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Road to 26b EXP and all skilling pets

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Multiply    13

Probably should of posted this ages ago when i first started going for it, but since i've only just recently come back, i'll just do a quick post now, 

As the title says going for 26b, ( ON EASY YES IK NOOBY ) haha, but currently only 2 stats to go.


 stats left are 535m/1b summoning and 880m/1b farming. 

Current Pets owned are..

  • Bernie- Got after 13k logs burned
  • Rue- Got after around 800m rc exp on easy
  • Herbert- Got after around 26k herb actions, 
  • Willow- Got after 24k divination actions
  • Gemi- Got after around 48k crafting actions
  • Flo- got after around 30k Fletching actions
  • Crabbe- Got at 936m slayer exp on easy- around 101 tasks in.


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forgot items.

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