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(x64) MD5 Checksum: c3197acb3f47eb2775b182709a558e5e

(x32) MD5 Checksum: c4ec8100adf889ab10cebaeb8c178387



MD5 Checksum: ec0e0b013a07eb8cc30298a4172cc124



MD5 Checksum: 89e62d9432a587517f7a76347e9796ca

PC Requirements

CPU Dual Core, AMD Phenom II or Intel i3/i5 CPU, 2.4+ GHz
RAM 4GB minimum. 8GB recommended.
GPU GeForce 400x series, Intel HD 4x series, AMD Radeon 7xxx series
Disk Drive Most storage will do. SSD's preferable or a high R/W HDD
Storage At least 10GB+ of storage space available for the NXT cache

Linux Instructions

  1. Right click the download link and copy the link. Open your terminal and type wget (paste download link)
  2. After it has downloaded, give the file executable permissions: chmod +x install
  3. Now it has executable permissions, run the installer with sudo NOT root: sudo ./install

Installation not working?

Please contact Node on the Ataraxia Discord. Link is on our homepage.