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  1. Is this by any chance still RSMV with the owner being Arizrain and Remco? That's the clan I was in back in the day, couple of really awesome rsmvers from that time were linked to it such as ChaosJess and quite a few from the Divine Ones, Luckybucket etc
  2. I stopped because the community kinda died out, and honestly looking back at the rsmv's I made they're bad. Would love to get back into it but I don't think there are many people left to do them with.
  3. Nice to see somebody else who makes rsmv's, used to make them back in the day. Never was into the "over-editing" of them though, kept it simple for better or for worse.
  4. So because I fucked up and went to train my farming at my POH, effectively training both constuction and farming at the same time, I decided to quit the 1 99 at a time challenge for Fat Bastard. However this does not mean that I'll be quiting this challenge in general. I've made a new account, called 1 At A Time, I'll make a thread for that when I get started. I will however be continuing the catch em all challenge.
  5. I love these videos, been waiting on this one, cheers.
  6. Just a heads up, you need the construction level for the helmet of neitiznot because they for whatever reason added the quest requirements for the helmet to it. That aside, liking the vids
  7. I've been struggling with editing this for about 7 hours straight now. From issues with the client crashing (obviously after not saving for quite some time) to it just crashing right before the end of rendering, it was a nightmare. The last clips would see are nothing important anyway, me buying 150k molten glass, me cleaning up my bank, me getting 72 crafting and me explaining why I have done 4.2K fishbowls instead of moving to unpowered orbs as well as me getting 5 weekend voteparty books and me seeing 3 accounts probably made by the same player doing the exact same thing.
  8. Good luck to the new members and congratulations to the promoted staff members
  9. I was actually considering this a couple days ago, I'd love to get in touch with some staff about this on what they think that should be added to a potential video and if we even need a new advertising video.
  10. That's what I've been hunting for I just thought it was pretty great that, out of the first 3 drops, I got the 2 best weapons, so that's def a boss I'm willing to camp. as long as you are offline.
  11. Hell yeah I'm down for this!
  12. So yeah, when are they going to add ancient warriors' equipment patch? Edit: Both are the regular version, none of my drops have been corrupted.
  13. I agree but you have to understand that a pvp based minigame which isn't doing well in a pvp active version of the game with a massive player base doesn't stand too well with a server which hardly has pkers lets be fair. I'd love to see it if it was an easy patch and you could just copy paste the code But as you stated we're not osrs so I would assume it'd have to be coded from the ground up, which would be a lot of work, and I would rather not see time being wasted on a minigame that I could almost guarantee will be dead content.
  14. Thing with last man standing, even in osrs, with a massive player base, it was dead content from like a week after release, and I don't see it being any different here. I understand that it is a fun minigame but people just don't play it, from my experience even in the world they made specifically for it it's dead.
  15. Gratz on your easy hitting so many 99's today dude! And welcome to the forums