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Bit of a late hello

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xero    8

Guess i should make an entrance here finally :P


Hey guys,

I'm XGN Xero. been on this server about 2 months. i've met a ton of people on here and just wanted to make my intro finally.


little bit about myself.  i work at savage arms, making bolt action rifles and shotguns for a living. so im a pretty busy guy. I normally play when i get off of work, 1 am roughly until the sun comes up :P ive got a max account (minus invention) on rs3, with over 390 days played. account is almost 15 years old. been playing many private servers, and finally found the one i want to stay on. great community and overall the best server ive seen yet. 


ive been on here for just over a month, and have logged 225+ hours logged so far. i love to help people out,so if you need anything pm me in game and just say hi!

always looking to make new friends and willing to do basically anything in game, so instead of playing alone, bring a new friend along for the ride. 


thanks everyone! ill see you around :)


XGN Xero & Xero v2

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