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Staff Update 2/27/18

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Clumsy    206

Hi members of Ataraxia, today I bring you the staff update for the 27th February, 2018.


@Lit has been promoted to 1Mn5wp3.pngGame Moderator

Lit has continued to show everyone that he is a top tier player, even to say.. Stepping it up a notch after becoming a Support

This and his dedication towards Ataraxia led to this promotion.


@I Play Heaps has been promoted to GuOJwrb.pngServer Support

I Play Heaps has been a part of this community for an extremely long time, and he continues to show consistency through highs and lows. 

In the past he has proved himself to be one of the best of the best, and still he does. 

Welcome back.

@Tranquility has been promoted to GuOJwrb.pngServer Support

As Tranquility returned to the server after completing his tedious semester at college. He immediately proved that he was highly capable of handling the staff team just as he originally was doing before his priorities hit him. 

Welcome back!





We are looking for one more GuOJwrb.pngServer Support , if you think you have what it takes to handle this role... Apply now! https://ataraxia-ps.com/forum/forum/76-support-applications-open/?do=add


Clumsy, Noele, Node
& the Staff Team.

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