PC Requirements

CPU Dual Core, AMD Phenom II or Intel i3/i5 CPU, 2.4+ GHz
RAM 4GB minimum. 8GB recommended.
GPU GeForce 400x series, Intel HD 4x series, AMD Radeon 7xxx series
Disk Drive Most storage will do. SSD's preferable or a high R/W HDD
Storage At least 10GB+ of storage space available for the NXT cache

Linux Instructions

Method 1
  1. Open your terminal and type: wget https://ataraxia-ps.com/clients/linux/install.sh
  2. After it has downloaded, give the .sh file executable permissions: chmod +x install.sh
  3. Now it has executable permissions, run the installer as root or with sudo: sudo ./install.sh
Method 2
  1. Download the install.sh file from the download button above.
  2. Repeat steps 2>3 from Method 1
Installation not working? See below.

If your installation is failing then you need to follow these steps:

  1. Run the following command with the installation script: sudo ./install.sh --debug main

Let the installation run. After this is done, there will be a log file that has been output with the name: ataraxia-installer.log send this to: Node#0755 on Discord or a member of staff at Ataraxia.