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  1. Hey

    Welcome to the community! It would be great to see some Ataraxia videos on your channel
  2. Welcome to Ataraxia Bart!
  3. Good luck Multiply C:
  4. Ouuu holaaaaaaa. Welcome back!! @Noele and I in the back in the day in the chatbox lmao!
  5. Mac download pls @Noele
  6. Sad to see you go Ely. Time for some irl gains!! Get that moneyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
  7. Best of luck! Don't forget about us
  8. Six on top of nine is fifteen? Time for irl gains.
  9. Good work fellas. Keep the goodies rolling in
  10. How does one physical prepare himself for such a position?
  11. Post your #FlashbackFriday!!! My fav @Hohenheim
  12. It's great to see some of the originals on the staff team. Congrats @Loure @Justlegend @Hell/Lyst Great work @Kieran
  13. Good luck.
  14. Seems I was click-baited..
  15. "Otherwise I am also Arctic Moose by night" Lmao welcome to the community. You should fit right in.