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  1. team is 10/10 i would recommend being 11/10. give me 25 spins kthnx plox
  2. nice to meet you and hope you have a great stay in Loure Suites inn.
  3. Welcome to ataraxia! hope to see you around
  4. Welcome to Ataraxia, Thrall! hope you enjoy your stay here, and share exciting moments with us in the future!
  5. i understand what's going on and i'm in the middle of break of ataraxia aswell, you're definitely one of my favorites on here and would like to see you come back, Spend a nice time with you gf and family
  6. Peace my old friend, it's been a good run!
  7. I Still love you
  8. Congrats on becoming a dad man. You were an awesome person to meet on here! have a good one buddy
  9. You definitely were one of the awesome player's I've known. i'll miss you, Good luck with your adventures in life :>
  10. We've met, you're an awesome person. Welcome to the forums!
  11. Sorry to see you go, you were an awesome person to Staff around with and become friends with. I hope everything is alright with you and that you become healthy R.I.P $1000 donation, i guess it's a good way to leave a name hanging around on the donor hiscores :>
  12. Welcome to ataraxia, hope you'll have a wonderful stay!!
  13. Dont grave dig - rules
  14. skrt skrt this shit took 8 months 13 days 22hrs http://prntscr.com/gp6bzo