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  1. Sad to see you go dude. You will definitely be missed. Best of luck dude!
  2. Welcome to the server! Hope you enjoy your time here. If you ever need help feel free to hit me up!
  3. Man, you can't do this to me! Come baaaaaaaaaaaack!
  4. Much appreciated! I'm always happy to help! Thanks for all of the help with resolving these issues.
  5. Good job Nobuyuki!
  6. Hello everyone, For those of you that don't know, @Kris and I have been working on balancing the combat triangle for the past week or so. There are some major changes to come, and some things may look a bit underpowered or overpowered, but please come into this with an open mind. This means all stats on all weapons and armour will be changing. This also means all bosses and NPCs will have their stats change as well. We will also be introducing proper combat weaknesses, just like in RS3. Example: When fighting an NPC weak against stab using the stab combat style you'll receive a 20% damage bonus. The change was brought on by several realizations that the combat triangle is entirely unbalanced. Ataraxia consists of mostly using range for PVM and occasionally melee. Due to higher tier weapons and armour having disproportionate stats we then decided it was time to rework the combat triangle. We have taken all items from RS3 that are currently on Ataraxia and reconfigured their stats to RS2 (the era of RS which Ataraxia takes place) standards. For example, in RS3 T85 gear has the defensive stats of T90 gear, but has the accuracy of T80 gear. Another example, T75 weapons have T80 accuracy, but have T70 damage. We simply take the stats from one pre-existing armour set (or weapon set) with proper RS2 stats, and we check the RS3 stats of those items. Example: To configure the stats of a Superior tetsu helm you take the defensive bonus from Torva full helm in RS3 (your base item that has proper RS2 stats) and divide that number by the defensive bonus of Superior tetsu helm on RS3. 435/338=1.3 (rounded up) You then take Torva full helm stats and multiply them by 1.3 to get your new stats. Attack bonuses Stab: 0 * 1.3 = 0 Slash: 0 * 1.3 = 0 Crush: 0 * 1.3 = 0 Magic: -7 * 1.3 = -9 Ranged: -3 * 1.3 = -4 Defence bonuses Stab: 68 * 1.3 = 88 Slash: 73 * 1.3 = 95 Crush: 65 * 1.3 = 85 Magic: -2 * 1.3 = -3 Ranged: 74 * 1.3 = 96 Summoning: 17 * 1.3 = 22 Damage absorption Melee: 3 * 1.3 = 4 Magic: 0 * 1.3 = 0 Ranged: 6 * 1.3 = 8 There's more to writing the new stats than just multiplying one equation. I factored in every possible equipment option, so defenders, reprisers and rebounders were definitely taken into consideration. I also account for strength bonuses, health bonuses, extra effects and accuracy. This means some items that currently provide no extra bonuses may get added health or damage boosts. With the rebalancing of the combat triangle magic gear now appears to have low accuracy and damage, but in reality it's actually the proper stats. Magic was entirely reworked to guarantee that it's comparable to ranged and melee in terms of damage, although it is slightly weaker (this is due to added effect of healing/freezing to prevent magic from being too OP). Everything has been reconfigured to ensure the combat system is well balanced for both PVP and PVM. Once again, I do ask that you all go into this update with an open mind. It will feel strange at first, and will look even worse compared to the old stats, but once you PVM with this new system hopefully you'll see how necessary this update was. This update is not just a nerf for range, it is meant to better every combat style. I do understand that some may not agree with this change, but it is 100% necessary. Thanks for reading.
  7. Thank you for giving me this opportunity! I won't let you guys down
  8. Damn dude, it sucks that you won't be around much anymore! You've been one hell of a friend, Dawson. Whatever life brings your way I know you'll come out on top. Good luck in everything you do bro!
  9. That's terrible! Best of luck to you, and hope to see you again!
  10. Thanks @Node!I'm glad it amused you lol
  11. Work selfie!
  12. Thanks for the explanation!
  13. Awesome update! Thanks guys!
  14. Conratulations @Dashie, @BolinBear & @Tranquility!!! Best of luck!