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    Hi, everyone, thanks for reading. This post is going to be extremely personal, and has no bearing on Ataraxia. PREFACE So, it's come to my attention some people are thinking I've gone MIA lately. You'd be right, somewhat. As many of you know, I've always put a large amount of my own time into the server. Back in the day, I did all of the development for every patch, aside from very minor things other people would occasionally touch up on. I'd lose sleep fixing the code of others and write my own extensive content in the meantime. I would even abuse adderall to ensure that the patches would be written on time, and full of great bug fixes and content. Since those days, I've backed off of any drug abuse (whether it be weed or ADHD medication) for personal health reasons. It's always been fairly hard for me to work without that motivator, so my personal workflow has taken a bit of a hit, because of it. I've been clean from ADHD medication, which I was prescribed for a long 15 years (I am almost 20), for about two months. Even through February and March, when backing off, I still kept up good workflow. It was still only me around to write major content, with David doing client-side work and Movee making the most occasional of touches. Hell, even an old friend of mine Jetset stopped in for a bit to write some code, purely out of love for our long-time friendship. I've been part of the RSPS community for almost 12 years, without much involvement in the main game - RuneScape. I've met many people who still bring tears to my eyes because of their monumental contributions to my development and technology career over this long decade -- people who I could never forget who have changed my life forever. Development of RSPS in general, even Ataraxia, have long-since been the foundation of my technical skills and development skills. They created a great career path for me long ago, something I've obviously kept very close to me for these 12 years. Since launching the server 6 months ago, we have done phenomenal things. We've sculpted the game into something different, and fresh. We've constantly pushed out content that keeps players on their feet, while doing our best to work through big releases like RoTs that have been delayed because of client-side issues. However, I have spent the majority of this 6 months, knee deep in various work, always preparing the latest thing. We've not-too recently acquired Kris and more recently Tom, as well as the major boost in Movee's activity. The development team has been smashing work left and right, writing beautiful things and testing them to Kingdom come, to ensure they not only work, but work as expected. Lately, due to things I am going to explain, I have not been nearly as active as the other developers, albeit being the most active a month or so ago. Because of this, Kris has been given the capability to push updates, and will be able to push to both the live and test server. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? I'm not sure how much of the community can attest to this, but I've always been very open about it -- I am transgender. I am transgender, and I've never shied away from telling anyone here that. It's who I have been for many years, even before RSPS came into my life, I was aware of this. My parents, family, and close friends have been aware of this for a while as well. I've always held back starting the process because for many reasons: fear of poor familial reaction to change, my father's recent deployment, etc. Recently though, I broke, and I've long had enough of living my life based on the contingencies of others. Tomorrow, I have my first appointment for blood work. I've been very serious about this for some time, although some may take it as a joke -- I'll do me, you do you. I spent a lot of time getting this server to where it is today, along with this community. I've long-neglected myself due to my responsibilities here, most related to personal health issues in various sectors, aside from gender dysphoria. I've spent the last couple of weeks preparing various things in real life -- my home and family, making appointments for my health, and cleaning myself up from everything from sugar and greasy foods to smoking weed. All in all, I've decided to take this week, and possibly some time afterwards, off from developing the server. I will still be around regularly on Discord / Skype, and sometimes in-game. I will still be here to do managerial activities like restarting the server, restoring accounts, and clarifying information. Kris is now completely capable of updating the test and live server on his own, so he will be in-charge of the development team until I return to development. He will be able to make updates as he pleases (and they have a TON all being tested), and as I said, I'll be around to do things like I always have. I need to take this personal time for my own health and ensure that I am not neglecting various aspects of my life, mainly health. This was made as a PSA to people wondering where I am, and what I'm up to. I'm not quitting, the server isn't changing ownership, or anything. I'm here, I'm okay, I'm just trying to survive. Just like I've poured so many hours of my soul into this game and community, give me this time to ensure that I can pour effort into myself. Thanks, as always, Noele
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    Hello everyone, as you may or you may not know, my name is Walied and I am the new client developer. I have been developing since around 7 years in many fields, networking, core management, content developing, client developing. My profession is clients So thought to notify the community about what's going on and what will be happen to the client: We are going to scrap the current client and start a new one. (We would spend more time fixing the current issues than rewriting a new client) We will start working on more user friendly and somewhat helpful GUI (Something similar to OSBuddy but in our own way). We will keep the client up-to-date with the latest RuneScape 3 data (areas, textures and whatsoever). We will boost the client performance to act faster in low specs PCs. By doing these updates, we will finally be able to release the new content such as Full Dungeoneering and RoTs minigame. Thanks for taking your time and reading, Kind Regards, Walied
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    Patch Notes #10 summary:- Completionist Cape updates- Perk improvements pertaining to old and new perks - New ;;rswiki command to search on rswiki from in game - Drop table changes: buffs and nerfs. Major changes to boss drops - Plethora of bug fixes pertaining to the entire game - New website is very close! [+] Hotfixes for patch 10 that have been released (after the patch): - Completionist Cape has the original requirements, noted on the cape rack. - Completionist Cape (t) has the following requirements (which need to be added to the cape rack) + the regular comp reqs of course * 1,000 or more ports score * 1,000,000 gp or more donated to the Well of Goodwill * Augury / Rigour prayer abilities unlocked - There was an issue with the Overclocked perk from a previous developer that added how much unused time you had on your aura to the cooldown, this has been changed and now will work as intended, always! - Amount of damage done in Pest Control to receive commendation lowered to 300 (this is to offset how hard it is when there are 10-15 people in the boat), as well as the old boat modifier changing from: * playercount > 35 ? 0.3 : 0.2 (1/3 of the players at 35+, otherwise 1/5) * playercount > 60 ? 0.25 : 0.2 (1/4 of the players at 60+, otherwise 1/5 - Polypore has the correct distance (no longer melee distance), and has been nerfed the right way -- not a damage cap, 1/2 the original damage multiplier.(may be buffed in the near future, we'll see how it plays out) - Investigator's perk will now finish clue scrolls instantly, and the price has been raised to $15. This will be 1-step in the, probably distant future, when the clue system is re-written. - Will no longer receive duplicates of skilling shards / skilling outfit pieces if you already have the item in your shard bag or any of your banks. ----------------------------------------------------- [+] Perk improvements - Investigator's perk will now make ALL clues 1 step no matter what. - The imbued focus perk now allows you to Chip-off rune essence for free (caps at 250 in inventory) - Bank space will now be converted into additional bank containers, some of your glitched items should automatically move (all of them may not, you can talk to any banker and open the "fix my overfilled bank!" option to move overflowing items to the next container. - Additional bank containers are currently capped at +8 total, but can [+] Small Content - ;;rswiki / ;;wiki added - allows you to search RSWiki for things - Perfect chitin drop rate changed from 1/75 to 1/65 - Expert Skillcape Shard Bags have been added! New players will receive this automatically, talk to the Ataraxia Welcomer to get your own! - Can use wild arrows with a noxious longbow. - Everyone should find it easier to get chronicle fragments, without any issues. The bonus with master diviner was increased 10% from its original. - Degraded Ports armor can now be upgraded to its superior counterpart, at an increased price. - Lava strykewyrms have been given a different warm-up animation for their lava bomb attack. - Lava strykewyrms have been given a killcount as well as messages for their unique T85 drops. - Lava Strykewyrms should now drop loot if you kill them whilst they are burrowing. - Ashes (such as searing ashes from lava strykeyrms) can now be used on an altar. - Added the ability to toggle building mode in your house by right-clicking the portal. - Ship timer notification removed, and the timers have been added to your task tab [+] Drop table changes - Mith dragons DFH drop rate has been changed from 2% - 13%, addy dragons drop rate has been changed from 3% - 16% - All demons have been given their corresponding ashes as a 100% drop. This includes lesser, greater and black demons - Kalphite Queen now drops noted Grimy Toadflax. - Wild arrows are now a 100% drop from Lava Strykewyrms. The quantity you receive has therefore been lowered. - Dark arrows are now a 100% drop from Dark beasts. The quantity you receive has therefore been lowered. - Red, Blue and Yellow flowers are now dropped by Rock Crabs for Ironman/woman purposes. - The amount of stackable loot received from Kingly/Dragon/Zombie implings has been improved. - Herblore secondaries have been added to three different slayer monsters. * Cave crawlers now drop a decent amount of low level herblore secondaries. * Jellies now drop a decent amount of mid level herblore secondaries. * Mutated jadinko babies now drop a decent amount of high level herblore secondaries These changes are useful for ironmen, but regular players may wish to fight the jadinkos too for uncommon secondaries such as papaya fruit and wyvern bonemeal. [+] Bug fixes - Fixed duo slayer login bug that would not allow you to exit the dialogue. - Bat bones can be buried and used on the altar - Polypore staff glitch fixed - Unable to wear max/comp/comp-t capes when missing summoning points - You need at least 15 ascension shards to craft bolts (now a 1:1 ratio) - Obelisk can teleport you to the same obelisk in the wild, not a big deal - All forms of the dragon dagger spec work (missing (p) case) - No more message spam from hungry pets! (you'll still be told!) - Emerald bolt tips can now be added to mithril bolts! - Vote book 2x bonus (for weekend vote books) works as intended now. - The ring of death special should work as intended (without any weird charge outputs)
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    Patch Notes #9 summary: - Some nice, shiny client updates, with more to come. - Huge additions to slayer, from banning tasks to receiving awesome pets. - Many changes to pathfinding and correcting combat timers. - Many QoL updates for general gameplay and account management. - New additions to the store and Well of Goodwill changes. - A whopping number of bug fixes have been fixed! Mini-patch 2/7 [+] Mini-patch from Chryonic/David - 2/7 - Combat - Polypore now has a max hit of 475. - Noxious Bow now has a special attack. - All of Mage Combat has been rewritten. - Staff of Darkness now has a special attack. - Polypore attack distance has now been fixed. - Noxious Bows now have correct attack strength. - The starting tutorial has been reworked. - Pathfinding has been partially reworked; less "dancing" and snags. - General Game ^ - 20 more trivia questions have been added. [+] Store - check out the changes here - Some pets have been added to the store: Corgi, San'tar Spawnling, Lion Cub, Hype Train, Kharidian cat and the Golden Chinhompa (which grows) - Bank space upgrades have been added to the store [+] Client changes - download the new client here - A new client has been released that has better compatibility with Mac and Linux, as well as better overall performance - This client will automatically update if it sees that you are missing an important cache update. - The cache has been updated to contain the newest loading screen backgrounds, and login background, as well as the newest icon. [+] Slayer - resetting and banning tasks - You can now reset your task with the vanilla slayer menu and an instant yes/no dialogue. (It's a lot quicker than before) - You now have the option to permanently remove a slayer task from being assigned to you (unless you remove the ban of course) - If you are doing duo slayer, it will prevent you from getting any of you or your partner's banned tasks. - Lava strykewyrms have been added: * Drops T85 weapon upgrades, similar to RS3's charge mechanic * Added spawns northeast of New Gates PvP teleports and in the multi-altar in deep wildy - 3 new pets have replaced the old slayer reward "Charm Collector", the Freezy pet has 4 interchangeable forms. [+] General pathfinding - Mage and range pathfinding should walk around obstacles now if need be, or cast through them (some places it may not!) - Melee will run around obstacles now and should avoid "combat dancing" - Should no longer stop and refuse to attack if there is no straight path to the target [+] Vote book and Well of Goodwill updates - Vote books have been nerfed to half of their cash reward. - To combat the immediate backlash, vote books you get on the weekend can be traded for 2x coins (counts how many votes you get on the weekend, subtracts 1 each time you claim a book) - Books received from weekend vote parties also add to this number. - The Well of Goodwill prices have been changed, according to the number of players: * players > 80 = 150m * 80 > players > 40 = 100m * 40 > players = 50m - Players can only donate 100M to the Well of Goodwill every 24h. [+] Small Content - You should be able to buy/sell items that are "Unlimited" on the GE under their regular margin. - If there are items being sold lower than the .G.E stock price, it will tell you! - You can now dye seismics! - Insert option now works while banking. - Youtube command has been added to the game. (;;yt or ;;youtube) - Royal crossbows can now fire MOST types of bolts. - Players in single combat zones should be able to start attacking (or at least run to another NPC and queue an attack) as soon as the NPC begins to die, rather than the end of the animation. - Recipe for disaster teleport was moved to the cook at home - Buffed the chance of getting a rare (regular red) item on the SoF to 1% rather than 0.89% - Changed the item rotation on the rare items shop - Clue scroll drops should be more consistent now. - Onyxes from kiln should be noted now, only 2-3 onyx as reward - Searing ashes have had their xp buffed (currently not usable on an altar, in the future!) - Re-worked the account manager interface * Can now override mode icon with donator icon * Can now disable the ;;empty warning prompt * Two new respawn locations have been added to ;;settings [+] Bug Fixes - Divination skillcape definitely has stats now. - Ports login notification should no longer say "Your ". Ports times will be moved to the task interface in the future. - God books are now wieldable in the shield slot. - Can no longer get bandages while in combat in soul wars - Machetes and buckets have been added to the Bob skilling shop. - Non-working XMAS titles have been fixed. - Investigator's perk always ends the clue after the first step. - Barrage will splash if it hits 0 - Vote books that can't fit in your inventory will go into your bank. - Teleporting in the wilderness has been adjusted. - Fixed the incorrect ports item prices. - You should be able to left-click water plants now. This has been tested a small amount, please post if it does not work otherwise or on certain plants. - Bronze bars can be smithed into bronze bolts (unf) now rather than finished. - All reaper gear is untradeable. - 5kg granite added to the summoning shop so you can summon granite lobsters. - Bugged Hard clue scroll drops should no longer happen; if you do receive a clue that you believe is not added to the game, post it here [+] Stat changes to weapons / armor -Magic Weapon stat changes have been implemented into the live game. This affects the most used magic staves and wands/offhands. -Retro Cape stat additions have been implemented into the live game. -The Deathtouch Bracelet has had an increase in magic damage % for a total of 5%. It has also been given defensive stats in ranged to bring it in line with its other defensive stats. -The Reaper Necklace is now the best in slot amulet for ranged. -The Amulet of Souls has had its ranged accuracy reduced to 0 in order to give the Reaper Necklace a use. -The T85 weapons (Lava whip, Strykebow, Staff of darkness) have been given appropriate stats. -Dark arrows have been given a decent ranged strength of 100. -Wild arrows have been given a ranged strength of 145. Whilst not as strong as noxious arrows these should be obtained more easily. However, they must be gathered in the wilderness and therefore still require some risk. More media will be posted here following the release of the patch.
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    Client update summary: This update comes with a necessary client update located here. - Massive overhaul of our client -- Full 881 textures and no audio issues. - Client runs smoother than its predecessor, and allows for more players in one area. - Custom dungeoneering has been replaced with the FULL dungeoneering system. - Two new world events and slayer monsters were added - Linza and Akrisae are now accessible at barrows. - You can now acquire skilling pets for all skills - Check out the update thread for a list of all updates, there's plenty! With this update, SoF rates for rare items are drastically increased for a short duration of time. [+] Client changes It should come with no surprise that our client release has been highly anticipated. It opens up avenues for release of content we've worked on for a while: including Dungoneering, RoTs, and other content that simply was not possible without this massive overhaul. - All items now have the correct inventory and equip models. - Everything that previously was untextured (830+ content) is now fully textured! This includes all items, NPCs, maps, and objects up to revision 881! - No more screeching audio from ambient sounds, yikes! - NPCs will not teleport or move when switching regions anymore. - The new client has increased performance, and will run at lower memory settings than the previous. - All icons, primarily: HCIM, ironman, Co-Owner, Owner, and Developer, have been reworked. [+] Core changes - The server architecture is now spread out across multiple servers. - There are two gameserver VPSs, to ensure if one has any major issues, another is immediately accessible. - The new client will automatically switch to the secondary server upon major server interruption that cannot be fixed with a restart. - The webserver now has its own dedicated server, and its primary VPS is still being configured. - In total, we now have 3 dedicated servers, running 6-8 VPSs, all with independent 10gbps lines and a whopping total of 160GB of ram! [+] Full dungeoneering - True random room generation, with all existing configurations and functional puzzles. - All skilling activity inside Daemonheim is accessible. - All dungeoneering bosses and enemies are added, including rare slayer monsters. - Chaotic Spear and Spikes added to the dungeoneering shop, now functional - Chaotic Remnant now allows you to make the Arcane Stream, Brawler's Knockout, and Farsight necklaces (you can attach a blood necklace shard to these) - The dungeoneering pet can be purchased for a million tokens. - Meilyr potion recipes are now obtainable through dungeoneering. - All dungeoneering journals can be obtained in the current system. - Obviously much more, this is the full dungeoneering system! [+] Barrows system revamp - Now all 6 brothers and 2 sisters are accessible! Including Linza and Akrisae (Akrisae is currently disabled, temporarily, for maintenance) - This means it is now much easier to receive a corruption sigil! [+] New world events - WildyWyrms were releasing into the game! They're a boss version of Lava Strykewyrms located in the wilderness. - Administrators can control WildyWyrms with a control panel, making for interesting community events. - The evil trees world event is now accessible! It's great group XP for farming, woodcutting, and firemaking! (all nulls should be ironed out) [+] Additional content - Skilling pets are now accessible; when you gain XP in a certain skill, you have a chance of receiving a pet! http://runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Skilling_pets - Camel warriors and ripper demons have been re-enabled! Crystal shapeshifters and Acheron Mammoths will release after small bugfixes. - Rune dragons have had a QoL fix and a teleport added to the training teleports. - The Grand Exchange data system has been re-written to make sure we never have an item-loss incident again related to the GE. - A large number of bug fixes, small content additions, and QoL changes - I wish I could remember them all! Bug Fix Patch/es [+] Bug Fixes - Tormented demons now drop dragon limbs. - WildyWyrm spawn locations are now multi. - Bonfires now require 5 logs again. - Dungeoneering fire blast now requires fire runes instead of earth runes. - Dungeoneering smuggles patched (several, better left unannounced). - Grand exchange dupes, bugs/issues patched. - Divination level-up black screen patched. - Evil tree nulls patched. - Player port's portal now locks the player to avoid smuggles and bugs. - Most items that were missing bonuses now have them. - Clicks are now accurate, you no longer randomly stop running, nor will you randomly stop combat as you used to. - Dungeoneering deadlock patched with construction. - You can now combine blood necklace shard with brawler's necklace and farsight sniper necklace. - Crystal and triskelion chest loots are now always noted, if applicable. - Plane-freezer has been patched, you no longer freeze up whilst slipping. - Incorrect announcement messages removed. - All dungeoneering items (wands, shields, knives etc) now have bonuses. - Crystal shapeshifters are now at their spawn location. [+] Changes to existing content - Noticeboard now displays remaining divination experience until next level. - Ring of Kinship is now put into players' inventory instead of automatically equipped upon leaving. - Crystal triskelion elite clue chance lowered to 25% rather than 100%. - A bunch of new cosmetic items released on the Squeal offortune. - New Gorajan Trailblazer outfit available from the Squeal of Fortune. - Dungeoneering pet's chance has been lowered to 5000 from 10000, buying experience through tokens no longer gives you a chance at the pet. - WildyWyrm requirement has been moved over to trimmed completionist's cape from regular, the requirement only remains for non-HC ironmen (HCI don't need to do it) - Having obtained enhanced fire cape is now a trimmed completionist's cape requirement. [+] Trailblazer effects (Full set of one kind, don't need to be active nor wielding, just need to unlock all): [-] Non-warped effects (One unique set): -5% experience in any action performed within Daemonheim, including -combat. -5% floor experience rise in at the completion of a floor. -5% lower chance ofskilling nodes depleting in Daemonheim. -Plane-freezerlakhrahnaz's room will no longer make players who're -wearing any of the sets slip. [-] Warped effects (full set of four combined): -7% experience in any action performed within Daemonheim, including -combat. -7% floor experience rise in at the completion of a floor. -7% lower chance ofskilling nodes depleting in Daemonheim. -Plane-freezerlakhrahnaz's room will no longer make players who're -wearing the set slip. -Increased chance of finding a slayer creature within Daemonheim. -Ability to skip a puzzle once per floor per team.
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    Hello everyone, I'd love to make this short and sweet, but due to the nature of who I am and how I like to do things, it won't be. TLDR read end quote if you want to know how I feel - love you all... I can remember the first day I joined thinking this was going to be the best server I'd ever played. And it was. I hadn't played RSPS in years and decided to pay it a revisit, and this is the one I stumbled upon. I can vividly remember joining the discord, which at the time I had no idea what that even was, and sitting there muted listening to people talk - and the open arms that allowed me to feel unjudged and free to say whatever I please without feeling stupid. That's a powerful feeling, and I was feeling it on an online internet game... Many of you might think this is lame, but whenever you feel that - keep it close. I've grown close to people on this server like I've known them for years, but the time has come that I say farewell. I've just been promoted in my career, and it has enabled me to travel around the world to help companies and industries alike, which will force my minimal play time to even lower depths, which just isn't fair to any of you. I will be traveling for the next several months and would love to get on and play once in a while, but I just don't think it will be a possibility. I've thought about resigning many times, due to the lack of work I do, but had never really felt it affected people. I want to say I'm sorry for the lack of motivation I've shown and rubbed off onto other members of not only the server but staff team as well. I've dragged down productivity across the board, and take full responsibility. It's only fair to not only the players but the entire server as a whole that distractions are minimized. I've had a ton of fun watching this server grow from what it started as, and I hope that it continues its successful path. I wish everyone the best, and have fun! Thanks, Blake “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” - A.A. Milne
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    Patch notes #17 summary: - 100% SSL integration into the site, with some legacy HTTP functionality - The new main-home has been set to the citadel area, more will be added here soon. - Many high-level slayer monsters added like Acheron mammoths. - You can now craft crystal weapons and shields with a singing bowl. - Many projects like RoTs and GWD2 are coming closer to completion with the new client. - The Meilyr recipe shop for combination potions has been added. - A new site will drop this week, with a completely new client coming very soon! Starting soon, we will be adding PvM, skilling, and donation content on a regular basis, at the same time. With these changes, new Comp and Comp T requirements may be added! There will be a system in place to award the first person to complete new Comp and Comp T requirements after they are added! With this, we'll likely try to make our update date and times more regular. [+] Work-in-progress - Our full dungeoneering system is getting closer to being finished, with full skill integration! - Enemies in the Heart of Gielinor are being worked on regularly. - A new client detailed here is underway: https://ataraxia-ps.com/forum/index.php?/topic/1041-upcoming-client-updates/ - Daily tasks have had basic work begun on them. - A management panel has been created and is underway for people besides me to have detailed access to trade logs, etc. - Our new website, forums, and store theme should be dropping this week, ETA is Wednesday! [+] New content - Ripper demons can now be fought, and drop ripper claws - Acheron mammoths are finished, and can be fought as well - Camel warriors, mammoths, and ripper demons now have a level 96 slayer requirement. - Proper crystal bowl singing has been added for all weapons and shields. - The Meilyr recipe shop for combination potions has been added! - SSL has been integrated into 100% of the site, without any security warnings for non-encrypted assets. [+] Changes to existing content - Prifdinnas soft clay rocks now give soft clay instead of clay. - A training teleport to yaks in Neitiznot has been added. - Members' Zone and Platinum Zone have been moved to a new area! - The Easter event is now over, thanks for participating! - The boosted Squeal of Fortune rates will be ending tonight! (Sometime near 8-12PM CST) - Some legacy HTTP functionality has been kept for old launcher functionality. - A new trimmed comp req has been added: you must have all of the Meilyr combination potion recipes unlocked! [+] Bug fixes - Lunar swap-spellbook spell nerfed heavily, with a timer, to prevent spam-casts. - The task tab will refresh information upon re-opening it! - The Godwars killcounts will now be closed properly no matter how you exit. - Supreme overloads will now regen back to boosted stats, if your stats are lowered.
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    Hello Ataraxia. I am unfortunately announcing my resignation as moderator. This is due to a variety of factors which have caused my play-time and general activity to diminish. A large part of this is university workload; however, there are also personal reasons. My time on the server has been thoroughly enjoyable. I’ve been around for about a year now and have put in some serious play time. Unfortunately, life gets in the way and I have to prioritise other things. I'm incredibly proud of both the staff team and the player-base for making this the best server I have ever played. Don't get me wrong, I am not quitting. I will still be playing as a regular member. However my activity is likely to be significantly reduced. I want to thank those who have made my time as a staff member incredibly rewarding. Being in charge of certain PvM aspects of the game was of great importance to me and I hope I've made changes for the better. I can assure you that the staff team remains just as dedicated to making Ataraxia the best server it can possibly be. I also hope that the player-base remain just as enthusiastic about improving it, as only a combination of the two will lead to success. You can still catch me in-game occasionally my little scrublets. Phippzy
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    Patch notes #15 summary: - Cache updated to 879, with all cache anomalies resolved (textures in-progress) - Kal'gerion demons, Muspahs, Automatons, Nihils, and more added - New drop system with tertiary drops for npc-specific global rares like visage - Dagannoth kings distance fixes, as well as major Corporeal beast changes - Summoning has been reworked, with many new familiar combat scripts and HP corrections - Pathfinding is improved, overall, with a three-tier system to combat any mistakes! I want to take this time to recognize Kris for the amazing and extensive work he's been doing to improve the game overall. Most of the stuff in this patch is his work, while I was away. Movee also contributed a ton with his Automatons, Kal'gerions, and triskellion. While I did minor work and fixes, as well as hotfixes during patch, I'd like to attribute this content to them. We've also recently added Tom to our development team and I believe he will be a great addition. [+] New content - Cache was updated to 879, with major fixes to maps, NPCs, objects, and animations! - Crystal triskellion keys and their respective rewards-chest has been added! - Kal'gerion demons have been added, as well as the slayer task! - Muspahs can now be fought at The Cradle via the teleport under slayer locations. - Players can fight several Nihils in an effort to loot the coveted Zaryte bow. - All 3 automatons with their special abilities have been added. - Tertiary drops for some rare items have been set, such as visages, ascension grips, etc. - Platinum+ Members and Staff can now set a custom title via ::settitle - Implemented herbicide to incinerate all selected herbs (You can now select herbs on herbicide which you'd like for it to incinerate). - Upon reaching 100 % 0 kills of a certain boss, a world-wide announcement will be sent regarding it. - Summoning overall reworked - Kris' personal summoning system. A lot of updates regarding it so not getting into detail (Modified ~100 files) - Summoning - Ability to store scrolls within familiars as well as have familiars automatically use the scrolls stored on your desired delay. - Staff members can now use ::endticket to return to their previous location before answering the ticket. [+] Changes to existing content - The instance system used in Godwars has converted to a shared "Instance" object, can re-use to extend functionality to future instances. - A client-side pathfinding system has been added, to ensure NPCs will move if other methods fail. - Secondary server-side pathfinding system put in place to catch failures from the original. - Corporeal beast changes: * halves all non-spear damage; 50% higher accuracy/strength with spears, aside from ruby bolt specs which hit 1,000 max * instance system converted to our "Instance" object from Godwars * no more range attack, instead uses several magic attacks and melee * The beast will now devour familiars of its targets if the targets are hit by one of the magical attacks, resulting in the beast healing itself for the familiars health divided by four. - Starter dialogue changed to reflect our new drop system, which is proven to be more accurate by drop simulations. - Added a method for solo-combat NPCs to switch between multiple targets. - A new method to send projectiles from the sky down to the ground and otherway around (Before it was only possible to send from x tile to y tile) - Bonecrusher with options to choose from implemented (By default, all bones are unchecked). - Enhanced fire cape will now be count as an Ava's accumulator. - Added an additional check for platinum zone, to make sure no staff member can skill within it if they haven't donated enough to be eligible for its features. - Pest Control NPCs and teleports have been adjusted to the new 879 map. - Dagganoth kings now stay in their respective zones, as well as back off when outside of these zones. - You can now melee the portals at Pest Control, and the Void knight should be targeted by mobs. [+] Bug fixes - Fixed a Prif noclip that allowed you to enter the city without reqs. - Fixed chat colors not saving on logout. - Stats added to all new items (please correct us if not) : Golden warpriest, Dragon knives / ward, and more - Farming patches varbits have been corrected to 718 (no more never-ending weeds / chopping patches) - Dagganoth kings have had their animations fixed and the models replaced with the original. - Sirenic and tectonic masks will now hide your chin (Would glitch up previously) - Herblore perk issue resolved with potions which use stackable ingredients (would stop the player due to lack of space in inventory) - You will no longer blackscreen due to logging into a "bad map" (maybe a deleted instance, etc) - Put an end to content that "works when it wants to" with some revamping to our update system and "fossil cleaner" (removes old, unwanted Serializables)
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    Nex update - shadow phase damage slightly nerfed, shadow overlay removed, and hp regeneration changed to 30% instead of 100% after phase 4 Kril Tsutsaroth update - Kril's overall damage has been slightly nerfed, and he can only use his "special attack" to cancel your prayer once every three hits Fixed bugged reprisers - removed ranged str bonus and added flat ranged attack bonus Flask decanter - self explanatory! (this will not be added until Movee is online today) Fixed all modified hat upgrading (use item on item) Fixed barbarian outpost agility course lap xp bonus! Rare-item tokens have been bumped up to 25 votes each (some may feel this is unfair, it is in correlation with the fixing of 2 vote sites) RSPS-List voting was fixed! Rune-Server was added, more toplists to come in the future. Added guides command to open-up the guides page. Two new perks were added: - Imbued Focus: You will drain/kill Esslings and other runespan monsters at a slower rate. - Alchemic Smithing: Grants you the ability to smith bars without coal (takes extra ores = coal/2 where coal is the amount of coal it would usually take, adamant = 2 ores, rune = 3 And eight new cosmetic items: - Gaze auras: recolors your eyes to a specific color A client updated has been confirmed! - Loading screens and login screen shall be changed - Two new ranks are being added ingame: graphical designer and developer, both with their respective icons Pictures coming soon!
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    In less than a week, i will be obtaining Completionist Cape (T) on my Veteran. Why is it taking so long? Well, i have to work 6 days in a row due to tax free weekend. So i want to do something special. Its been quite a journy since i last comped in june, but just recent devoted to trimming. I want to predict, with my current work scheduel, i will get the cape on August 12th, maybe the 13th. So, on August 15th i will host a Comp T Give away. Where i give back to the community whom helped me fit in when i first joined, and to the newer members of the community to make them feel the same wat i did when i joined. Welcomed. I will not be taking items from others to form this give away, this is out of my own pocket. I will do the give aways based on a random name picker. How to enter? Comment something you enjoy about ataraxia, a memorable screenshot of you and your friends, or just you having fun. and share this thread with one person. You could win gold, items, and if you arent a donator, you could win, bronze rank (20$ donation) but you MUST give a reasoning behind your like not only "i like the pvm" "pest control is nice" Be creative. Keep on gaining. And thank you for choosing Ataraxia for your hub for enjoyment. Because it sure is mine.
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    Patch Notes #8 summary: - Combat timers, including PvM and PvP PJ timers have been fixed. Another update on this in patch 9. - Many bosses had their defence nerfed, as well as many balance adjustments on gears. - Many item drop rates have been adjusted, with more resource drops added into the game. - Boss kill log has been added to both versions of the ring of wealth. - Vote book adjustments - time no longer degrades when offline. - As always, our weekly round of bug fixes! [+] Combat - timers and in-combat status - You can no longer get easily PJed in combat, it will take roughly 5 seconds out of combat to attack another target, and will be refreshed upon the death of a target. This means: * In PvP, you can no longer have combat interrupted by others or yourself spam-clicking. * In PvM, you can no longer have combat interrupted by random aggressive slayer monsters. - In PvP and PvM - multi-hit spells will no longer hit multiple targets in any single-target zone. - In PvM, immobility spells will not stop NPCs from attacking you if they're in range. - In PvP and PvM, most major pathing issues have been fixed (and its much nicer to look at) [+] PvM - Monster Defence changes - Dagannoth King attack stats have been reduced by 1/2 (rough max hit) - Metal dragons have had a slight nerf to their defence bonuses - Corporeal beast has received melee and range defence reductions. - Strykewyrms has received defense debuffs. (mainly to stab and slash) - Godwars bosses and minions have had slight damage and defensive debuffs - Zamorak is now weaker to melee overall, with an overall weakness to magic. - Armadyl minions are weaker to melee, and Kree'arra is weaker to range. - Kalphite King has had a defensive buff [+] PvM - Drop table changes - The extra amulets have been removed from Zilyana's drop table. - Ancient ceremonial has been removed from Nex's drop table and has instead been given to each ancient mob in the killcount room. - Fumus, Umbra, Cruor and Glacies also drop ancient ceremonial pieces. - The Dagannoth King drop tables have been improved. - Hard clue scrolls have been given to a wide range of bosses and slayer mobs. - The drop rate of both seismic wand and seismic singularity has been improved slightly. - Many resource drops from bosses should be improved. - The chaos elemental now has a chance to drop PvP armours/PvP weapons and Corrupt Dragon armour/weapons. [+] Small content - Vote books will no longer lose time upon logout (only ticks down while online) - Exiting the house portal will leave you at Lleyta now, and you can enter someone's house from the home portal no matter where it is located. - Added boss kill-log to the rub feature on all forms of the ring of wealth / slayer ring and Kuradal chat. - Slaying ring now has a rub option while worn. - Ports armor pieces now cost 50% more materials - the melee/magic offhands are up to 100 from 80, and the magic offhand was increased from 130 to 160. - Adjusted the drops from shooting stars to give you decent resources. (should help ironmen with saradomin brews and overloads) - Magic golem armor is now on the Squeal of Fortune! Rare item rates have been adjusted to be more accurate! Swagger stick and bag added to the rare SoF loots. - Total vote party amount raised to 700 on the weekends (total of 7 vote books) - Amount of PK Points required to buy items in the PK shop has been reduced! [+] Equipment buffs - Magic weapons have been reworked. These are subject to change following feedback. - Malevolent has been given stat bonuses *hint hint* - T90 shields have been given stat bonuses *hint hint* - All retro capes (and hooded variants) have been given the correct stats. - Accuracy buff to Darklight - Each Dragonfire shield variant has been given its charges stats - Scythe from Reaper store has been given both a strength and accuracy boost - Spellcaster's Gloves have been given a Magic accuracy buff and a small Magic %buff - Deathtouch bracelet has been completely revamped. It is now best in slot for magic in the glove spot. It has also been given defensive bonuses. - Drygore Mace has had a crush accuracy increase to reflect the Stab and Slash bonuses of Rapier and Longsword respectively. It has also been lowered by a small 3 Strength bonus. [+] Bug Fixes - Extreme range making now takes 5 grenwall spikes per potion - You should not be able to summon or have a summon in the soul wars area. - Your stored BoB items will do not show up for other players when dropped. (Except in the wilderness) - Fixed spam-clicking end of agility courses and all of the prif agility course. (If anything else still does this, let me know) - You won't lose your items when you die in the red portal safe area, or any PvP "safe area"
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    Patch notes #14 summary: - GWD1 instances and hard GWD - 876 cache upgrade, new Master Camouflauge hunter set - Many changes to improve server stability and live debugging - Game-mode changes through Nastroth - You can now have infinite, re-namable banks! [+] New content - There is now a hard mode option for GWD1 bosses! * Hard mode bosses drop better loot. * They have special abilities and hit 12.5% through prayer. - The instance system has been partially re-written and applied to all GWD bosses, and will be applied to more in the future. - You can now change your gamemode using the Nastroth NPC. You will lose all of your stats! - All butterflies can be caught! (has been here for 1 patch, actually) - The server has the capability log various things now while in "SUPERLOG" mode. * Things with special catches, like XP books and Soulsplit effects can be tracked per player to identify any issues. - Anyone is now able to set the name of their bank(s)! * Access this option under the "Talk-to Banker" dialogue > "Bank Settings" [+] Changes to existing content - With the changes to GWD1, the normal bosses have been nerfed, to reflect their ease. - The linux compiler for the server has been re-written, and should eliminate content that "works when it wants to" (I believe) - Celestial dragons now have a ranged attack, that hits somewhat through prayer. - Airuts and Celestials now have a killcount! Soon, there will be a list for -most- slayer mob killcounts. - Ships you don't own will now be filtered on the task tab. - The task tab will now show you the total amount of slayer tasks completed. [+] Bug fixes - A rare issue with multiple unique items has been fixed, and was caused by an inconsistency in the size of "empty" bank lists. Very few people still had this issue. - Butterflies spawning in Puro-Puro was fixed. - Many nulls were fixed, including one that has us pain since the dawn of the server. - Fixed a rare bug where you could possibly lose items in a trade.
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    Well.. The time has come. I'm not going to give you a boring read.. Sooooooo.. Long story short.. This is a MUCH OVERDUE resignation/promotion to @Jaedmo. I am extremely occupied with my current career to dedicate myself properly to Ataraxia. I do indeed love every aspect of the community as well as the game itself, but with priorities banging on my front door I cannot manage the game in the slightest of ways that Jaedmo is capable of. This is not a goodbye... so please.. tissues up. Catch me in-game @clumsy/klumsy!
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    Updates for 12/1 (mini-patch/update #4) Fighter torso / charm collector -> slayer shop Cleansing cloth added as one-time use item on vote shop dyed items (Will be infinitely useable in the future with normal dyed items like robin hood, etc) Adjusted the t70-t90 defender rates (barrows is now 1/75 - 1/50 depending on how many brothers you kill) Added divination sets back to the SOF uncommon table! These sets give additional divination xp and can be combined into one set Divine doubler perk buffed so that you can also create 2 divine locations a day now Ascension grips (and the coming soon celestial handwraps/razorback gauntlets) are now repairable at Bob! Barrows repair prices have been dropped to 425k rather than 1m for a full repair Increased the amount of crystals in prif prayer shop by 5x Fixed all blood necklace passives (melee/range necklaces coming soon) Added defender passives (15% chance to deflect damage, deal extra on next hit)
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    Patch notes #19 summary: - Cache has been upgraded to 883, all weapons have supported combat tab - The elite woodcutting Sentinel outfits have been added - Keepsake keys can be purchased on the store to disguise your armor as another item you own - Gemstone dragons (Dragonstone, Onyx, and Hydrix) have been added with proper combat - A plethora of bug fixes / QoL changes between several previous mini-patches - GWD2 will be releasing soon, we've attached some teasers for you to enjoy - Weekend loyalty-based rewards for Ataraxia coins, spins, and even donations have been added! [+] Weekend loyalty incentive - Consecutive login times during the weekend will yield the following rewards: * 4H straight logged in - 1 Ataraxia coin * 6H straight logged in - 2 Ataraxia coins * 8H straight logged in - 2 Ataraxia coins and 2 spins * 10H straight logged in - $1 added to your total donation amount * Loyalty-based donation rewards (like the 10H), are tracked separately of your total donations as well, so we can see the amount of loyalty-based donations you have and reset them altogether for abuse of the system. [+] Client and cache updates - Updated cache version to 883 (Stackable Urns revision), along with Menaphos. - The attack tab has been fixed and now properly identifies all RS2/RS3 combat styles. - The lodestone network has been updated with new lodestones, and an updated/custom lodestone system will arrive in the future. Lodestones have been moved to the home teleport. - The world map has been re-enabled, and is 100% functional with proper map controls / searching. [+] Gemstone dragons - Dragonstone, Onyx, and Hydrix dragons have proper RS3 combat - Pay Kelhar with hydra, onyx, and dragonstone, or be on a slayer task, to fight these fabulous beasts. - Dragonstone/Onyx/Hydrix dragons require 95/98/101 (based on XP) Slayer, respectively - They drop T80 hybrid armor that must be charged with gems [+] Elite woodcutting outfits - The Sentinel outfits have been released to Squeal of Fortune - The oaken, willow, and maple outfits can be combined for the nature variant. - The lower tiers have a small list of woodcutting teleports, and the nature variant has an extra page of teleports. - +25% chance to burn a log when woodcutting, stacks with inferno adze - If you own the full lumberjack set (even in bank), you will receive the XP bonus while wearing a full set of Sentinel. - When we re-enable evil tree, the nature variant will have a teleport to evil tree option. [+] Content additions - Command added so you can refer others to links on the forums, with ::thread id - Re-wrote dying / undying system to be dynamic, there should be no more issues and it is highly expandable for future items. - Ironmen no longer share shop stock with the normal player base, instead it is shared between ironmen. - Grand exchange item prices have been dumped from the RS cache, and while not entirely accurate, it's a lot better than 42M for a toadflax seed. - Keepsake keys have been added to the store and game. [+] Bug fixes - Re-enabled vote books going to your inventory by default; if you have no space, they'll go into your bank. - All farming patches are now fully working again and will stay working as we have updated varps now - Core changes to an executor service will fix mining ores not respawning. - ::itemdrop and ::npcdrop re-enabled for players. - Added 2 missing perks to Skillers perk package. - Skillchompa NPC spawns work now. - Hunter NPCs will no longer "glitch and freeze up" - A multitude of other issues that were not documented in the repo, sorry Appropriate GWD2 media/teasers will be updated in this thread in a bit
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    Patch notes #18 summary: - Vorago has been reworked with more proper combat, as well as instancing and challenge mode - Kalphite king has been reworked as well, with its own instancing - Our web design is being finished soon as well, as well as some graphical changes to the logo. - Combat-related pathfinding changes are inbound, with Player vs NPC and NPC vs NPC combat being heavily incentivized - The full RS3 cosmetics system has been added, with 219 outfits, and keepsake key overrides! The server has been migrated back to our primary dedicated server where it will remain. No client change is needed for this; it will solve any recent threading issues with the previous game server. [+] New cosmetic system - Our new cosmetic system contains all 219 full oufits from RS3 - There are several single-piece entries like weapon entries and wings - Keepsake keys will be hotpatched into the game later tonight, and allow you to use a set armor as a cosmetic override! - All recolorable overrides are fully recolorable now - You can access and preview cosmetic overrides in the account manager [+] Vorago rework - Vorago has been completely re-written, with proper phasing and unique attacks - The script is very close to RS3, with legacy emulation. - Has proper map generation, instancing, and challenge mode. - Has weekly phase rotations that will change automatically every week [+] Kalphite king rework - Instancing has been added to Kalphite King - Major changes have been made to his combat script, making him more overwhelming than before - Several pathfinding bugs that could create safe spots against him were deteriorated [+] Additional content - Skillchompas have been added in their respective hunter locations. Their skilling implementations work too! - The full Artisan's workshop minigame with ceremonial swords has been added! - Familiar pathfinding has been completely updated! - Player combat pathfinding has been updated as well! - Esc will now close interfaces, 'home' key will teleport the player home. - Reinforced bones can now be used on altar. - Familiars now automatically retaliate if they're out of combat and their owner is being attacked. - Familiar pathfinding updated. - Player combat pathfinding updated. - HCI now require 5 WildyWyrm kills again. [+] Bug Fixes - The fletching duplication issue in dungeoneering was fixed. - Glacors can now be attacked and don't bug out. - Client no longer sends interfaces every time you resize it. - Interfaces should no longer randomly close. - Several incorrect clues fixed.
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    :insert announcers voice here: Hello Ataraxia! As many of you know I was recently demoted from the staff team, but what you don't know is why I got demoted. Most of you know I have played this server for years, and enjoyed every moment of it. I've been here since the start and I've helped Noele more than most people know about. Noele taught me many things I probably should have never learned however I know it will keep me safe in the future . That is the main reason I enjoyed the server so much because there is a Owner that cares about the server and the players more than anything else. However as we all know with playing games for years comes boredom. That is why I was demoted because in all honestly I became bored of playing. I logged in to support the server and all I did was farm xp and pets "afk for the most part", which I am not a huge fan of going for max xp. I have played this server longer than I have any other game and more hours than any other game. I've did pretty much everything possible In the game plus more. I've gotten comp cape on expert mode as well as 2 hc ironmen. I plan on focusing more on life and other games, however I will always be in discord to chat with you lads as well as help out on the beta server, because I enjoy testing new content. I would be like all the other losers and thank people I played with however the list would be far to long and most of them have allready moved on in life :feelsbadman:. I know many people will say I will come back however I know I won't. I will however pop in every now and again to check on the server. But this is the end of the line for me. However I wish you all the best of luck in playing, and I hope you enjoy the server as much as I did.
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    Current status of the update: Ready to release We are just waiting on one of our client developers to obfuscate the client, so we can release it. All content and functionality has been tested and is working as of now, without game-breaking issues. A developer offered to fix the combat tab bug as well (the bug will be fixed after client release, so that we do not impede our current schedule) Although release looks good for today, we cannot release without a protected client. This is to make sure our 2 months of work was not in vain, and that our content / client stays unique. I still expect to release this weekend.
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    So... The time has come for me to take a step back from the staff team. Going through finals recently, i have been unable to play like i used to. But this also became an excuse to not play at all. I've been in the staff team for over 4 months now and enjoyed every part and minute of it but i've become to inactive to continue my work as a moderator. I am sure the current staff team has a lot of potential and will have no problem whatsoever to continue their great work. Cheers, Tubby Much love, Stan.
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    Patch Notes #12 summary: - New hunter methods have been added -- Grenwalls and Pawyas, with more coming - Torment and Anguish (melee and range turmoil) have been added - A couple of annoying bugs were fixed, what bugs aren't annoying? - There is a new client update and cache, with ESC being able to close interfaces - A lot of work was done on RotS, and it is looking great, more to come! [+] Future Content - Skillchompas catching has been written, and skilling implementation must be worked on. - Helwyr's combat in GWD2has been written, and needs some further work. - A group system has been implemented for future use in Group PVM / Group Skilling, but will not be implemented in RotS - Dynamic map generation and indexing is 100%, with minor changes for compatibility moving forward. - The controller is good, though unfinished and will need changes with future combat changes. - 14 of the combat effects (the brothers' abilities) have been written, and need work. - Some combat attacks, still being worked on * * * * * - Todo: * Finish combat effects, put together combat, and balance it w/ testers * Escape sequence, controller, and optional cutscene are not done. [+] New content - Anguish and Torment, the ranged and mage versions of turmoil, have been added! (the stat boosts on the tab won't be accurate, thank Jagex for this! It has been tested, and increases over time aswell) * These prayers will eventually have more requirements, count on that! Right now, they only require the Augury/Rigour - Divination and Invention icons on the skills tab are close to being finished (some more work is needed,clientscripts are tough, yeah?) - The ESC key on your keyboard can close an open interface, and the home button on your keyboard will teleport you home! - You can now access an early version of the Gorajo resource dungeon inPriffdinnas. -Pawyas and Grenwalls can now be hunted! * They both requirebait, unless you have the hunting perk (Pawyas require papayas, and grenwalls require raw pawya meat) *Pawyas and Grenwalls are accessible in Isafdar, and in the Gorajo resource dungeon in Priffdinnas. - You can now catch sea turtles and manta rays! - Platinum Zone has been added! $250 to enter and it contains a load of helpful skilling areas. * It's in beta and will require your input on the Suggestions thread. [+] Changes to existing content - You can use the :: verbose instead of ;; to do commands. - Barrows totems have been added to the barrows common loot table! You will need 1 per player to start RoTs, so 4 for a team. - Random event frequency has been increased, and most randoms (including Fletching / Summoning) will be more common. * In the future, we'll likely add a way to disable these random event appearances if you don't want them. - Ports armor has been nerfed to more reflect it's t65 status, and is on par with barrows. * This will be wildly unpopular, it was down to nerfing it, or making it untradeable. This makes more sense, and the superior form still retains all of it's former glory. - Ports will not show up under the Task Tab anymore if you do not have the first ship unlocked (looks cleaner, no useless info), will eventually filter all ships except those you own - Changed a lot of button hovers, weird interface texts: "Choose your motto" - The Teleports tab is now pink instead of green, the green was honestly blinding and "teleportcpanel" sounded odd. - Hefin Monk has been changed so she will not run out of stones, and will not be shop-based. Each stone is now 1M each. [+] Bug fixes - PC will no longer have issues with concurrent games. - Two duel arena bugs fixed, specifically the bonfire bug. - You will no longer receive multiples of unique items like skilling outfit pieces. - Statius' Warhammer spec will now lower all melee defensive stats by 30% * Previously only lowered NPC stabefense, or Player defense by 30% - Vote book timer issues correct, is now 100% accurate. - Some incorrect item combinations were fixed. - Dungeoneering will announce level 120 now. - Some item crafting issues were fixed: all bolts and bolt tips, mahogany stocks / adamant crossbows. - Blood necklace filtering added. - Raw pike will no longer burn into another raw pike.
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    Patch Notes #7 summary: - Changes to freezing spells being casted in PvM / PvP. Timers were scaled down - Duo slayer was completely re-written, and is better than ever. - All lodestones have been enabled for every player. - Pest control timers and max boat amount have been altered. - Several much needed bug fixes during the holidays! [+] Immobility / "freezing" spells - PvP and overall changes [-] Scaled down the freeze times on all immobility spells (they were double RS times): * Ice Rush - 2400ms / 2.4s prev: 5000ms / 5s * Ice Burst - 4800ms / 4.8s prev: 10000ms / 10s * Ice Blitz - 7200ms / 7.2s prev: 15000ms / 15s * Ice Barrage - 9600ms / 9.6s prev: 20000ms / 20s * Bind - 5000ms / 5s prev: 5000ms / 5s * Snare - 10000ms / 10s prev: 10000ms / 10s * Entangle - 15000ms / 15s prev: 20000ms / 20s * After a binding spell wears off, its target is immune to successive binding spells for five seconds. (This is the RS standard) [-] Ensured that there are not ways to avoid/escape the freeze effect: * can no longer hit attack while frozen to run to the enemy * can no longer hit trade while in combat (would run you to the person) * can no longer use the combat-follow (movement while attacking someone) to escape any freezes / immobility. [+] Bug Fixes - Disabled trading while you or the person you trade are in combat -- previously allowed you to move while frozen, and run to the person to traded. Fixes prior to 1/5 [+] Changes to duo slayer - Fixed the double kills / partner not getting kills when relogging - Duo slayer partner will now stick on relog - Duo slayer now has a lv35 slayer requirement - Accepting the duo slayer invite will close the interface for both players - No more server nulls? - haven't had any nulls yet - Upon logging in, system will check if your current/previous partner is online: * If partner is offline, it will prompt you to clear your duo slay config * If partner is online with a new/no partner - will clear yours automatically * If partner is online, and still has you set as their partner - it will stick * If you find new duo slayer issues, let me know so I can adjust the system. [+] Pest Control changes - Timer between rounds lowered to 60 seconds from 150. - The amount of players needed for automatic games has been given a formula: If the amount of players on is greater than 35, it will be a third of the total players online, otherwise it will be a fifth. players online * (players online > 35 ? 0.3 : 0.2) - Minimum amount of players to start is now 3, down from 5 - Each boat tier was dropped by 20 levels - so the main boat is level 80 combat now - More incentive for Pest Control coming soon (elite void and korasi) [+] T90 Melee changes - The drygore rapier had it's stab and strength bonus increased - The drygore longsword had it's slash and strength bonus increased - The drygore mace had a de-buff to it's slash and strength bonuses, and is still the best 1 handed weapon around. - In the future, the noxious scythe will have the special attack (spider-spawn), until then, the noxious scythe has been give a slight speed advantage compared to other 2h weapons. [+] Small fixes - Vorago will now always spawn you on the currently-active phase, and should never spawn more than one boss (no matter what) - Multi-target spells have been forced to single-target in Dungeoneering - If you cannot cast a spell that is set to autocast because of drinking saradomin brews, it will no longer automatically remove your autocast mark on that spell. - All lodestones have been-enabled for new logins. - Dominion tower rewards interface has been re-enabled. - Rock cakes have been made non-consumable. - Fixed a bug where if money would flow over 2147483647 while trying to add it to your pouch, then it would only add the difference over max cash into your inventory, rather than also giving you the difference in your pouch. - Fixed all the nulls and issues that were present during the holidays ~ I'm sorry, I was away and you guys know I'm usually a lot quicker to this kind of stuff. In other news, a reminder: the Christmas event will be removed around noon on January 7 CST.
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    Hope you guys enjoy it Credits: Rahoc for the video intro Loure for making the logo
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    The server is doing great in terms of finesse, especially the new bosses added are just top-notch. With all this amazing staff team, i think it's time to make the server define itself not just by 'Rots' or 'Araxxor' rather from the get go. Me personally who plays for 10-15+ hrs everyday (not atm but generally) ask myself why should i play or do stuffs after a certain point? 'cause loots from bosses aren't the only defining factor at least for players who spend over an year here, basically to say who have achieved and tried all aspects of the game. Now coming to the point, I would say add a Point based system for bosses killed and a store to spend em but not sure if that's possible now. Next are Achievements / Task System, again if this merely is the same as Comp t then it wouldn't do any good, basically would just add to the boredom. They need to be unique, they need to challenging, they should be such that everyone is able to participate i.e, Easy, Medium, Hard and maybe even Elite achievements. Apart from these, 'Daily tasks' would further test a player, making him to do something which is unexpected and exciting, again difficulty sorted by levels or number of achievements completed. All these again would boil down to whether the rewards are appealing or just players doing these content till they get those 'shiny' 1 or 2 items and stop. The store definitely needs a revamp, like i've stressed whenever possible, we need more consumable rewards and not item based. Example: Add something like a token which would give 2x for 10 minutes for combat, another one for skilling, people vote-use and re-vote to get em. Items would just make people stop after a point unless they have a market value. Dwarf multi cannon and its inclusion w/ Slayer - Again i can't stress enough how it would impact Pvm and Skillers. This probably is one of the must have things which would help the players improve their clearing speed / efficiency while Pvming. Pvm Hiscores? - Top 5-10 players who have the most kills in that boss. Reaper Hiscores? - Top 5-10 players who have the most kills while on reaper tasks and Contracts completed. More pvp inclusion would definitely help the server. Dreadnips? The stats revamp was a good move, didn't get a chance to check it due to some technical issues i was having but we definitely needed that. Overall all am saying is there are very few or probably close to none who provide such finesse, the server would look much better if we offer more daily content and rewards which are not just item based so players have something to do everyday and for a long run.
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    I don't wanna be mainstream and list all the people I appreciate, they know who they are. I'm leaving the staff position. Honestly, I don't find the game "fun" anymore. It happens. I need to move on in life and not be stuck in a game. I'm stuck at my mums place which is bad as it is, leeching off her as I mindlessly play a game all day. I just need to get up and go into the big bad world. Much love <3 Thank you all for making my first time as staff, a memorable one Peace
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    Current status of the update: Ready to release We have an obfuscated client for the server, and will likely be pushing an update tomorrow, so that more developers are on at the time to fix any unforeseen issues. Thank you guys so much for your continued patience and I'm happy to see the development of this [client] come to a conclusion.
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    Formatted by @Zestless IRONMAN GOALS Welcome to my goals thread, I'll be updating regularly to show my progress. Last updated; 1st June 2017 Completionist Cape (t) Obtained 22nd March 2017 with 470 Hours played. (Could have had it 2 weeks and 50 hours ingame earlier but decided to get my Lava Stryke set first.) I have all the Trim requirements however for some reason the Trimmed Completionist cape is unobtainable at the moment; I will update the picture with my claiming the cape as soon as possible. Mastering all Skills By mastering all skills, I'm referring to all skills at 120. 104,274,871 104,281,598 104,274,774 202,007,074 292,670,758 104,312,849 52,633,400 104,275,537 119,109,612 13,036,875 666,870,019 104,311,693 25,963,237 14,893,761 69,265,629 17,463,140 19,431,747 20,231,701 150,884,077 13,931,036 13,158,999 37,854,230 14,260,440 18,333,319 106,672,362 13,081,194 Total XP: 2,558,964,675 - Rank 1 Regular ironman. PvM & Item Related Goals Sirenic Mask Sirenic Hauberk Sirenic Chaps Ascension Crossbow Kalphite Defender x2 Currently have 2x Corrupting sigils. (24 kc and 343 kc, only doing 6KC runs) Steadfast Boots Glaiven Boots Ragefire Boots Took 400 Glacors for the set, Got 2 steadfast and 2 ragefires before gettings glaivens. Emberkeen Boots - 8x Scale (359, 455, 590, 850, 856, 933, 995, 1041 kill count) Flarefrost Boots - 4x Wingtip (181, 1348, 1375, 1624 kill count) Hailfire Boots - 2x Gland (50, 1714 kill count) Lava Whip Strykebow Staff of Darkness Set took around 850 Lava strykewyrm kills - Whip at around 150, staff around 530 and bow around 850. Blood shard x2 (Currently 1.5K edimmu kc with no shards, 1 crystal shield) Reaper Store Items Current Reaper points: 414 Current Kill Total: 1,141 Amount Of Tasks Done: 90 Amulet of Souls Reaper Necklace Ring of Death Deathtouch Bracelet Grim Reaper Hood Scythe Boss Pets King Black Dragon - Current Kill Count: 38 Queen Black Dragon - Current Kill Count: 5 Kalphite Queen - Current Kill Count: 91 Kalphite King- Current Kill Count : 7 Chaos Elemental - Achieved Kill Count: 95 Monthly bank update videos 01/05/2017 01/06/2017 Thread still under construction but is mostly done. Massive thanks to @Zestless for making the thread for me <3 Clue Scroll Items
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    Hey y'all, gonna keep this simple, so lately i've been caught up with a lot of work mainly relating with my studies i.e, with my regular uni classes plus i've decided to take up two more exams which takes a bit of effort to clear. I tried balancing them but it turned out to be that i don't think i'll be able to do justice to my role, saying that it's only good that i resign. And no i won't disappear, i'll be here but i just can't dedicate the time i used to for Ataraxia or that i promised when i applied for the position of Support. I'm really glad that i'm getting off my position on the best terms, truly all credits to my fellow staffs and community ofc
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    Patch Notes #11 summary: - Minigames will be 2x on the weekend, including dungeoneering. - Many improvements have been made to overall server power and stability - Many bugs were slain by the mighty Noel - Duel Arena re-enabled, with some bug fixes - Soul Wars gamble has been revised, and contains great skilling loot now - RoTs is coming soon! As a personal note from me, I'd like to ask you to give me a few more days with RoTs. My father goes on military orders today, and is leaving soon for a while. I would like to spend as much time with him as I can before then, thanks for understanding. [+] Big updates (some earlier this week) - Our new site was released, the front-end design was done by Rahoc, graphics by Squanchy, back-end by me. * It is now dynamic and we can easily build pages for the future, not as clunky * The hiscores have been made OOP! - All one directory, and can be navigated easily, using GET - The server specs have been upgraded, and we have roughly 4x more power. * 6 more 2.4ghz processors, totaling in at 8 2.4ghz processors * 90gb more RAM, totaling in at 120gb RAM * +256mbps, totaling in at 512mbps network speed - A new client has been released, in the future, an old version of the client with this launcher may be available. * The new client should have a large impact on the "freezing" issue (screen won't click for several seconds occasionally) * The scrolling issue that everyone is unsure of, has been fixed * Our test server is accessible via this client, which will be open in the future when working on offhands. + After the next cache update (some time this week), inventory interfaces will be transparent + And the divination / invention icons will be on the skill tab. [+] Small content - Extra banks list is now toggle-able, through the account manager interface. * You can switch your default bank by talking to a banker, or opening the bank in the list. - Added 2x Pest Control points, Dungeoneering points, and 3x Soul wars modifier every weekend. - Pest Control gives 5x its original cash reward (combat level * 500) and 15x on the weekend (combat level * 1500) - Pest Control's 3rd shop tab functionality finished (more rewards coming soon) - Pest Control / Soul Wars shops re-written. Have correct tokens / buy-refresh on screen - Soul Wars loot table has been updated, and the following items were added * Supply cache (1-3) [rare] * Clue Scroll (elite) [rare] * Iban's Staff [rare] * Harmonic dust (50-150) [common] * Super restore / Saradomin brew flask (5-20) [common] * Adamant and Runite bars [common] * Yew and Magic tree seeds [common] * Magic stones [common] * Cleansing crystals (5-10) [common] - Chaotic splint and Corruption sigil are now both tradeable. - Full Slayer Helm has the accuracy/damage bonus for magic now, it works on range and melee as well. - Added Wind Rush, Slayer Dart, Ibans blast, and other missing modern spellbook combat spells. - Ibans blast and Storm of Armadyl now have superior damage among the modern spellbook spells. * Iban's staff is only a reward from Soul Wars currently, but the spell can be cast with noxious staff / seismic wand. * Armadyl runes can be crafted at the air altar with armadyl dust, which you can get from grinding "shards of armadyl". * Armadyl battlestaff casts the storm spell faster than other staves. - Noxious staff spec has been changed and buffed! - Reward rarity from clue scrolls has been adjusted; the whole system will be re-written in the future for complete accuracy, as well as better loots. - Frosty pet added to drop table, w/ a 2000 base drop rate, 1500 w/ petchanter. - Charge Befriender is now $25 (was far underpriced for what it did previously), and Pyromaniac is $5 - Command added for mz ( ;;mz or ;;memberzone or ;;dz or ;;donatorzone or ;;donorzone ) - Anti-dragon shields added to Rock Crabs as a 65% drop for ironmen. - Ironmen can now use the Tzhaar Gem Store. [+] Bug Fixes - Shards will no longer spam your inventory, instead will be added to your shard bag. * If you don't have a shard bag still, you can get one from the "Ataraxia's welcomer" south of Lletya. - You can now for sure use the bank loot options at Arraxor / QBD with extra banks. - Pest Control will no longer start a game while one is running. - The equipment interface will always show up when clicked. - The view-equipment stats button that bugs your bank has been removed from the bank interface. - The Duel Arena has been re-enabled, and the pre-existing bugs have been fixed. * Your rules list will reset every time you decline/re-open a duel.
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    WINNERS Pernix set - Spooky Red Partyhat - Rahoc Divine Spirit Shield - Winter Congrats to all of the winners! Thanks everyone for participating! <3 I'm giving away a pernix set, red partyhat, and divine spirit shield! comment your ign for a chance to win 1 of these prizes. I am going to pick 1 winner for each of the 3 items. first one which isn't as much as the others is the pernix set. After that I'll draw for the red partyhat winner! then final I will pick 1 lucky winner for the divine spirit shield!!!!!! Good luck everyone. Drawing this week sometime, so keep checking in for the winners!
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    Hello everybody. As I'm sure a lot of you have noticed, my activity has been very poor over the past few weeks. This is due to a number of reasons, some of which a few of you already know, but not the full story. I'm going to be completely transparent with you guys. On June 13th, at 7:30pm, my brother was killed in a car accident. He was hit head on by a drunk driver with an infant in the back seat. My brother veered sideways, sliding the car making it so only he received the full impact of the collision, saving the 2 passengers he had in the car. This incident was incredibly difficult for me and my family, so I took a few days to spend with them and attempt to cope with the situation. I tried to not make it public as I thought it would only be a week or so before I could grasp what had happened, but it's taken a lot longer than that. A week after that incident, troubled with the loss, my girlfriend found it necessary to darken the atmosphere by breaking up with me. This was long-overdue, but it couldn't have come at a worse time. The heat of both situations weighed incredibly tough on my mental state. I try very hard to keep real life incidents out of Ataraxia, and I had to further cut back my activity to do so in an effort to remain professional. For the next coming weeks I spent a lot of time with family, and with close friends. This past week I took a small vacation to find closure up in Lake Tahoe, which was very therapeutic, as it was my brother's favorite place in the world. Now, to reduce the number of questions I'm sure I'm going to get, here's a small FAQ list: 1. Are you ok? - Yes. After the time I've taken off I feel immensely better than a week ago. It was tough, but I'm coping with it in my own way. 2. Are you going to come back to Ataraxia? - Absolutely. However, this incident has really opened my eyes and shown me how precious life is, and how important it is to spend it with family and friends. I WILL be coming back, but I most likely will not be on as frequently as I have been in the past. (No more 12 hour, multi-day sprees) 3. Anything we can do to help? - I would really appreciate if we keep this incident out of FC. I'm trying hard to put it in the past, and it will be very difficult to do so if I'm constantly peppered with questions and comments about what happened. Thanks for understanding everybody -Joss
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    Patch notes #16 summary: - Easter event is finally here. Learn about the event by talking to the Easter bunny west of Lletya. - Squeal of Fortune has received a bunch of new items. - Camel warriors have been added, as well as the slayer task - Dagannoth kings can now be instanced - Protean items have finally arrived! Note: The updates have been fairly dry lately because of the upcoming larger updates, such as Daemonheim dungeoneering which I'm sure most of you are eagerly waiting forward to. Tom & Move have also been working on the Heart of Gielinor - Helwyr, Vindicta & Twin furies. Special credits to @Ryan for the Easter event! [+] New content - Easter event is here - participate in the event to receive points which you can exchange for Easter items. - Camel warriors - Players can now fight the Camel warriors for their valuable staff. - Protean skilling; Players can now obtain different protean items from the Squeal of Fortune which can be used to train specific skills in easier manners than usually. Protean items have no requirements to use, their experience scales up to your level in the given skill. - Silverhawk boots are here; Players can obtain the pieces off of the Squeal of Fortune. The boots require Silverhawk feathers to be charged, which can be traded amongst the players. The boots will use the charges when either the player has been running for a whole minute, a player uses a special attack which requires 100% special to be used, or during skilling. - Can now make combination potions using the crystal flasks made at Prifddinas. - Some new Lunar spells have been released. - Players can operate a fish mask to blow bubbles out of it; There's also a low chance, during fishing with a fish mask, that a fish will say something motivational to the player. [+] Changes to existing content - Squeal of fortune has received a rework - for a limited time, squeal of fortune will have enhanced rates; this means uncommon, rare and very rare items are now far more common than they used to be. A variety of new pets, protean items and other miscellaneous items have also been added to it. - Dagannoth kings can now be instanced. You can select whether you wish to fight all three or just one specific king; The choice will be reflected in the cost of the instance. Instancing only one will be three times more expensive than all three at once. - Summoning familiars will now aid in combat with hidden effects (Ice nihil, Smoke nihil & Wolpertinger will now increase the player's accuracy if using magic spells; Geyser titan and shadow nihil will now increase the player's ranged accuracy & blood nihil will increase the player's melee accuracy). - Damage dealt by your familiars will now directly count towards the owner's total damage dealt. - The ;;killme command will now open up a dialogue similarly to ;;empty command. Players can disable the warning through ;;togglekillme command. - A bunch of new spells have been released - Some of those include Bones to peaches, Hunter kit, Humidify, String Jewellery, Fertile soil, Spellbook swap and Monster examine. - Milestone cape looming now has proper requirements. - Players can now exchange chimes for spices at ports and use them to cook rocktail soups. [+] Bug fixes - Zamorak brews can now be created through herblore as well as drank. - Summoning pouches creation is being tracked now again. - Firemaking action will now stop all player's activities before commencing. - Demon Flash Mob should no longer glitch up and always remain attackable. - Corporeal beast safespot has been fixed. - Expert capes have now received the skillcape emotes. - Summoning hitpoints message has now been fixed. - Bare-handed player attack emote has finally been fixed. - Total level has been moved slightly up on the skills interface. - Closing the player examine interface will now take you back to your previous opened tab. - Statius's warhammer will now lower your target's current defence level by 30% + 1 as opposed to previous 70%. - Bandos godsword special effects will now also apply over to NPCs. They would previously only work on players. - Nex nulls should now be fixed. - Saradomin godsword special attack animation has been fixed. - Falador southern allotment patch has been fixed. - Lava Strykewyrm drops have been fixed. - Storing/withdrawing BOB items & robust glass machine now use proper animations.
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    Hey guys and girls! So i recently changed game modes from IronMan to Veteran (Although i changed between Expert, Intermediate and Veteran about 8 times trying to decide) I just want people to understand why! So basically here is a small list of reasons. I am a competitive player, and love competition between others... the Ironman (regular) high scores are pretty much dead. The only competition i had was Swish and Reese, and it was getting kinda boring. Trading... Okay, so of course i love not being able to trade, it made me feel accomplished, as I had earned every item i had, however, being a Server Support at the moment, I have been asked to middle-man and price check inventories on multiple occasions. My change in game mode no longer makes this a hassle. (I will still being playing with an Ironman style for sure, the only difference is i will be selling items on the G.E, because Money :3 ) I failed some personal goals i had originally set for my account, the major one being my average Exp per hour, and although this could have been fixed over time, but it added to the reasoning none the less. (2m exp per hour was my goal, and I hit 1b exp with 540 Hours) Rare items! I've never personally owned a party hat, or Santa hat or anything nice like that, and I would like to! Obviously an Ironman account would not be able to earn it in a legitimate manner. Bug Abuse... Although this is patched now, there was recently a problem with Iron men being able to loot people they kill in the wilderness. I can't tell who may have or may have not abused this, so it has made my whole outlook on Ironman Mode a bit sketchy. Peer pressure from Ryan because he is a pleb. Overall it is good to try new things! I maxed out all my levels on Ironman mode and saw all it had to offer! Bring on the new challenge! I hope everyone supports my decision! Except Swish because he might get bored without me on his tail I enjoyed my time as an ironman and look forward to making it to the top age of the Veteran High scores soon! See you in Game! Osu
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    Ironman tho Only got 1 boss pet, Legio Sextulus. (Getting asc cbow) 1.2k hrs
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    Patch notes summary: - Airuts and Celestial dragons have been added - Demon flash mobs, an hourly world-event, was added - New Store launch, with new design - RoTs is 90% done and will undergo testing tonight! [+] New content - Demon flash mobs, a world-event based around a multi-zone boss was added. * Read more at ::rswiki Demon flash mobs * You can receive 14 custom titles for this boss at a rare chance. * There is also a rare "Dragon slayer" set that you may receive as loot! - Airuts and Celestial dragons have been added, with all of their respective drops and mechanics! * Airuts are accessible far-west of the Falconry teleport (no task), or in Kuradals dungeon (with task) * Celestials can be accessed through the "Slayer teleports" menu, without a task - Our new store has been launched, which was custom made by one of the co-founders of GPAY.IO, the parent processor of RSPS-PAY. * The new platform will allow us to change up our payment methods, include Superrewards content in the future * The theme is custom to us, and gives it a nice feel. Will change with our site - You can now use a Loom to create milestone capes. [+] Changes to existing content - Hefin monk has been made to be more expensive, based on how much the crystals were compared to bones, regardless of prif requirement. - Ironmen can no longer kill people for items in the wilderness. - View items stat and item examining on equip-item screen. - Pawyas are 100% functional now, with more hunter options coming soon. [+] Bug fixes - Bug fixes on the Account Interface Manager, which allowed for some bug abuse. * Special thanks to Micke for showing me this issue in detail. - A couple small bugs and nulls fixed.
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    Fashionscape Competition V3 Greetings players of Ataraxia! With feedback from the community and love surrounding the Fashionscape competitions, I will be throwing another one! The event is just like before. Post a picture of your most outstanding outfit. Me and our lovely Admin @Node will decide the best outfits. Your outfit can be anything from sexy to theme-related (Beach, Angel). Like I always say, creativity is appreciated. You're limited to posting 1 outfit ONLY. The event will end Wednesday the 16th of August Rewards: 1st place: 500M 2nd place: Reward from Node: 20 Ataraxia Coins 3rd place: Reward from Node: 10 Ataraxia Coins Goodluck from me and Node!
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    To view these updates in written form; click the link below.
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    Definitely a nice suprise to wake up to. I honestly make the guides and content because I truly love the server and love seeing it flourish from what it once was months ago. The content won't stop and i'm still waiting on that patch notes to drop so i can make a new video
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    Fashionscape Competition! Greetings players of Ataraxia. I will do a small and fun competition, with the help of our lovely forum moderator Kieran The competition is simple. You post a picture of your most outstanding fashion outfit. Me and Kieran will judge which outfit looks the best. The winner will recieve 300m from me, and Kieran will pitch in with something else (Who knows what?) The competition will end wednesday, the 12th of July, and we will pick a winner! We would love to see your outfits! Good luck! Date changed due to little engagement, and hope for more pictures!
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    Hello, Ataraxia. Lately, I'm sure all of you are wondering what the deal is. We have always been very regular with updates, and it's unheard of for us to go this amount of time without ingame update. As you also know, we've been waiting to push a very intricate client change. To be completely transparent with everyone, so you know that we're not just "quitting", I will explain where we are, what we're doing, and why it's taken so long. I owe it to the community to be completely transparent. First of all, me as well as all of the admins and developers are here on a daily basis. We talk and work on the server everyday. I'm constantly managing different server assets and setting up a redundant host setup for us. This setup is already done and I'll outline exactly what's been done, as far as our infrastructure: - If the main server goes down, the client will fallback to the secondary server. - If the test server goes down, the client will fallback to secondary test server. - If the site goes down, there are 3 redundant backup servers hosted in different regions. As far as content, we've got a lot on backlog that we've been waiting to push. The new client has a lot of protocol (packet changes) so things like trading npcs, clicking players and items, and other things have changed a lot. We've had to make sure all of our previous content was not only compatible with this, but that it too didn't have any new bugs. Because of these changes, the server is deeply integrated with the new client. This means that we can't really release any of this content, because the current source is built to work with these new packet changes. So, to combat this, we've hastily worked out any and all bugs we found, and we found a lot. To put this in perspective, I'll show you what we have backlogged and what we're waiting on to finish. - Full dungeoneering, thoroughly tested for smuggles, crashes, and broken functionality. * The new client made full dungeoneering possible by eliminating the current entity movement issue that happens when moving regions. - Rise of the six, and all of its functionality/gear * The new client made NPC morphisms reliable, as well as eliminating the entity movement bug. - New barrows system, with all 8 brothers/sisters, who have their respective effects and gear. * The new client gave these gears textures, as well as fixed crashes because of Linza's gear. - Item on death system, now you can pay a fee at death, or skip the fee to return and try to grab your items. * This was impossible due to the interface system prior. - Slayer system containing multiple masters, and more tasks - All items can be sold on the .G.E now, as well as MANY other bug fixes. - There is much more that is not listed here because of the length of our backlog and will be available at the time of patchnotes. Recently, our developer Walied stepped down and said he could not help us fix the existing issues in the client. I've contacted other client developers as well as him to clean up the remaining issues. Unfortunately, we have been stuck waiting on him prior, but I hope to get these issues ironed out as quickly as possible - any issues that we can wait to patch, we will. - http://prntscr.com/fjv1zr - RS2 items missing attack styles and specs * Fixed already in a previous cache - RS3 items are still missing attack styles and special bars. This has to be fixed by a very talented client developer. - Prayer overheads must be fixed, as NPCs currently show the wrong overheads * Fixed in the new cache As always, we are working very hard to bring this update to a close, so we can release and move on with all of the tidbits of content we have planned. Many have asked lately if we've given up or if the client will ever be released. Yes, it will, I plan to release it within the next week no matter what issues exist, as soon as the prayer overheads are fixed, as they are vital for game play. I have contacted our own client developers as well to get this issue addressed as soon as possible. We have not forgotten about you and we are working regularly to get this release out to you. We've recently been testing the client a ton and ironing out all issues with content as well. If you have any specific questions about development, feel free to ask them here, this is not a thread for suggestions. Gif quality may be poor because my screen resolution is 3840 x 2160
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    Thought we'd give you guys a little taste of what you can expect with the new client:
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    Pardon me for the pun, I thought it would be clever. So, recently we've acquired some new developers, as well as finishing the foundations on a lot of fresh content we've been preparing for a while. The development process is difficult, even for experienced programmers who have done it for years. Often times, we look right over bugs or broken code that may need a simple fix, or boolean check. During this process, it's imperative that code is tested thoroughly. To aid in this process, we implemented the usage of a test server, long ago, where we would put content prior to releasing it, to find issues. For some time, the test server was largely neglected as a general-purpose part of the update process. Lately, one staff member has been going above whenever we have needed a task done, no matter how tedious or menial it is. He's always around to help people, as well as chat with the community in discord. He's also active in-game whenever he is around the PC, and has a very open time slot that is unfilled by any current higher staff member, aside from developers. He's been an amazing help in getting non-developer content set up on the test server, then giving us the information to put it in-game. He is consistently the person testing content on the test server, prior to release, and helping us recognize major issues in any piece of our work. I'd like to congratulate @Ryan on his new position as Administrator. It isn't often that this role is given to anyone, aside from developers (as they're separate from the team, aside from gathering info about content). The last promotion to Administrator was @Jaedmo and he has done a terrific job. Ryan will help us iron out the daytime window when there is no non-developer admin online to take care of various issues. I believe he is very capable for this position; he will do well learning the ropes of the management life, as well be able to assist players with tough issues that require the careful hand of an active admin. TL;DR - @Ryan is now an Administrator. Congratulations on the role and great work.
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    What a fucking pussy.
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    Here is some icons / template for people to use on their Goals thread if they'd like. If you think anything else should be added just post below and I'll add it on. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Legend: Not Achieved // In Progress // Completed - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Wealth: ???/2147M Donation Goal: $100/$1000 - - - Total Level: ????/2713 Combat: ??/138 Attack: ??/99 Strength: ??/99 Defence: ??/99 Hitpoints: ??/99 Ranged: ??/99 Prayer: ??/99 Magic: ??/99 Summoning: ??/99 Fishing: ??/99 Cooking: ??/99 Woodcutting: ??/99 Firemaking: ??/99 Fletching: ??/99 Crafting: ??/99 Mining: ??/99 Smithing: ??/99 Herblore: ??/99 Farming: ??/99 Agility: ??/99 Thieving: ??/99 Slayer: ??/99 Runecrafting: ??/99 Hunter: ??/99 Construction: ??/99 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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    Here is my loottab from 1k Rune Dragons on expert mode. Guide for Rune Dragons http://ataraxia-ps.com/forum/index.php?/topic/304-how-to-kill-rune-dragons/ Made by @loure How to fix the lagg at Rune Dragons: http://ataraxia-ps.com/forum/index.php?/topic/798-solution-to-lag-at-rune-dragons/ Made by @loure All items are for sale. Suggest some other loots from for me in a reply! Think about it I don't have godmode Thx for reading! Wait For It
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    Introduction December 16th marks the official start of my holidays, and I thought what better way than to kick off our first PvM competition. Those who have played for a fair amount of time will recognise this competition format. I used it for a previous event. However, for those of you that don't, I'll list all the rules below. This competition will last for several weeks, aiming to ensure that many people will get an opportunity to take part, regardless of the busy holiday season. To give people a couple of days notice, the competition will begin on Sunday the 18th of December. This will run all the way through until Sunday the 15th of January. This means you have exactly one month to compete. Hopefully this time period is long enough for everyone to take part and join in on the fun. The Rules The competition is, of course, drops based. Below the rules section is a huge list of drops that can be obtained in-game. I've gone through these and assigned them each point values depending upon a number of factors including rarity, wealth value and popularity. Please be aware that some items are not included in this list based on previous iterations of this competition (Signet Sets). The objective is simple; whoever has the most points at the end date of the competition, wins. There are also 2nd and 3rd places. However, to ensure authenticity, there are a couple of rules: Every drop that you wish to count towards the competition must be captured via screenshot and uploaded to your response to this thread. The screenshot must include the following message in-game (or a variation of it) - "Final Bosses Comp#1 <InsertDate>" Your screenshots must be posted in a single response to this thread. Spoilers should be used to reduce image spam. Drops must be obtained in your name in order to gain points. Here is an example, contained within the spoiler below. The Drop Values God Wars Dungeon: Bandos Helmet - 1 Point Armadyl Helmet - 1 Point Hood of Subjugation - 1 Point Saradomin's Hiss - 1 Point Bandos Chestplate - 2 Points Armadyl Chestplate - 2 Points Garb of Subjugation - 2 points Saradomin's Murmur - 1 Points Bandos Tassets - 2 Points Armadyl Chestplate - 2 Points Gown of Subjugation - 2 points Saradomin's Whisper - 1 Points Armadyl Crossbow - 3 Points Any Hilt (Bandos, Armadyl, Zamorak, Saradomin) - 4 Points Nex: Pernix Cowl - 2 Points Virtus Mask - 2 Points Torva Helmet - 2 Points Pernix Body - 3 Points Virtus Robe Top - 3 Points Torva Platebody - 3 Points Pernix Chaps - 3 Points Virtus Robe Bottom - 3 Points Torva Platelegs - 3 Points Zaryte Bow - 4 Points Virtus Wand - 2 Points Virtus Book - 2 Points Corporeal Beast: Holy Elixer - 3 Points Arcane Sigil - 3 Points Spectral Sigil - 3 Points Elysian Sigil - 4 Points Divine Sigil - 5 Points Dagannoth Kings: Dragon Hatchet - 1 Point Seers' Ring - 1 Point Warrior Ring - 1 Point Berserker Ring - 2 Points Archers' Ring - 2 Points Tormented Demons: Off-hand/Dragon Claw - 1 Point Dragon Limbs - 2 Points Araxxor: Spider Leg Top/Middle/Bottom - 1 Point Arraxi's Eye - 3 Points Araxxi's Web - 3 Points Araxxi's Fang - 4 Points Kalphite King: Drygore Rapier - 3 Points Drygore Longsword - 3 Points Drygore Mace - 4 Points Vorago: Seismic Wand - 10 Points Seismic Singularity - 10 Points Glacors / Rune Dragons: Glaiven Boots - 2 Points Steadfast Boots - 2 Points Ragefire Boots - 2 Points Glaiven Wing-tip - 1 Point Steadfast Scale - 1 Point Ragefire Gland - 1 Point Edimmu: Blood Necklace Shard - 4 Points Clue Scrolls: Any Piece of Third-Age - 5 Points Any T90 Dye - 5 Points The Prizes This wouldn't be a competition without prizes, now would it? There are three prize spots up for grabs. Of course, you'll also be fighting it out for bragging rights too. First Prize - Tectonic Robe Top + Tectonic Robe Bottom Second Prize - Noxious Longbow + 500 Million Coins Third Prize - 1 Billion Coins Footnotes Considering the size of the clan at the moment, I'm hoping for a fair number of competitors. As of right now, the first prize is listed as 'To Be Announced'. I can assure you, it's well worth hunting for the top spot. I wish everyone who takes part the best of luck. If this is a success, I'll definitely be hosting more events in the future.
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    Christmas Event - added on 12/23 (will be up through about 1/7) - Fixed the bug where skillers would get one shot by the Boss. - Reduced boss respawn timer. - Fixed the bug which caused players to remain as a snowman if they died in the Snowman phase of the boss - Boss HP is now adjusted based on how many players start the fight. - Fixed a bug that allowed players to pickpocket items from the christmas pet. - Fixed a bug that caused players to not be able to throw a snowball until they disconnect/die. Flask and potion decanter - Fixed flask & potion bugs which caused the decanter to return invalid potions/items back. - Added overload/extreme/prayer renewal potion & flask decanting. - Fixed crafting of the barrows melee defender Death lotus not-degrading has been fixed Attuned crystal staff "won't do that thing anymore" (they have stats) New teleport interfaces have been added, you can enable them under the account manager or by using ;;settings (you are still able to use the old teleports with numbers) Melee combat changes - Dominion sword was nerfed to regular 2h speed - Noxious scythe was nerfed to 2h speed, and damages heavily buffed (probably higher accuracy coming soon) New client launcher added, allows for instant updates to push to your client, as well as looking super nifty Discounted Perks Charge Befriender + Prayer Betrayer - 15$ (usally 25$) Supreme PvM Bundle - 30$ (usually 45$) Bank Command - 15$ (usually 25$) Complete perk package - 130$ (usually 175$) * Skillers perk package - 40$ (usually 56$) * Utility perk package - 35$ (usually 50$) * x2 on all SoF spins purchases ingame Divine doubler - 5$ (usually 11$) * these do not apply to future perk releases
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    Since the release of GWD instances, I have been actively trying to get a Commander Miniana drop on my Veteran account, Hsiws. Today I finally achieved that drop and as promised, I kept record of *Most* of the loot, from 500 kc when I started to 5K when I decided to take a break from Sara. The following loot is all from REGULAR mode saradomin. The first picture is 3000 kills, however these were done pre-gwd nerf, in which most gwd items were made a lot less common. The second picture is from 1500 kills after the nerf. 3K kc pre-nerf - 1.5K kc post-nerf - I also got a large amount of Elite clues, however I have no idea how many I got in total, but I believe it was over 50, From elites I got lucky, getting 2 third age druidic pieces. (Wreath and legs)