Jaedmo | May. 15 2020
Ataraxia Updates #48 - 16th May 2020

Ataraxia Updates #48

- Nex: Angel of Death Rewritten
- Enhanced Excalibur
- Guthix Staff
- Glacors rewritten
- New Home


[+] General Changes

- Hybrid token drop rate reduced from 1/125 to 1/200 from Telos, the Warden
- Non-donator players can now access ;;players interface showing every player online
- Wisdom auras have been nerfed, from 25%/35%/50%/60%/75% to 10%/15%/25%/35%/50%, upon release, they were too overpowered, and it was this or make it so they can't be recharged with Vis wax, this was the alternative people seemed to prefer
- You will see Skilling & Combat pets on the ;;col interface, this is just a placeholder as we intend on expanding it. Slayer collection log coming soon
- Araxxor drops have been buffed, the hilt droprates have been increased by 66%
- Phylactery drop rate has been increased by 33%
- Scripts from Phylactery has been increased to 7/15/18/20 compared to 5/10/15/20
- Cosmetic chests have been removed from AoD & AoD's collection log as they're obtainable through the Cosmetic interface
- Vote books now go to bank from Vote parties
- Skillchompas have been buffed, they now gather 2x as fast as they did
- Runes have been removed from Aubury for Normal accounts, too many times people have complained about the shop being empty. Now buy them from Grand exchange
- Vorago's Seismic singularity/Wand drops have been nerfed 30%
- Tectonic energy rates from Vorago increased to 1-5 from 2-2
- Hitcaps on Vorago, Corporeal beast and Kalphite King have been removed
- The rate in which Double trouble deleted drops has been reduced from 6% at rank 3 to 3% at rank 3


[+] Nex: Angel of Death

- It works properly now
- Fully rewritten to compare to RS3
- Fight interfaces, mechanics all bang on. Enjoy it guys.


[+] New Home - Menaphos, the Final

- Home has been hot debate for too long, this is the final rendition of a Home (unless you want me to actually go crazy
- Menaphos is an extremely graphical and NXT boasting area, through many polls and discussions, it has been decided as our new home
- Arham_4 helped me make it something special, we now have this awesome cinematic for new players who join Ataraxia:



- I love the cinematic, I think it'll give new players that added "wow factor"
- Here's some media of the new home:


[+] Excalibur & Enhanced Excalibur

- Excalibur has been added to the Trivia shop for 50 Trivia points, this weapon will consume 100% of your Special energy to heal your player 240 points over 6 seconds
- Enhanced Excalibur has been added to the Combination interface:


- You can combine the Excalibur (50 trivia pts) with the Imbued gear (50 Vote points) to receive the Enhanced Excalibur! 
- The enhanced version will heal you for 480 health over 12 seconds
- We intend on making items like this prominent in late-game pvm, hopefully it spices it up a bit.


[+] Guthix Staff

- Guthix staff has been added to the combination interface
- You require two items; Grapes of Guthix and Camel staff (yes, i'm an asshole)


- You can buy Grapes of Guthix from Party Pete for 75 Vote points
- Guthix staff uses 25% special energy to lower the NPCs defence by 7.5% on a successful hit. This stacks.
- Once again, another item we want to make prominent in late-pvm
- Saradomin/Zamorak staff special attacks are being brainstormed, their existing ones are lame, so we want to make them custom, let me know if you have any ideas.

[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed Mizuyari on Corporeal beast & all other weapon classes
- Prestiging as a GIM no longer resets your equipment charges
- All Glacor bugs
- All Nex AOD bugs
- NPCs disappearing when respawning
- Fixed Omni ring not working for doubling drops



What's to come?

Boss/Monster Interface to match Skilling Panel
RS3 Skilling interfaces
Boss Reworks
LMS Rework/Re-release
Clan Expansion



Xenthium, Armark1ng, JTlrBrad, Shnek & Jaedmo

Ataraxia Updates #47

- Bug Fixes
- Telos rebalanced
- Slayer task increases
- Content Edits



[+] General Changes

- Removed the secret Herblore secondary shop from Varrock
- All Slayer task kill numbers have been adjusted to match RS3, this is to stop "Farming" tasks & actually allows people to get proper experience
- Skilling contracts have been an issue for a while, the 'meta' for skilling shouldn't be focused on one piece of content for every skill. Skilling contract experience reward has been greatly reduced, the item rewards are untouched, they are still beneficial to do, but it's still viable to just focus one skill at a time
- All Juju potions now appear on the potion timers
- Edited new player starting message
- Araxxor Killcount has been added
- Respawn rates of Rorarius has been halved (30s instead of 60s)
- Decimation special attack has been added
- You can now Fill/empty your coal bag while in the Bank interface
- Imbuing rings through the Slayer shop now costs 125 points rather than 300
- Mizuyari now works vs Corporeal beast
- Magic experience has been increased, it is now on par with Melee and Ranged
- Rock crabs and Yak health has been increased, this should make earlier training easier
- GIM in-game announcements have temporarily been disabled, this is to help locate the issue with lagging
- Bandos body, chaps & ancient chaps have been fixed for Collection log/Elite clues
- Souls ornament kit & Reaper ornament kit have been added to Elite clues (oops), rate is equal to Ice/Blood dye
- Ice dye and Blood dye rates have been reduced to be less than Barrows, 3a and Shadow
- Vampyrism Auras have been nerfed, they now provide: 2%/4%/6%/8% healing compared to 5%/7.5%/10%/12.5% they were too overtuned and resulted in "easy" pvm
- Vampyrism Auras have been buffed for player with Overclocked, there will now be no cooldown provided you have the perk
- Telos RS3 stats have been increased, he will now deal more damage and take less to Melee/Range sources (trial period)
- Gaius has been added to Burthorpe for Clue scrolls
- Omnipotence items are now untradeable
- Damage modifier globally reduced by 12.5%, this is a trial to see how it fares with current health bonuses.


[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed multiple errors in the Server console, these are things we can't really track until it happens, heaps of them have been fixed
- Super Saradomin brews no longer make your stats decline past 90 if you have the Overloaded pet perk
- Hopefully fixed the In-game sync icon issues
- Chaos elemental now properly gives Boss points to GIM players
- Tokhaar-ket-dill's armour can now be penetrated by a toolbelted Crystal pickaxe
- You can now properly use every nail in Construction opposed to just Steel
- When sending an item to the bank from GE, it will now update your Bank properly
- Dwarf traders now move, preventing autoclicking
- Polypore dungeon vines will no longer put you in an unmovable area
- You can no longer use ;;eviltree in any circumstance
- Scroll of cleansing now works properly
- Nimble gloves/boots now give 1% bonus Agility xp per piece
- Telos now properly loads his RS3 stats
- Random NPCs appearing in instances has had a potential fix, can only really know on the live server
- Fixed a crash when Disassembling random items such as Crystal


Most of last month was hotfixes for the NXT release, we're finally getting on top of most of it.

What's to come?

Boss/Monster Interface to match Skilling Panel
RS3 Skilling interfaces
Boss Reworks
New Home Area
LMS Rework/Re-release



Xenthium, Armark1ng, JTlrBrad, Shnek & Jaedmo

Ataraxia Updates #46

- Settings Changes
- Magic Rework
- Action Bar
- Bank Changes
- Cosmetic Changes
- Aura Manager
- Home Changes
- Look below NXT stuff for more updates too!


[+] NXT


It's finally here! We feel as though NXT is in it's final stages of development, and the only bugs left should be minor ones that we will find and fix along the way. W're so excited for this release and we hope you are too! A lot is going to change, but continue reading and we'll walk you through some of it to make the experience even better for you!

[+] Examine Interface



[+] Aura Manager

- Auras are now all handled through the Aura manager interface
- Right click your aura slot in Worn Equipment and press Aura management!
- Dropping an aura adds it to this interface!
-Aura's and their cooldowns now accurately work like RS3


[+] Settings Changes


- Ability to customize and save UI placement
- Ability to change between different loadouts freely
- Free zoom with mouse wheel & custom sensitivity for zooming
- Complete UI customization control
- UI transparency settings
- Ability to use RS3 or legacy UI
- QoL settings like slayer counter
- Much more, see the guide


[+] Magic Rework

- New RS3 animations
- Gear now matters and affects damage of spells
- No longer have the ability to use spells without a magic weapon
- Ability to have two different spells auto-cast
- Borrowed spell no longer needs the amulet, charges can be stored directly into it
- All spells are now working correctly
- Removed Miasmic Barrage


[+] Action Bar


- You can now use the action bar for items


[+] Bank Changes


- Ability to use placeholders
- Ability to auto-placehold items
- Ability to equip through bank
- Ability to look at gear while in bank
- Actual RS3 preset interface
- Ability to search for items without any bugs
- Ability to view equipment stats while in your bank
- View user friendly guide here


[+] Cosmetic Changes


- New RS3 cosmetic interface
- Ability to filter choices/owned
- Ability to preview the cosmetic overrides
- View, buy, and equip all in the same interface


[+] General Changes

- Home area has been remodelled a bit due to NXT stopping some objects appear
- Pillars have been removed from the shop area
- Scrimshaw crafter and Summoning obelisk have been moved

[+] Bug Fixes

- Black screens at bosses, NXT fixes this
- Cosmetic override issues, NXT fixes this
- Magic being garbage, NXT fixes this
- Fixed players being able to use portables at home by using items on them
- Donor object 1 hour glory period multiplying and resulting in permanent usage from Voting
- Fixed DXP from Voting
- Toolbelt not displaying the correct Tool
- Barbarian agility rate multiplication fix
- Evil tree portal will no longer take you to old home
- Dung teles will no longer take you to the broken dung

[+] Combination Interface

- Type ;;comb or ;;combinations to open this interface:


- You can get 4 items from this:

Necklace of Omnipotence (15%):

- Provides the effect of Amulet of Souls while boasting bonuses equalling all of the above necklaces + more

Ring of Omnipotence (10%):

- Provides the effect of Ring of Death & 'perfect' ring while boasting bonuses equalling all of the above Rings + more

Gloves of Omnipotence (10%):

- Provides the effect of Deathtouch bracelet while boasting bonuses equalling all of the above Gloves + more

Boots of Omnipotence (10%):

- Provides the hybrid bonuses of all of the Boots + more


lare96, Xenthium, Armark1ng, Kirito & Jaedmo

 Ataraxia Updates #45

- NXT Pre-patch
- Bug Fixes
- QoL Updates
- New Trivia Questions
- Voting buff



[+] General Changes

- Last Man Standing is temporarily disabled
- You can now type ;;guides to access Kirito's masterguide
- Smouldering lamps have been removed from the Skilling Shop
- Trivia questions have been reworked
- Pest Control will now only roll for a Hybrid token if you win a game
- Hybrid tokens now drop from Corporeal beast
- Added a new fire to ;;home where the afkers afk
- Moved the altar to a more open area so it's more noticeable
- Moved Ellis to where the altar was
- Added Hefin monk for Cleansing stones
- Removed Grenwalls from ;;g1, ;;g2
- Replaced them with Corpse spiders, now accessible for Diamond players through ;;s1, ;;s2 (Grenwall one will be back soon)
- Added Waterfiends to Plat Boss portal
- Reaper quest now reactivates daily, it is repeatable and you will lose your 10% damage bonus if you don't complete it again
- Harmony moss rate from Juju farming potion increased by 7.5%
- Harmony moss rate changed from 2-4 to 2-9
- Trisk key rewards will now be sent to the bank if your inventory is full
- Bank Value Hiscores, Object at ;;home to view the richest Normal, Gim, Ironman and HCIM players
- HCIM News will now post to the discord channel, stats every Monday and Friday and it will post if a player dies from the top 25
- You can no longer get Edimmu slayer tasks below 115 dung
- Combination potions now count towards Herblore actions
- Evil tree and Shooting star will no longer spawn at the same time
- Your Prismatic exp will now be 0 when changing gamemodes
- GIM Accounts can no longer access the Home zone objects, only with voting


[+] Voting Changes

- New accounts will no longer have the 48 hour grace period for the home area
- Voting will now provide you DXP for 30 minutes as well as an hour of access to the Home area objects
- You will need to vote for 2 or more sites to receive these bonuses


[+] Skilling Contracts

- Lowered Exp multiplier slightly
- Doing the same contract back to back will result in less rewards
- 10% nerf to rewards on the first contract done after skipping
- You now need at least 10 non-combat level 80s to access Advanced skilling master
- The Global Skilling contract multiplier now caps at 2.25x



[+] Hybrid Armour Edits




[+] Bug Fixes

- Players will no longer be stuck online
- Hopefully fixed the periodic random kicking incidents
- Stargazer perk box now functions properly
- GIM Looters perk pack now functions properly
- GIM's will now properly be able to access Miscellaneous on Uzi's perk shop to buy Cosmetic coins and Bank containers
- Final boss title no longer has no space




lare96, Xenthium, Armark1ng, Kirito & Jaedmo


 Ataraxia Updates #44

- New Home/Donor Area
- Uzi's Perk Shop Update
- Hybrid Tokens


Be sure to change your Home through ;;settings to access new home!


[+] General Changes

- Farming contracts will now work when collecting from Divine locations
- Tarromins have been added to Herb boxes
- Bronze/Iron bars, Normal/oak logs, Raw shrimp, anchovies, sardines, herring & Tin/Copper ore added to Grand Exchange unlimited items for Skilling contracts
- You can now cook food by pressing "Use" on a fire
- Bob has been added to ;;bossportals
- Donor Zone teleports have been changed to the new Home area
- All old Home/Donor zone areas have had NPCs/Objects removed
- Reworked the Donor store & Uzi's perk shop
- Pet perks now give $5 when redeemed rather than the amount donated when donated for
- You can now choose your Task with the Perslaysion perk!
- Aura effects no longer work in LMS and will not reset your cooldown
- Cleaning cloth now costs 5 instead of 15 Vote points

[+] Rare Item Token Store


- The new shop contains everything Spring!


[+] Hybrid Tokens

Hybrid tokens are a new currency which can be obtained from certain bosses & activities and used to purchase T85 hybrid sets from the Hybrid armor shop.

Hybrid tokens can be obtained from the following bosses & activites:
Token drops are separate from the boss / activity drop table.

Example: 1:35 = 1 in 35 chance of receiving drop.
• Nex - 1:180
• Vorago - 1:35
• Araxxor - 1:60
• Queen Black Dragon - 1:350
• The Magister - 1:480
• Telos the Warden: - 1:75
• Nex: Angel of Death - 1:125
• Kalphite King - 1:180
• Barrows: Rise of the Six - 1:250
• Temple of Aminishi (Elite dungeon one) - 1:35

Why so rare?
Hybrid tokens are intentionally very rare, as these armor sets will essentially be the new best-in-slot non-degradeable armor.
The sets are non-degradeable, provide a health buff & when a full set is equip, all of your outgoing damage is buffed by 10%.
The odds for each boss & activity have been calculated based on the average time each activity/boss takes to complete.
You should treat obtaining these sets as a long term goal to work towards while doing general pvm/activities, because
completeing one set of armor is expected to take 200-300 hours of pvm, regardless of the boss or activity.
To add to this, both the tokens and armor are untradeable, so you must earn everything yourself.











[+] New Home & Donor Zone Changes

- This project has been under Development since October, 2018... Huge Credit to Xenthium for being the lead on it!
- The idea of this new Home area was to bring the entire community together. Too many years were spent with the Donors hidden away in their respective areas skilling away.
- This area has it all combined, and a nice little hub in the middle for everyone to hang out!
- This home will be defaulted, however,
you will all need to manually set your home to it from the current one!
It is still in the early stages, we want to make this as good as it can be for everyone, if you hate it, tell us. Navigate to the Discord Channel: #New-home-suggestions
- The centre Fountain will provide you with: Bank, Grand Exchange, Teleports around the area & Boss portals & Best of all, the new Fountain of Goodwill! You can fill this for 2 hours of 1.5x exp
- You will receive Experience bonuses in this area dependant on your Donor rank, Non-donor/Bronze/Silver/Gold = 1.1x, Platinum = 1.2x and Diamond = 1.3x
- Accounts with under 72 hours playtime will have access to all Objects/NPCs except: Great white fishing, Dream tree & Banite rock

- The following NPCs are at this Area:

  • Father Aereck (Gravestone Options)
  • Solomon (Donation/Cosmetic Options)
  • Surgeon General Tafani (Healing)
  • Kuradal (Slayer Tasks)
  • Death (Boss Tasks)
  • Cook (Recipe for Disaster Minigame)
  • Lottery Coordinator (<-----)
  • GIM Guide & Prestigious Paul (Group Ironman)
  • Estate Agent (Home options)
  • Party Pete (Vote shop)
  • Diango (Rare Item Token shop)
  • Scavvo (Melee equipment, Ranged equipment, Magic equipment & Food/Potions)
  • Wise Old Man (Trivia shop, Skill capes, Diamond outfit)
  • Xuan (Loyalty shops)
  • Bob (repairing)
  • Brother Omad (Bronze/Platinum Donor shop)
  • Uzi's Perk Shop (All donor items)

- The following Objects are at this Area:

Non Donor

  • Fountain of Goodwill
  • RFD Chest
  • Altar
  • Death's Portal
  • Crystal Chest
  • Supply Table
  • Furnace
  • Anvil
  • Ports Portal
  • Scoreboard
  • House Portal
  • Thieving Stalls
  • GIM Objects
  • Bank Chests
  • Lava crater


  • Gem Stall (Bronze)
  • Gem Rock (Bronze)
  • Blurite Rock (Bronze)
  • Cavefish/Rocktail/Karambwan Spot (Bronze)
  • Dramen Tree (Bronze)
  • Divine Locations (Platinum)
  • Seren Stone (Platinum)
  • Robust Glass Machine (Platinum)
  • Yubiusk Portal (Platinum)
  • Crystal Tree Shard (Platinum)
  • Harp (Platinum)
  • Delicate Gem Stall (Diamond)
  • Robust/Crystal Glass Container (Diamond)
  • Great White Shark Fishing (Diamond)
  • Soul Altar (Diamond)
  • Portables (Diamond)
  • Dream Tree (Diamond)
  • Banite Rock (Diamond)



Home Hub






Donor Skilling


More Donor Skilling & Misc





[+] Uzi's Perk Shop

- I've reworked Uzi's Perk Shop & the Donor Store. You can now only purchase Ataraxia Dollars, Animation Overrides & Keepsake Keys from the Store.
- When opening Uzi's shop you'll now be faces with these options:


- You can now purchase all Pets & Pet perks from this Shop
- You can now purchase Bank Containers, Ataraxia Coins & Squeal of Fortune Spins (forgot to rename to Treasure Hunter) through Miscellaneous
- This will hopefully clean everything up a bit! And make it easier to transition to our new store soon.
- If there's anything missing please let me know and I will add it as soon as possible


[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed players not being automatically kicked when they become "soulless" (no received packets in 20s)
- Fletching will no longer be limited to 27 actions
- Dungeon Architect perk item finally added so you will no longer receive "Skeleton cape"
- You can now create Armadyl runes properly
- Fixed an issue with Malevolent armour smithing
- LMS Smuggle fixed credit to Quantum (MonniRS)
- Fixed wrong sled id
- Ice dyed items are no longer tradeable
- Fixed duplicate players in FC
- Fixed Jadinko drops


You might notice a lack of content.. Why? Armark1ng is currently working hard on NXT 😉



lare96, Xenthium, Armark1ng, Kirito & Jaedmo

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