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  1. While we are certainly more than sad to see Jaedmo step down from his position as co-owner, we are ambitious to soon fill the role of community manager with a fresh outlook and direction for the server. We are excited to see what comes with our shift in management and we are extremely hopeful to find someone as great as Jaedmo. I personally will miss James more than anyone can imagine, and there are no words I could post here to describe the unbelievable amount of time and effort you've put into making this place what it is today (or how it makes me feel). When we first met, we were mortal enemies; I did not see the transition coming or what blossomed from it. Our work was always exciting, and I've grown tremendously as a person from knowing you. This journey we took in partnership of Ataraxia was literally magical; it will define my years in RSPS to come, and granted me a friend I will never forget.
  2. It was clearly a mistake and he was likely trying to address the situation while busy at work. Hohen was rightfully banned and still isn't allowed to play, but I'm sure you know why. AFAIK and other staff have said, only his account was permbanned and you're not even ipbanned.
  3. Welcome to the server
  4. Client update #2 summary: - Automatic crash-reporting built into the client - Many changes to the DirectX and OpenGL toolkits - Some interfaces have been reworked with RS3-style buttons - You can now toggle hitsplats between Legacy/EoC looks - Game updated to revision 885, the current RS3 revision! This patch primarily contains client-related bug fixes, and you can expect a server patch on the back-end of this. [+] Content changes - Ataraxia's cache has been updated to full 885 data - Many widgets/interfaces have been reworked with RS3-style buttons - We've implemented RS3 prayer icons and overheads * Turmoil will temporarily work for all 3 combat styles. [+] DirectX changes - Material / aura (not equipment aura) effects now render properly - Sharelight lighting-effect updated to RS3's version - Proper sun lighting effects have been added - Bloom now has different tiers that render depending on your hardware compatibility - Anti-aliasing has been fixed [+] OpenGL/OpenGLX changes - Beta version of OpenGLX introduced as a Mac-compatible mode (JRE 7+ Mac only) [+] Mechanical changes - The client now has automatic crash-reporting so we can identify your black screens and fix them - The client will now let you know if your current-client is outdated - Textures will now properly wrap to their model - Blooms brightness has been reduced on all modes - Large NPCs' like Vorago will now properly render their health bars - Hitsplats are now toggleable between Legacy/EOC modes - Proper absorbtion support - Global player indexing updated to RS3's version to reduce lag
  5. Hey

    Welcome, glad to have you around
  6. ! Kris is responsible for most of today's update so we'll be using the developer-blog style that he's typed the notes in today. We have a nice format for regular development blogs in the future so you can expect to know what we're up to all of the time The long-awaited Rise of the Six has finally reached Ataraxia! Sliske's beefed up the Barrows Brothers, and that means one beast of a boss battle. In Rise of the Six, you'll team up in fours to face all six siblings at once - each one more powerful than he's ever been - and earn some monstrously good rewards. Loot includes level 90 shields for each combat type; materials for smithing level 90 power-type melee armour! The battle consists of two separate parts - fighting the wights & escaping the collapse. In order to take up the battle, a group of four players is required along with a barrows totem. Players will begin the journey north-west of barrows, where they may enter a well to instantiate the fight. After everyone is ready, Sliske will unleash all six of the wights on the players, three on each side. The wights all have a unique attacks which they may use against the players; below is the elaboration of the attacks: After the death of the wights, players will have one more challenge to go through - the escape. All malevolent energy obtained from within the chest will be in an unstable state and must be brought outside the cavern through the tunnels to stabilize them. Once the players go away from the fight arena, the cave will begin collapsing as the portal holding the cavern together collapses as the wights die - the players will then have 30 seconds to escape the tunnels, albeit slightly altered ones. Rocks will begin falling from the sides, shadow pits all throughout the tunnels begin to bloom and all the bridges break - players will have to use whatever methods of escape are given to them, one at a time. Players who manage to escape will have their energy stabilize - the rest however vanish. Combat rework We have come to the conclusion that the current state of combat in Ataraxia is terrible and needs changing immediately. Due to this decision, we have changes the bonuses on more than a thousand items to ensure they're all scaled accordingly to their tiers and types. A lot of weapons have had their attack speed changed due to this to what they should've been in the beginning. We realize this may cause some controversy within the community but it is the best for future of Ataraxia. Besides changing the bonuses on weapons and equipment, we have also modified the levels on the monsters you find across Ataraxia. Previously, only approximately 400 monsters had bonuses other than a clean slate. After this update however, close to 8000 monsters will be using bonuses assigned to them. This change affects slayer monsters the most - previously they could all be damaged with any weapon as majority of them were bonusless - however this is no longer the case. A lot of the monsters now have defence and accuracy levels higher than some of the bosses you may find. However in the case of slayer monsters, their weaknesses can be exploited to gain maximum efficiency and similar rates as to before this update. We realize this is also a point which may cause controversy, however the change was necessary to stop players in maxed armours from being completely untouchable and allowing them to AFK through the fights. Of course this will still very much be possible with a lot of the monsters, but it certainly will help against the higher combat ones. On another note, all NPCs have had their attack speeds adjusted to what they should've been. I have also patched up the attack and death animations of a lot of existing monsters, to enhance the gaming experience. PvP Death rework After seeing countless reports from the community regarding the current state of PvP, we have began giving our best to combat this issue. We've already reworked several parts of combat, but also worked on other somewhat irrelevant parts, such as teleporting and magic spells. We will begin doing our best to ensure players have an enjoyable experience battling against each-other. The rework has changed a lot within the PvP. Items lost within death now corresponds to the items lost within death interface, so you may completely rely on it now. All protection prayers as well as skulling/unskulling now affect the items lost there. Dying to a monster with no damage taken from any player will result in the items dropping on the ground in the state they were on before the death. Dying to a player will result in all unprotected untradeable items to turn to coins. There are some exceptions to this which can be found within the spoiler below. Upon death to a monster (with zero damage taken from players), players will have 3 minutes to run back and pick their items up, after which the items become publicly available for anyone to take for an extra minute. Bugfixes & Minor changes Anima core crafting has been patched up; you will now require all four essence and you will be given the correct respective armour piece in exchange. Shops will no longer shop the (ironman) at the end of them for players who aren't ironmen. Trimmed completionist's cape no longer has a hidden requirement of 1 million gold pieces donation to the well of goodwill. A bug caused by several threads modifying the same list, causing a global null in ataraxia has been patched. Players can now use dyes on malevolent armours (Was previously not possible even though the armours were not obtainable). When obtaining your crystal pickaxe or hatchet from Lady Ithell, you will now receive the respective tool in your inventory, instead of it immediately going to your toolbelt. All input dialogues (The ones where you type and enter a name, a number or any text) have now been patched up - they will no longer mix up if you cancel them at any point. Additionally, they will now automatically close when an interface closing event, such as walking is ran. WildyWyrm has had its health bar patched - you will now see from the start until the end as its health bar drops, rather than it starting after 20,000 hitpoints remaining. Combat projectiles have had slight alterations made to them, specifically in close combat. Everyones friend -and ignore lists will now be cleared from invalid entries that were previously added there due to the old networking messing up. Additionally, two new commands have been made available for all players. ;;emptyignorelist & ;;emptyfriendslist - Warning: These commands will immediately wipe your entire list when used without a warning, so make sure you really wish to delete them. Ignore list has now been made to work - This extends to every possible chat interaction throughout the game (Public chat, friends chat, clan chat, clan guest chat as well as private messages). Coin accumulator has received some changes. Previously, it would only pick up certain coin stacks dropped by monsters. Now however, any coin stack dropped by a monster will automatically be put into your coin pouch. When using bank equipment on the bank interface, your aura will now be banked as long as it is inactive. Active auras will remain worn. Malevolent kiteshield, vengeful kiteshield & merciless kiteshield have received a special option on them; When worn, players can use the provoke option on them if they're in combat to gain the attention of the monster they're attacking. This can be extremely useful in group bossing as it can help you save a team-mate in need. It has a cooldown of 30 seconds and it can only be used against monsters. The charm collector will now automatically pick up any charms dropped by nihils and murpah. Players can now purchase malevolent plates from the grand exchange as an unlimited item. An issue with NPCs render animations and secondary bars now displaying has now been patched. Additionally, Khaled (Cjay) has implemented RS3 hitbar support to our client, meaning we can now use a variety of different hitbars. When casting spells, previously if you drank a brew you could occasionally get the message that your magic level isn't high enough to cast this spell. This is no longer an issue and your magic level is based on your highest level now - whether it's the boosted level or the actual level, the highest of the two will be used to determine the requirement. Avaryss' and Nymora's hitbars have now been updated to use the new blue/orange bars. Avaryss' wall charge attack has now been patched up. It no longer chains together and the animation transitions are smooth. CM Gregorovic hopefully no longer glitches up and becomes unkillable. I've also smoothened up Gregorovic's animation transitioning. You can no longer smith IV bars in Artisan's workshop for massive experience drops using the ordinary anvils - they can only be used for ceremonial sword making. You can no longer glitch up and bank using the bank command in certain areas. I've added restrictions to Vorago, Kalphite king, The Heart, Godwars dungeon as well as corporeal beast. On other news, I have now began working on the upcoming slayer update. We will try to patch up as many bugs as we can find with the existing content during this time, as it has become a serious issue. For those unaware yet, the slayer update will consist of a full rewrite of the skill. I will be implementing close to 150 different slayer tasks as well as all of the existing slayer masters, including the newly added Morvran. Certain monsters will require players to wield certain items to be able to defeat them, or block damage from them. However on the plus side, all boosting-items will now be patched up properly and players will be able to merge different monsters - for example greater demons with Zamorak godwars to gain greater loot while training slayer, not to mention much higher hits and accuracy due to the boosting items. Special thanks Noele - RoTs Map generation VR4 (David) - Balancing the bonuses of items. Cjay0091 (Khaled) - Implementing RS3 hitbars. All the people with whom I tested Rise of the Six & other content - there's too many of you so I'll keep it short.
  7. Please apply, we consider all applicants and a br-speaking support would be ideal.
  8. Welcome to the server, our forums theme will be updated within the week, sorry for the mess
  9. Welcome back, glad I could catch your attention
  10. I certainly hope you get better darling, keep us updated. <3
  11. Patch notes #20 summary: - The Heart of Gielinor (GWD2) has been released - Major networking changes to improve overall stability - Revenants have been completely reworked - Agility has had a partial rework, as well as introduction of shortcuts - Farming has been fixed in dungeoneering - We will be re-writing core skills to promote smooth gameplay including more RS3 content in our next patch, along with release of all-paths Araxxor/Araxxi rework and RoTs! Various updates will be coming to Ataraxia within the next few days. Please be sure to report bugs in the current patch to ensure we fix them, and we will have a public bug-tracking and suggestion system live in the near future. Here's a teaser: [+] Heart of Gielinor (GWD2) initial release - All four Heart bosses have been released with proper combat scripts: * Helwyr * Gorvek and Vindicta * The Twin Furies * Gregorovic - You will get seals from kills within the Heart. - They can be exchanged with the Heart's Chosens for reputation in a faction. - Your first kill at the Heart will grant you reputation as well. - As your reputation gets higher, your required killcount for the Heart will drop. - A cluster system for the future Heart roaming factions D&D has been written. [+] Networking changes - This system is fully done but is pending implementation to ensure proper functionality w/o broken gameplay. - The networking on Ataraxia has been completely re-written to be dynamic/modular. - The server now has full/proper JS5 protocol implementation. - This should help mitigate a handful of issues caused by the previous system: * Random disconnects * Random symbols on friends/ignore list [+] Skill reworks coming - A system for agility shortcuts has been written and is implemented into the live game. - Agility, along with a few other skills, will be re-written to support RS3 content. - We are also doing this to clean up some of the skills that are just poorly written. [+] Content additions and changes - Chic scarves are now fully recolourable - Vorago's magic defense has been nerfed by 40% - Magic notepaper is now tradeable - NPC Examines have been updated to match RS3 #883 - Demon flash mobs boss now has a damage cap, and ranged is no longer the best method. - The forinthy dungeon has been completely reworked, and revenants should be a good source of general cash. - PvP gears should once again be tradeable. [+] Bug fixes - Heart of Gielinor Chosens will face the correct directions. - Co-operative slayer invitations properly fixed. - Banking no longer requires you to wait a fixed amount of time, only ;;bank/;;b will. - Timer thread no longer exists, tasks transfered to new service provider runnables. - Farming has been fixed in dungeoneering - Instances will no longer lock up if the limit is 1 player.
  12. Common Client Issues and how to troubleshoot Problems and descriptions i. Client Doesn't load (problems with Java or lack of Java installed\Wrong version) ii. client stays on Loading 0%. (Client is having trouble connecting to the server) iii. Logging in and total blackscreen (Let the cache load) Diagnostics i. Deleting the Cache and Client When you run the Ataraxia for the first time it downloads the server cache files on your C: drive. For the first step we are going to delete these two cache files as well as the Ataraxia.jar client. This is the file Directory for the Cache: C:\Users\ current login name ex. C:\users\Noele and locate the Folders labled AtaraxialiveCache1 - 2 - 3 or however many you have. Typically just delete everything thats ataraxia related & Once this is deleted, locate to where you have your client and delete it aswell. (This is the client that you downloaded from "Play Now") ii. An Outdated Java Java is the platform that Ataraxia runs on. To be sure that we are not simply running into an error because of the wrong Java version we will verify that we have the proper Java installed on our computer. Click Here to be taken to the Java website. This site checks your Java version and will tell you if you need to download an updated Java or not. (Note: Opening in Chrome will not work. Use Internet Explorer, Opera, or Firefox) iii. Not loading anything when opening client If your client launcher doesn't show anything at all when you run it, it could very well be that your computer isn't associating .jar files with Java. This tool quickly fixes it for you: http://johann.loefflmann.net/downloads/jarfix.exe IV. Client closing without loading. If your client launcher closes without loading - Make a new map somewhere on your computer. Copy the whole .jar file into that new folder you created. Right click the .jar file - Open as > JavaTM V. Client doesn't appear as a client. Not having Java installed on your computer will result in clients looking like this = This is a .rar File, from Winrar and what happens when you open it Same Case: = internet explorer when you open client is because you don't have Winrar VI. Settings to Aid your gameplay Now that you got your client setup, lets find the best settings for you to help you run the client more smoothly. -Setting all settings on will make the client look even better than ever (Bloom makes everything all pretty - But optional) These are fair settings that most players will play on (Some will use anti-aliasing 2x) but OPEN GL is a must for Best output for graphics at this time. But not everyone can play on these settings. Here is what a "minimal" client setup look. if these settings don't help, theyre are default settings you can choose from: [Reserved space for Apple Mac Troubleshooting]
  13. Please continue to post here, as we are watching the thread.
  14. If you manage to keep this up, with high quality documentation of content, I'll make it the official and give you a wiki rank
  15. You should have put bloom on for the Nature's sentinel variant