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  1. Welcome to Ataraxia! Good luck with all of your in-game goals!
  2. That's a very respectable decision you've made by allowing someone else to appreciate the role as Global. I enjoyed you being a server moderator when you were actively playing. The step back from in-game may grant more initiative to play in-game if you ever reconsidered your decision. Nonetheless, I hope you find yourself with a less stressful schedule so you can return to enjoy the community!
  3. You have been such an outstanding manager for this community, but you've also been an amazing role model for the community and staff as well. I never could of imagined you stepping down, but as life continues; hobbies alongside certain circumstances change. You and I have shared countless laughs and soooo many long nights up being weird with one another in attempt to get to the bottom of some unspoken things... Nonetheless, I'm very thankful for you Jaedmo. Without your effort into the server, Ataraxia wouldn't be at the state is has grown to be to today. I will miss you being a part of this community soooo much, and I hope you never wander too far. Keep those sexy 6 pack pictures coming on Facebook, and never fall out of touch. Continue to be that organized, timely, and ambitious person you are in real life! I wish you the best with any new adventure you take on!! Take care Jameseypoo
  4. Chooooow maddasuckaa. I wish you the best! Stop by sometime!
  5. It's great to see you on the forums. Continue making those hcim gains!
  6. I wish you the best @Anarchy4. Sad to see you go so soon!
  7. Welcome to Ataraxia. I hope you find everything it has to offer as pleasure!
  8. Hey

    Welcome to the community! It would be great to see some Ataraxia videos on your channel
  9. Welcome to Ataraxia Bart!
  10. Good luck Multiply C:
  11. Ouuu holaaaaaaa. Welcome back!! @Noele and I in the back in the day in the chatbox lmao!
  12. Mac download pls @Noele
  13. Sad to see you go Ely. Time for some irl gains!! Get that moneyyyyyyyyyyy!!!
  14. Best of luck! Don't forget about us
  15. Six on top of nine is fifteen? Time for irl gains.