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  1. You will be missed. Thanks for being a solid homie. Good luck with anything you decide to do. Love you cutie
  2. I would love love love to see Warbands. I believe this would be a great addition to the server.
  3. I have played Runescape itself since 2008 roughly, that being said RS3 and RS2 I know like the back of my hand for the most part. I have played RSPS's for the last 3 or 4 years and am quite familiar with these types of revisions. As for abusing bugs, I would be lying if I wasn't a player that looked for loopholes in any servers I have been a part of including Ataraxia. I love testing out new ideas and enjoy watching projects progress. If you give me the opportunity, I won't let you down.
  4. I would like to see Menaphos filled with it's features such as the Menaphos slayer and all of the districts! That would be a pretty sweet addition imo. I know we have Menaphos currently, but it is just there.
  5. In-game Name: Uzi Age: 19 Hours Played: 500 Expected Activity on the Beta: I will be able to be active as much as needed whether that be 2 hours or 4, I will be available for the most part. Any Other Notes: Recently my activity has declined for a few reasons, I have just moved into my dorm and on top of that my laptop broke. That being said it's been a rough week or so. I currently am using a borrowed laptop from the school as they repair mine. I would've liked to apply for support, but I do not think that I am qualified over the other applicants due to my recent decline in activity, but I still would like to help the server in any other way possible. Once my laptop comes back within the next week or so I will be back to my normal activity of roughly 8-10 hours a day( give or take a few days). Thanks for taking the time to read this application.
  6. Welcome homie, Have fun. You definitely came to the right place
  7. Looks unreal. Great work guys, cant wait to try it!
  8. Grats @Multiply and to all the other honourable mentions. Keep it up bois.
  9. Update: I'm sorry to play with your emotions, but it seems as though I will be sticking around after all. I have decided not to play college soccer. Although this was a difficult choice for me, I believe it is for the better and will benefit me in the long run. I have also switched around my schedule so I now end my days at 1:00 pm the latest. Previously, I had classes until around 4:00 pm + practice/games afterwards. Now that I will have this free time on my hands I will have no problem sticking around! I will be here for good and hope to see this server progress even further than it already has. I'm excited to see it all unfold!
  10. Looking forward to seeing any other bosses you do! Love seeing other people's gains
  11. Could you give me some of your luck?! Haha, great vids man, Keep it up!
  12. Welcome and enjoy !
  13. Fastest pet I've seen yet. Good luck with the series!
  14. Welcome! You've definitely come to the right place