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  1. I have actually never seen you in the game. It may be due to my inactivity there but you claim to have played for a year? I've been here half a year, not once. Might want to explain that.
  2. After more than a week of inactivity on this thread by you, I think it's safe to say you're nowhere near as active as you'd have to be. Locked and declined.
  3. The expected activity part is worrisome in your case. I don't need players to test stuff often, but when I do need, I need stuff to be tested ASAP (as soon as it's set up for testing) & thoroughly, which may mean much longer sessions that what you have stated. Leaving it open for now. You may say a word if you wish.
  4. What's with the potato quality? 480p in fullscreen resizable doesn't work well. Can't read the text at all for instance.
  5. To figure out what's the most anticipated large-scale update by players. I don't want to work on stuff that will end up being completely neglected shortly afterwards; I have no ways to filter the suggestions and most of them are actually small-scale ones, or simply not doable by me (either requiring client work or something else..)
  6. It's stated in the main post that it can't be done by me. Reason is below. RS3 interfaces simply can't be added. They take countless hours to do (speaking of just one) and you need appropriate tools for it which also take a long time to write. We're pretty much stuck with RS2 - only some simple ones can be added.
  7. Menaphos is something Cjay/Noele/The staff will be working on. This thread itself is basically dedicated to me, as I requested it. Just looking to see what people are wanting in the game after I finish Slayer rework - whatever you're suggesting will be done by me if it gets a lot of votes.
  8. Fair enough, accepted. I'll elaborate some time later what a beta tester needs to do and know. PM me on discord for futher details.
  9. The application itself looks fine and you're all good there; however how far is your knowledge in RS3? RS2? RSPS? Abusing bugs? I'm trying to filter out the weak applicants right now, thus why I'm asking. I won't be needing people who haven't got a clue how things should be on beta. Give me some information on the aforementioned things and I'll see how qualified you are.
  10. Already spoke to you about all these fields here and I think we settled it nicely in a way that fits us both. Gwd1 minions will be nerfed and RoTS we settled on being perfect the way it is. Warpiest I don't know about and slayer.. I've yet to look into it.
  11. Give your opinions on what needs changing in the current combat update. Before you do so, I'd like you all to consider some points though that I've gathered from both systems. Old system's pros and cons: Maxed out ranged gear dealt 3-4x more damage than magic/melee. You could AFK through most of the game bosses. Balancing new bosses was near impossible due to the bonuses we had to add to bonuses; For example, vorago's stats prior to this change were: 600 melee defence. 150 magic defence. 3000 ranged defence. Currently we can set them all equally and there's no problem. New system's pros and cons: All styles are equal. I've ran a lot of simulations in different gears and against different npcs. They all came in very close. Accuracy in combat is now much higher against bosses, so hit consistency is higher, albeit damage is less. All NPCs now have bonuses - prior to this only approximately 300 npcs had bonuses. Now I've added bonuses to several thousand different npcs. New system allows room for variations of different styles - you now have to (unless you got some good gear) take advantage of the weaknesses to get the most kills; prior all you needed was a zaryte bow and they all dropped. The new system also allows us, the developers to quickly release new monsters. We previously had to spend a lot of time figuring out the "balance" between all styles. All we have to do now is write the attacks and the bonuses and everything else is already there. Wilderness is now much more stable - players can come rushing you 1 hitting without even using special attack. Weapon speeds are also now proper meaning there's a large variety to select from, rather than the top three or-so. I could keep going on and on why the new system is far better but I have a feeling most of you will not even read it and just give your opinions, however uneducated they may be in this area. I expect to receive some actual constructive criticism on this thread, not ranting. We would much rather prefer if you could give us details on what we could do to improve the current combat, rather than just revert to old one.
  12. I have high doubts about this. Even the servers with hundreds of players on them have proven that they're incapable of maintaining a wiki. There are just so many different items, objects, locations, npcs.. Good luck, wouldn't hold my hopes up here.
  13. This is due to the way that the charges system is written. No matter how many of the same item you have, they will all appear to have the same amount of charges. Once one degrades completely, the charges are reset to 100% for the rest of them. Thank you all for the reports though. Getting a quite nice look over the game through this.
  14. The idea of this is to target the bugs that reach a global state around Ataraxia, for example projectiles being mad messed up as they are or NPC animations/definitions being messed up. I do not mind little bugs, feel free to list them all as well but the highest priority will go to bugs/glitches/broken content that players often have to put up with.
  15. It is a typo on Noele's part. It's meant to say dyeing AKA recolouring items.