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  1. IGN- Multiply Can't say I really knew you too well at all tbf sadly, but I hope your Irl health gets better soon! best of luck.
  2. As previously said, love watching progress videos but shame they aren't hours long so i can binge, lel good job.
  3. instructions unclear, ended up picking flax for 10 hours.
  4. damnnnn, can tell some serious effort went into writing+ developing all this, great job!
  5. Thanks cryp and ty for the opportunity
  6. you, you're my personal bank lel
  7. Welcome bud, hope you have a good time
  8. Exactly, only one i've seen recently is Jaed's so could be good to see some more variety, might even pick up a few tips from you haha
  9. Always love watching progress videos on the server, but sadly theres only a few of them to look at, so some more would always be nice
  10. TIME TO GIT GUD BOYS, welcome to the grind.
  11. nice, shame on no drops though
  12. Hi, welcome to the server! everyones friendly so any questions just ask away
  13. ty guys and yeah travis long time no see man
  14. welcome if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask anyone