This is an update I'm extremely happy with.

There's obviously a lot of content that still needs attention and a lot of debate is regularly occurring in #suggestions-discussion about the health of the game.

I do read it all, and I appreciate how deeply some of you like to think about Ataraxia as a whole, but in order for productivity to occur from these debates it needs to be solution brainstorming as well as problem identification.

Otherwise it's difficult for myself and Armar to be able to determine the best course of action going forward.


[+] General Changes

- Filtered the Junk refiner message for Refined components
- Donator transfer scrolls (Donor total transfer scroll and Donor transfer scroll) both now add their cost of purchase to the account being transferred to
- Changed all Kuradal teleports to the un-instanced location
- Added more Ankous to the Wilderness crater
- Added Anachronia teleport scroll functionality
- Buffed Voracious voter Super rare drop table chance
- Edited the Anachronia agility lap colour
- Combination rune altar at ;;dz now multiplies the runes by their respective multiplier
- Having an Event enjoyer free event available will now notify you on login
- Increased the max Trivia winners from 7 to 10 when the population is between 80 and 159
- Added Wizard's tower to the Locations teleports
- Lower level Agility courses now give a small amount of Codex pages as well as Anachronia to start your journey sooner
- Double drops no longer works for Arch-Glacor, Kerapac and TzKal-Zuk
- The Admin command ;;givevotes now ticks the "has voted in the last 24h" for the player
- Lowered the price of Sunspear in the Vote shop to 20 points
- Changed the wording on the Ataraxia premier club vote double message (it doubles the amount of claims, not the rewards from the first vote)
- Added a World announcement about utilising the Referrer system to make Ataraxia dollars
- Removed Reaper information and Rotations info from the Task tab
- Increased the chance to catch monster souls with the Ushabti by 5% for Diamond donators, 7.5% for Master and 10% for Grandmaster
- Rings of slaying are now noted in the Master shop
- 10x'd all of the Food/Potion stock for Non-ironman accounts
- While Mining, Grandmaster's stamina will no longer go below 50%
- Invention Guild teleport on ;;t will now take you inside
- Tavia's Fishing rod announcement will now specify the amount of Fish caught
- Filtered the message when handing in Collections for Archaeology
- Filtered the message when adding ore to your ore box
- Added the 'Load last preset' bank to the Astral altar
- Added Relekka teleport to the ;;t locations teleport
- Removed the 1 tick of delay when jumping from/to Seiryu platforms
- You can now use Puzzle skipping tickets 'Activate' option instead of having to use the item on the puzzle
- Max/Master cape now hold all skillcapes for Grandmasters instead of just 3, so it will now work for all capes
- Grandmaster members will now have to manually claim their Premier club each month from the NPC, rather than it being automatic, this is to prevent abuse with Donor total transferring (it is still free)
- Reduced and hard capped the Giant Oyster skilling experience
- Added Nihil familiars combat script and special attack functionality


[+] Premier Club Reward Token

- A little reworked reward for the Premier Club members
- You will now receive a Premier Club reward token from the Premier club mystery box:


- This can be opened for a wide assortment of collectable items that are otherwise unobtainable on Ataraxia
- There are a total of 40 items that are available to collect, and you can only receive 1 per month
- These items are:

Lost sword of King Raddallin, Right peg leg,  Shadow sword


Saradomin halo, Robin, Swagger stick, Ultramarine shoulder cape


Diamond cane, Bunch of flowers, Zamorak halo, Left peg leg


Ruby cane, Ornate katana, Stargazer shoulder cape


Rainbow glasses, Guilded shoulder cape, Sombrero, Edgar


Blurite sword/Off-hand, Gators, 15th Anniversary party hat, Anger sword


Anger maul, Inferno shoulder cape, Pride gators, Drinking horn


Anger spear, Auspicious katana, Guthix halo, Emerald cane


Swag bag, Chic scarf, Drinking horn (gold), Wilderness shoulder cape


Anger battleaxe, Polly, Bubble blower, Balancing wand


- After achieving all of them, you will then receive random duplicates


[+] Cursed Spring

- With 50 Divination and $100 donated, you can now find a Cursed spring in the Donor zone!


- This spring will act similarly to a Blurite rock or the Wonky tree and provide the following energy when harvesting: Gleaming, Vibrant, Lustrous, Brilliant, Radiant, Luminous and Incandescent
- The experience is quite good and it is fully afk, until your character gets tired of course! (1/500) (negated by Skilling Star)
- You harvest every 2 ticks, but with The Gatherer you harvest every tick
- The Cursed spring will also work with the Divine-o-matic vacuum
- With a Nightmare muspah familiar, you will receive 10% bonus experience while harvesting
- With the Elder divination outfit, you have a 5% chance to gather 5x the amount of energy
- And finally, all energy is doubled with Double resource gathering


[+] Grand Exchange Pages

- Something that we hear a lot is that the game is almost a forced Iron-man mode as even playing a main account it can be tough to purchase or find items readily available when you need them
- To combat this, we've added up to 10 pages to the Grand exchange (this may be expanded depending on how this goes):






- Now, as you can see, you can sell a plethora of items with 80 Grand exchange slots, meaning, hopefully, a lot of people start utilising the Grand exchange a little more and selling those items that are pointlessly filling their bank!


[+] Achievement Task Edits

- There were a few comments in #suggestions about making some Achievements less actively cruel, specifically a lot of the ones that are relatively pointless to progressing your account, just time wasters, so;
- Lowered the amount of laps required for the Wilderness Agility course achievement from 50 to 25
- Lowered the amount of laps required for the Advanced Gnome course achievement from 125 to 50
- Lowered the amount of laps required for the Prifddinas Agility course achievement from 250 to 100
- Protean traps can now be used for all Hunter achievements that Protean traps work on
- Lowered the amount of Elder logs required for the Woodcutting and Firemaking achievements from 500 to 250


[+] Achievements Interface

- The updated Achievements interface is here!
- With the implementation of Combat achievements, all of the achievements have been organised neatly within the in-built interface
- Now in your Hero tab (Escape > Hero > Achievements (or just ;;achievements)) you can find the Achievements neatly organised:


- There are no new achievements, they've simply been moved to this interface
- Where it fits, the icon for the achievement has been replaced with a relevant icon
- Also, you can check all of the achievement rewards on the present icon!


- You can also now filter by what you have completed and what you are yet to complete:


- Or for a simpler view, you can go list mode:


- Completing an achievement will display a popup like so:


- And of course you'll be able to track your progress as you go:


- As well as show your progress along multiple achievements within the same (where applicable):


Oh, I'm getting ahead of myself...


[+] Achievements Rewards Rework

- I've wanted to do this for a while but it was always a daunting task, finding items for every skill/misc achievement completion, but, I did it
- Easy and Medium Slayer task Achievements now award Slayer task teleport scrolls
- Mining Achievements now award stone spirits for the tier above of the Achievement, i.e Mine Adamantite ore gives Runite stone spirits, Mine Runite gives Orichalchite, all other Mining achievements give the max tier (Light/Dark animica stone spirits) where applicable
- Fletching Achievements now give Arrow shafts, Elder arrow shafts and Headless dinarrows
- Divination Achievements now grant Energy from the tier above of the Achievement, i.e Gather Gleaming wisps gives Vibrant energy
- Summoning Achievements now give Charms
- Herblore Achievements now give potions that compliment the requirement, i.e Mix Prayer potions gives Super restores, Mix brews gives Potion flasks, Mix super attacks gives super strengths
- Fishing and Cooking Achievements now give the tier above of the Achievement's raw/cooked food, i.e Catch 50 Tuna will give 50 Cooked lobster and Cook 50 Tuna will give 50 Raw lobster
- Woodcutting and Firemaking Achievements now give the tier above of the Achievement's logs, i.e Cut 50 willow logs will give Maple logs
- Smithing Achievements now give the tier above of the Achievement's bars, i.e Smith adamant burial sets will now give Rune bars, Smith 3 Elder rune burial sets will give Glorious bars
- Win 10 Pest control games will now give Void knight gloves, cutting down the amount of games required
- Runecrafting achievements now give Magical thread, cutting down the process for Rune pouches
- Agility achievements now give Codex pages, cutting down the process for codexes
- Enter the Warrior's guild achievement now gives Warrior's guild tokens
- Dungeoneering achievements now give Dungeoneering token boxes
- Farming achievements now give Saplings of the tier above
- Thieving achievements now give noted rewards from the tier above
- Crafting achievements now give noted necklaces
- Hunter achievements now give protean traps
- Construction achievements now give noted planks
- Claiming a vote achievement now gives more vote rewards
- Evil tree Achievements now give Evil seeds
- Archaeology achievements now give Material box tickets
- Reach 75 Combat now gives a Sunspear
- Sacrifice an item to the Perk tree gives an item that allows you to sacrifice it for 100 points
- Reaper achievement gives Gift for the Reaper
- And a lot of other misc rewards, tl;dr lamps are gone


[+] Combat Achievements

- Similarly to the Achievements interface, Combat Achievements have been added!
- When our Interface editor decided to leave, I thought this project was dead in the water, but Armar thought of a way and here we are!
- Combat Achievements are 110 tasks of varying difficulty that will have you tackling PvM on Ataraxia in different ways, testing your ability against the hardest bosses with differing limitations
- A quick note, all achievements that are achieveable even if you've already done it i.e Equip a Dragon weapon (yes), Reach level 99 in all combat skills (no) will need to be reachieved
- So any killcount requirements will be reset, fortunately, there's no outrageous kc achievements, but this also goes for the enrage/kill time achievements, you'll have to do them again
- The best way to go ahead is to just list the achievements, so here goes:


Kill any boss
Complete a Slayer task
Kill 10 General Graardor
Kill 10 Commander Zilyana
Kill 10 K'ril Tsutsaroth
Kill 10 Kree'arra
Complete a Barrows brothers run
Reach level 92 in any combat skill
Cast Ice burst on any monster
Equip any Dragon weapon
Kill Giant mole once
Kill Chaos elemental once
Complete a Cave horror slayer task
Use a dragon bone on any altar
Summon a Spirit wolf
Activate Protect from melee once


Obtain a Fire cape
Reach level 99 in any combat skill
Kill all three dagannoth kings once
Kill Corporeal beast once
Activate Piety once
Summon a Fire, Ice or Moss titan
Equip a T70 weapon
Cast Ice blitz on any monster
Complete an Abyssal demon slayer task
Complete 10 Slayer tasks
Cast a special attack
Complete 10 runs of the Barrows brothers
Equip any Barrows brothers set
Kill Kalphite Queen once


Complete a Reaper task
Kill Helwyr 10 times
Kill Twin Furies 10 times
Kill Gregorovic 10 times
Kill Vindicta and Gorvek 10 times
Equip a T80 weapon
Cast blood barrage on any monster
Reach level 99 in three combat skills
Equip a Kiln cape
Complete a Dark beasts task
Kill Kalphite king once
Kill Nex once
Kill a Rex Matriarch once
Kill Arch-Glacor once
Kill a Legiones boss once
Kill Croesus once
Kill Araxxor, Vorago and any Legiones boss with a Sunspear of any variation


Complete 1 boss collection log
Kill General Graardor in hard mode
Kill Commander Zilyana in hard mode
Kill K'ril Tsutsaroth in hard mode
Kill Kree'arra in hard mode
Kill Vorago once
Equip a T90 weapon
Complete a full Elite dungeon run
Equip a T90 armour piece
Complete a Tormented demon slayer task
Kill Araxxi once
Kill Kerapac once
Reach level 99 on all combat skills
Summon a Steel titan
Kill Zamorak, Lord of Chaos at 500% enrage
Kill Arch-Glacor at 500% enrage
Obtain The Warden title
Complete 10 Rise of the Six runs
Equip an Amulet of Souls
Kill Seiryu in under 25 seconds 


Kill TzKal-Zuk once
Equip an Essence of Finality amulet
Complete 30 Reaper tasks
Complete an Abyssal creature task
Kill Kerapac in hard mode once
Complete all four Elite dungeons runs
Kill all GWD2 bosses in hard mode
Kill Araxxi at 300% enrage once
Kill Raksha 10 times
Kill The Magister 10 times
Kill Solak 10 times
Kill Vorago in hard mode once
Kill Arch-Glacor at 1000% enrage
Kill Telos, the Warden at 1000% enrage
Kill Nex: Angel of Death 10 times
Equip a T92 weapon
Kill Araxxi in under 2 minutes
Kill Zamorak, Lord of Chaos at 1000% enrage
Equip a Harold's helm
Unlock a reaper perk
Kill Nex with T70 weapons and armour


Equip a T95 weapon
Equip a T92 armour set
Equip an Igneous Kal-Zuk cape
Kill Raksha in under 50 seconds
Kill Araxxi in under 1 minute 20 seconds
Kill Araxxi with only Bronze equipment
Kill Zamorak, Lord of Chaos at 4000% enrage
Kill Telos at 4000% enrage
Kill TzKal-Zuk in hard mode in under 9 minutes
Kill The Ambassador in under 20 seconds
Kill Kerapac in hard mode in under 2 minutes
Kill Solak in under 2 minutes
Kill a total of 100 GWD3 bosses
Kill a GWD2 boss in under 10 seconds
Kill Kalphite king in under 6 seconds
Obtain a hard mode pet skin
Unlock all reaper perks
Kill Zamorak, Lord of Chaos with only Barrows equipment at 100% enrage
Kill Vorago in under 7 minutes
Kill Zamorak, Lord of Chaos with your fist dealing the finishing blow at 500% enrage
Kill all three Dagannoth kings within 1.8 seconds of each other 

[+] Combat Achievements Rewards

- Now what are you doing this all for!

- Easy:

  • 15% Charge drain reduction
  • +2% extra Global cooldown reduction (stacks)

- Medium:

  • +1% damage (stacking)
  • +1% drop rate (stacking)
  • +5% deflection curse effectiveness
  • +10% drop rate for Chaos die reroll tokens from hardmode GWD3 bosses
  • +3% extra Global cooldown reduction (stacks)

- Hard:

  • +1% damage (stacking)
  • +1% drop rate (stacking)
  • +5% extra Global cooldown reduction (stacks)

- Elite:

  • +1% damage (stacking)
  • +1% drop rate (stacking)
  • Adds an hour to all instance durations
  • 15% Charge drain reduction
  • +2% extra Global cooldown reduction (stacks)


- Master:

  • +2% damage (stacking)
  • +2% drop rate (stacking)
  • +2.5% drop rate cap cap (stacking)
  • Auras last 20% longer and have 20% reduced cooldown
  • +5% deflection curse effectiveness
  • +10% drop rate for Chaos die reroll tokens from hardmode GWD3 bosses
  • +3% extra Global cooldown reduction (stacks)


- Grandmaster:

  • +5% damage (stacking)
  • +5% drop rate (stacking)
  • +5% drop rate cap cap (stacking)
  • 20% extra Summoning familiar duration
  • +25% Special energy
  • +10% chance for Invention perks to toggle at Level 20 equipment (for a total of 20%)
  • +5% extra Global cooldown reduction (stacks)
  •  Can skip to the TzKal-Zuk fight, skipping the waves but suffer a 70% rare drop reduction



[+] Guide Book

- The Guide book is an item that I've created in an attempt to make the progression in Ataraxia easier to understand for those a little less familiar with RS3 (or in general)
- Right now, there is only one option you can use on the Guide book, and I intend on expanding it in the future
- Reading the Guide book will open two options (only the first is functional):


- And then after picking weapons, the Guide book will check every weapon you have in your bank and suggest some upgrades you can make, depending on the combat style you choose:


- For example, I have a Blisterwood staff that I've purchased from the Equipment salesman, what are my next few upgrades:


- Or if I have an Attuned crystal bow, what's my next Ranged upgrade:


- And finally, what if I've progressed my Melee further, I have a Noxious scythe:


This is some experimental content and might have some bugs, please report any found bugs when using the Guide book.

I'd like to expand it a lot, so please suggest any additions as well.


[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed Telos drop kc announcement being formatted strangely
- Fixed a testing message still popping up for Zamorakian material boxes
- Fixed an Admin message sending for trading untradeable items without Admins in the trade
- Fixed Reaper's sacrifice message still stating old effect
- Fixed Turoth slayer task teleport
- Fixed 'Has ran out' messages
- Fixed Dominion tower typo ('loose')
- Fixed Skilling contract event being the wrong name
- Fixed getting an Event roll with an event token in your invent taking the event token
- Fixed Skilling contract event not removing the skip penalty
- Fixed Pickaxe of Earth and Song comp requirement not ticking off if you craft it via the Smithing interface and added a check on login for those that did
- Fixed donor transfer scrolls failing to take the role from the person transferring resulting in them having higher donor ranks than they should
- Fixed completing clues with Heroic ascendency not giving Treasure trails points or outfit charges
- Fixed manufacture items not being level boostable 
- Fixed not being able to use normal siphons on Crystal equipment and made you able to use Crystal siphons on regular equipment as well
- Fixed not being able to reclaim degradeable items from Diango (Golden chaotic etc)
- Fixed Ghostly chicken wings going into the cape slot
- Fixed Grandmaster benefit for Crafting skilling cape perk
- Fixed Monster weaknesses in teleport interface, will tell you the specific style and weakness now
- Fixed Max guild Shadow reef portal
- Fixed ladder at High level Runespan
- Fixed Divine charges going negative when going over max value
- Fixed swapping Auras not updating the item container
- Fixed format for the charge drain message
- Fixed Ring of Death passive spec restore cap (will now restore over 100% if you have over 100% default)
- Fixed Diango not showing Golden mining outfit
- Fixed all bugged random events with Grandmaster benefit not auto claiming
- Fixed Antifires not being effective vs KBD attacks
- Fixed Double resources not working for Croesus front hunter spots
- Fixed Trisk bag bug causing the order of trisk fragments to be wrong




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