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  1. Thanks everyone for entering! The following winners are: 1st place: @Snixie (Good one with the christmas spirit) - 750M 2nd place: @Clumsy - 500M (Laid back, black santa. Love it) 3rd place: @Primus (Loved the match) - 100M and full armadyl Wish you all a late happy newyear!
  2. Greetings everyone! Since I left Ataraxia, I have recieved an unbelieveable amount of messages on Discord regarding players missing my Fashionscape competitions. I have decided I will return to Ataraxia as I have missed the game and figured that I actually have time to play the game while studying on the side. With that said, I thought why not make an event like this again. Blossom the event aspect, and let people show off their fashionscape and recieve rewards for it aswell! I am aware that most of the people that enjoyed these events aren't around, but who doesn't have an outfit that they would love to share? The event works just like previously: Post a picture of favourite outfit. I will choose which outfit is best, with someone else (Haven't figured out who yet). You are limited to posting 1 outfit only. The event will end Friday the 5th of January Rewards: 1st place: 750M 2nd place: 500M 3rd place: 100M and full Armadyl Good luck!
  3. Welcome back, Travis
  4. Congratulations guys! I am happy for the oppurtunity to be in the moderator/support role. I always learn new things daily, and looking forward to learn more new things. Just helping people, and moderating is what keeps me motivated and happy. I hope all the supports will do well, and looking forward to work with you all as a team!
  5. Welcome Looking forward to see you in-game. Just pm me if anything!
  6. Welcome on board man!
  7. Welcome man! Nice intro.
  8. Welcome to Ataraxia and the forums Another skiller, love it! Good advice from Japan above.
  9. Thank you to everyone that has contributed with awesome fashionscape outfits! Me and @Node has gone through all the outfits, and we've made a decision on the winners. 1st place: Congratulations to @Raspberry on 1st place and winning 500M! 2nd place: Congratulations to @Fat Bastard on 2nd place and winning 20 cosmetic coins! 3rd place: Congratulations to @ex whyskill on 3rd place and winning 10 cosmetic coins!
  10. Welcome, Hank Interesting read! We'll surely come across eachother.
  11. Welcome to Ataraxia and the forums matee. Most of us are nice here If not, just pm me (or other staff)
  12. Greetings, The Rock! Welcome to Ataraxia and the forums! Already seen you in-game. Glad you're enjoying the server.
  13. Fashionscape Competition V3 Greetings players of Ataraxia! With feedback from the community and love surrounding the Fashionscape competitions, I will be throwing another one! The event is just like before. Post a picture of your most outstanding outfit. Me and our lovely Admin @Node will decide the best outfits. Your outfit can be anything from sexy to theme-related (Beach, Angel). Like I always say, creativity is appreciated. You're limited to posting 1 outfit ONLY. The event will end Wednesday the 16th of August Rewards: 1st place: 500M 2nd place: Reward from Node: 20 Ataraxia Coins 3rd place: Reward from Node: 10 Ataraxia Coins Goodluck from me and Node!
  14. Something new out of the ordinary. I like it. Good luck!
  15. Nice, Loure! Good luck with it See you when you have 400 hours in-game, and finally maxed.