Fixed an issue with Malevolent armour smithing
- LMS Smuggle fixed credit to Quantum (MonniRS)
- Fixed wrong sled id
- Ice dyed items are no longer tradeable
- Fixed duplicate players in FC
- Fixed Jadinko drops


You might notice a lack of content.. Why? Armark1ng is currently working hard on NXT 😉



lare96, Xenthium, Armark1ng, Kirito & Jaedmo

Ataraxia Updates #43

- Juju Potions
- Bug Fixes
- Mystery Box additions
- Skilling contract edits!


[+] General Changes

- Added ;;hidefamiliaroptions or ;;hideoptions shortcut, Command for hiding familiar and pet options
- Made barrows tunnel multi-combat area.
- Added araxxor base enrage limit of 300. 
- Skilling contract gathering contract amounts edited to be similar/equal time to the artisan skills
- Added Seiryus claw to ED1 mobs & bosses drop table
- Added Seiryus fang to Bryll Thoksdottir for 100k dung tokens.
- Invention blue prints will now reset on game mode change.
- Added Telos drop simulator ::simtelos (Kills 1 - 1000) (Enrage 0 - 4000) (Streak 0 - 100)
- Doubled the max charges of augmented items that don't use the universal charge system


[+] Juju Potions

- You can read all about Juju potions here: 



[+] Bug Nuke


Minigame/Boss Fixes

- Fixed RoTS not being able to start if the team size is bigger than two players.
- Fixed barrows dig option not letting you inside the tomb and saying "you find nothing!".
- Fixed Hardmode Vindicta not counting for reaper task.
- Fixed The Violet Lotus miniboss spawn location.
- Made elite dungeon bosses and minibosses freeze immune.
- Fixed Muspahs not always counting for slayer task.
- Fixed Kurask combat animations.
- Fixed the Magister collection log.
- Added correct handling for stackable items in collection log.
- Fixed Kalphite Queen teleport location on new interface.
- Fixed RoTS collection log not registering all drops.
- Made it so you cant summon pets/familiars inside Fight Cave.
- Fixed new Rax interface dead click areas.
- Fixed Vorago instance costs (3m, 1.5m with perk).

Skilling Fixes

- Fixed not being able to create "Titans Constitution Scroll" from any of its possible pouches.
- Fixed Fletching not checking if player has enough inv space.
- Fixed agility pyramid planks getting player stuck.
- Fixed agility pyramid ledge getting players stuck.
- Added correct skill requirements to milestone capes.
- Fixed not being able to disassemble ores sometimes.
- Fixed silver crafting animation.
- Fixed arrowheads Smithing requiring two bars instead of one.
- Fixed Platebodies Smithing requiring three bars instead of five.
- Fixed the "walk across" shortcut for red dragons in Brimhaven dung.'}


Combat/Item Fixes

- Fixed Masutas warspear cone attack.
- Increased the cone attack for weapons to hit the correct area targets (See gif below).
- Fixed overload salve not giving potion timers.
- Fixed Ascendri Bolts giving full damage on bows other than Ascensions.
- Fixed not being able to spawn Zaros godsword special attack sometimes.
- Made weapons/armour degrade only if your under combat.
- Fixed Shieldbow sight not working for Elder shieldbow.
- Fixed augmented spirit shields effects.
- Fixed prayer restoring effect from necklaces/aura for ash scattering.
- Fixed heal other spell.
- Fixed Staff of light passive effect of not consuming runes when casting a spell.
- Made Elite armour/weapons not degrade from dying inside Elite Dungeons.
- Fixed Celestial handwraps stats
- Fixed Soul split heal (made it RS3 heal rate +50%), It was healing WAY more than it should have been.
- Fixed an error in drain rate calculation it will now not include drain rate for items that don't use the universal charge system.

Miscellaneous Fixes

- Fixed the add item method to 100% insure the player gets the item if their inventory is full (fixing herb box etc etc).
- Fixed tormented demons weird text.
- Fixed vote not giving players items if they dont have space in their inventory.
- Fixed Auburys apprentice perk not working for rune pouches.
- Fixed God Wars Dungeon altars.
- Fixed filter chat mesages options not saving on logout.
- The "Withdraw-to-bank" option on the trisk key bag will no longer reset when its contents are deposited
- Bowstring will now be given as a possible reward from completing contracts
- Skillchompas have been nerfed when Woodcutting (same as the Mining nerf)
- You can now do ;;ltp to teleport to the last location you clicked on the Teleport Interface
- Dragon platebody shards/parts are now worth 3M. Dragon platebodies are now worth 10M. Karil's pistol crossbows are now worth 1.5M each




lare96, Xenthium, Armark1ng, Kirito & Jaedmo


[+] Game Additions


Temple of Aminishi (Elite Dungeon 1):

  • You can get there by going to the teleport>Minigame Teleports>Temple of Aminihshi
  • You will need to create an elite dungeon part in order to enter by typing ;;pd or ;;partydetails or using Ring of Kinship
  • All drops inside the dungeon can be auto-collected by the treasure chests all around the dungeon (Note: you can disable auto-collecting, gaining 20% (Normal Mobs), 5%(Bosses) chance of getting double loot!).
  • Dungeon progress will be saved upon server restarts so you don't have to worry if the server restarts or is updated! You wont lose any of your progress!
  • All elite armours/weapons won't degrade while inside the dungeon.
  • You can use Ctrl + C for Surge and Ctrl + V For Escape (only in the Temple of Aminishi)


***Details about the Elite Dungeon***

  1. The dungeon has five large rooms filled with monsters.
  2. There are a total of three bosses located in the dungeon (Room two - The Sanctum Guardian, room four - Masuta the Ascended, room five - Seiryu the Azure Serpent).
  3. You can enter the dungeon solo, or with a group (max of three).
  4. Rewards include tier 92 range armour (Elite Sirenic), Dungeoneering Tokens, a new boss pet (Kuroryu), a handy bunch of items to disassemble for materials, and Onyx Dust which can be turned into Uncut Onyx's!


[+] Bug Fixes


-The skip intro crashing the client when using treasure hunter has been fixed

-The Fishing Rod-o-matic having only one gizmo slot has been changed

-The "buy all" option from the shops has been replaced with a "Buy X" option

[+] Quality of life changes

- The message notifying you of your extra arms perk giving you an extra resource is now filterable
- Removed the easy clue from starter equipment
- Skilling pet announcements will now show up in #ingame-sync on Discord
- Celestial handwraps can now be traded
- The message notifying you of your lucky perk reducing damage now filters if it reduces less than 500 damage
- CTRL + G will now open the GIM bank, if you have the bank perk
- Salmon and trout fishing contracts have been combined
- "Magic Emporium" shop has had its stock greatly increased
- Polypore staff is now worth more than Polypore stick
- Added "Successfully loaded preset" to game filter
- Bronze donators can now start Fight Caves at wave 32


- Entering the gambling area will now make you auto-join the gambling FC
- Teleporting to the Evil Tree will now let you choose between paying with coins or tickets
- Clue scroll completion counter will now differentiate between clue types (<x> easy clues, <x> hard clues, etc.)
- All bugged fishing contracts have been fixed
- Nerf skillchompas when mining (was being abused with contracts)
- Increase Coeden's seed shop stock
- Added offhand Rune c-bow and offhand Dragon scimitar to rock crabs drop table
- You will now be notified when your degradable items have reached 25% and 50%


[+]  Bug fixes

- Aggression potion effects will now be reset when entering a dungeoneering instance
- Fixed the non-functioning portable braziers at diamond zone and boss portals
- Fixed afk players returning to empty map areas & other instances
- Fixed an error related to the title command
- Updated the URL for the donationinfo command
- The Enhanced fire cape now has a "Wear" option



~ With love from @Jaedmo, @Node, @armark1ng, @Xenthium, myself & the staff team ❤️

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