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  1. New phone, who alla deez doodz?
  2. Here's my entry. Good luck, everyone.
  3. IGN: Donald Trump.
  4. Noel-senpai, s-stop teasing us~~~
  6. Ever since I joined last year, I knew this was the server for me purely because there was no pay-to-win donator shop. I think in the first week I played I got gold donator. It was basically a thing I did off work and I comped int in 40 hours, vet in ~150 and now expert in ~300. Lots of time spent, but I don't think I wasted it at all. IGN: Donald Trump (cmon you know this)
  7. TFW came in 4th. rip me.
  8. Damn, those upgrade pieces are rare as hell. Good to see what we'll be getting at least.
  9. Donald Trump; conquerer of worlds, bringer of Hell.
  10. Guess you can add me to list as an owner of a fresh K'ril Tinyroth.
  11. http://prntscr.com/fr5wl9 I also own a nex pet, there's like 2 others undocumented though There's also like 6 Willow pets, not just 1.
  12. fake news, client is nothing but an illusion caused by the water that's gradually turning the frogs gay
  13. Still a myth tbh ily noel and devs <3
  14. That's perfect. Can't wait to not lag.
  15. Good to know that the project isn't abandoned and that it's still coming along. Now, my primary question is how much will it cost to reclaim items? Will it cost something absurd like 100 million, or will it be more reasonable? (10m, 5m etc) ps. client is still a myth lel