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    Ataraxia Updates #50 - Instancing Fixes! - Crystal Key (g) - Huge Group Ironman Changes - New Perk! - Purchasing Perks with Vote points! [+] General Changes - Your Disassembling amount now scales with your Donor rank, Bronze = 60, Silver = 80, Gold = 100, Platinum = 120, Diamond = 150, Master = 200 - Completionist Cape & Completionist Cape (t) have been buffed: - Enhanced Fire cape, Ataraxia starter equipment, Grim Reaper Hood & Gloves/Boots of Omnipotence have proper hover tooltips - Crystal Key rewards now go straight to your bank - Lobby has been added, you can now exit to Lobby rather than logging out, We're hoping this fixes some of the Disconnection issues, further functionality will be added in future patches - Ascension bolts & Ascendri bolt Fletching exp has been buffed to RS3 rates for my HCIM - Nex: AOD & Vorago rare drops are now highlighted on Discord & GIM - Globe of Goodwill now give you other Bank options if you have it enabled - Players who have ;;bank can now use ;;ge - When Hunting Skillchompas you'll now receive 3 guaranteed - Surge has been enabled all across Ataraxia - Staff of Sliske spec has been added according to RS3. It will spawn another mage and he'll attack and stuff - Superior Armor patch now costs 10,000 chimes rather than 25,000 - Bones, Ashes, Bandos, Sara, Armadyl & Subjugation General store prices have been nerfed [+] Group Ironman Group ironmen seasons have been disabled. This has been in discussion for some time, amongst staff and players. It has come to the point where we have decided to disable the Seasonal aspect. It was too difficult to maintain proper rewards and differences between seasons, especially with Lare gone. - Group Ironman now has two choices: Casual Group Ironman (x25) and Group Ironman (x5) - Group Ironman teams now cap at 5 people - All Group Ironmen can now access every perk and all pieces of content, this includes: Pets/pet perks & Home Area objects - Casual Group Ironmen receive 5x less points for gaining experience - The group ironman leaderboards are now formatted like so: 1. Brad's Team, Casual, Size: 5, Total Level: 2000, Total XP: 5000000000 2. Jaedmo's Team, Competitive, Size: 3, Total Level, 1999, Total XP: 500 - Group Ironman/Casual are no where near completion. There's so much we want to expand on, including rewards you can purchase with your Group points, leaderboards/hiscores expansions etc. - Please do not consider this "the final product" as we will be expanding through your suggestions and more! [+] Professional Disassembler - New perk! $5 at Uzi's Perk Shop - This perk will double the rate in which you Disassemble all items! [+] Ataraxia Dollars (Vote) - You can now purchase Ataraxia dollars for 15 Vote points each! These (vote) variants of the Dollar are untradeable and nontransferable but can be spent at Party Pete to buy any perk you'd like! - With the current Voting, you can earn 12 Vote points per day, this means that at 12 points a day, you can achieve every perk with only 313 days of Voting twice a day! /r/bargainhunting amirite [+] Araxxor Changes - When on Top path the first attack after phasing will always be spiders, the rest will be random (never twice of the same in a row) - On P3, Araxxor will rotate between spiders and another random special attack every time until there are no spiders left [+] Nex: Angel of Death Changes - Fixed lag issues when in the instances - Fixed Invisible reavers - Fixed invisible smoke lines - Fixed Instance hosting glitches [+] Telos Changes - Fixed issue with Telos being unable to attack when you are under him - All projectiles have been reworked to near perfection - Added proper HP thresholds so plyaers are unable to skip parts of the fight - Fixed NPCs disappearing in the instance - Added anima bar for Anima golems as well as Telos - Added streams and viruses to buff/debuff bar assuring players that you're receiving the proper effect and detect the virus asap [+] Crystal Key (g) - Crystal Key (g) can be created through the Combination interface! - You can use 50 noted Crystal keys and it will create this key with a 90% success ratio - Using this Key on the Crystal chest will give you 50 Crystal key rewards straight to your bank (this also stacks with the perk, so 100 with perk) [+] Crystal Triskelion Bag - Crystal Triskelion Bag can now be created through the Combination interface! - You can get it by gambling 25 Full triskelions at a 40% chance! - The bag stores up to 30 fragments at one time [+] Bug Fixes - The following instances will now properly close and delete NPCs when the Player has left: Pest control, Corporeal beast, Dagannoth Kings, GWD1, Gregorovic, Helwyr, Muspahs, Nex, Nihils, Twin Furies, Vindicta, Rise of the Six, Platinum Zone instances, Barrelchest, Fight caves, Fight kiln, RFD, Nomad and Giant mole, this should resolve the Instancing overlaps and bugs - Log supply box will no longer appear as Hellion Aura - Nex: Angel of Death and Vorago drops are now properly caught when using Dropcatcher - Vorago Hardmode will no longer get stuck on P9 - Barefoot Cosmetic override now works - Right click options for Bank presets now works properly - Arrow/Bolts will no longer cap when they're not meant to - Fixed loading noted items from Bank presets - Fixed Crystal hatchet animation in Brimhaven dungeon Credits: Xenthium, Armark1ng, JTlrBrad & Jaedmo
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