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  1. Yeah we're not talking like Drygores/GWD2 weapons. Maybe like GWD1 gear max? Bandos/Arma/Subj/ACB would be like top tier in this shop if it were to get used.
  2. So this is a longshot, but I figured it would be worth an idea to see what the community thought. In the current state, our Slayer Point shop consists of minimal useful items... Slayer Helm, Fighter Torso, Weapon Seed, and XP. Along with ring imbues, that's about it. So here's what I and a few other players had been discussing. Could we possibly implement a custom shop where you could use these Slayer Points to buy nothing but LUCKY items, that maybe start at 50% degradation, and unrepairable? This wouldn't be abusable in the sense of buying and selling to players, as Lucky items are untradable. And by putting all these items at 50% degradation would make them just a slightly temporary item for players to use if they don't have the money to purchase the real thing. By making them unrepairable (Degrading to dust), this will also keep the current economy about as stable as possible, as players won't be able to just buy a t90 weapon for instance, and keep repairing it. To add to this, We could maybe cap it at t70/t80 weapons, with the higher tier weapon you buy, the more degraded the item starts at? (T60 - Starts with 75% charges, t70 - 50%, t80 - 25%) or something similar? This is obviously a very brief and dull idea, but with thought, I feel like it could be made into a wonderful custom system that we haven't seen on Ataraxia before. Let me know what you guys think!
  3. Thanks for your support, guys! I love doing stuff like this, and I'm semi-OCD about banks. 😛 I don't do it for the money, hence why I charge so little. ❤️ Glad you guys enjoy the outcomes.
  4. Yessir. And I'm doing the same for my 100 Kill Hardmode Nex Log. Still got a ways to go on it. I'm taking a break cuz I'm kinda burnt out on Nex for now. xD
  5. Thanks man! Just figured I'd give people a brief look at my life outside of RSPS. 😛
  6. You should update it! I'm sure players would love to see your progress, even if it's WAYYYY delayed of an update! Thanks guys! I've made so much progress in the last 2 weeks. Uwotm9. Not my fault Nex loves you and hates me. :C
  7. Thanks guys! And the drop rate itself wasn't bad luck, I agree. But the fact that I got 4 boots, out of my 10 drops, THAT was some pretty bad RNG. xD Hardmode log is in the works ^_^
  8. There aren't many that come to my head at the moment. The 4 main ones I can think of that I would like to be tinkered with are: 1. The Construction fixes that could be implemented, regarding the unbuildable objects, the interface issues where the img's don't match up with the titles of the items, and the fact that practically nothing in the dungeon portion of the PoH works. I understand that the code regarding Construction is a nightmare, and I'm not expecting this to be fixed anytime soon, but it would sure make PoH building a little more enjoyable, and we could implement dungeon events throughout the community. 2. Inside Dungeoneering, if you bind both a 2h/spear along with a Kiteshield, when you start the next dungeon, both will be equipped, and you will gain stats from both. No this is not gamebreaking, but can be abused for faster killtimes on bosses. Would be qualified more as a QoL update I suppose. 3. Since the rate of fire buff on crossbows, the Accurate and Rapid attack styles now shoot at the same speed, and I'm sure this wasn't intended. Again, not a huge bug, but can be somewhat abused to have more accuracy with the same rate of fire, rather than slightly less rate of fire as it should be (If this wasn't intended, which it may have been.) We could revert the attack speed for the "Accurate" style back to what it was originally, or even just make it a tick longer between attacks, that way players actually have to choose between speed and accuracy when it comes to range PvMing. 4. In regards to the multiple banks, if the bank you opened previously, for example, is Bank 1, or B1, and then you're off somewhere and go to open Bank 2 (B2) with ;;b2, and try adding/removing items, it will remove the items from that slot in B1, or the previous bank you opened. If you do ;;b2 and the last bank you had open was B2, it works fine. Should be a minor fix as I feel like it's just a tiny interface error.
  9. I swear my RNG is shit. 1/10 Drop Rate, but 4 boots out of 9 tradable drops? >____> OOOOOF
  10. So I decided to run 100 kills at Normal Mode Nex, and record every single drop, including Ancient Ceremonial Pieces from the minions, to see what it looked like. The rate at the end of this kill log, was exactly 1/10, however 4 of my 10 drops were boots. Soooo salty about it, but whatever; just gotta do another 100 kills I suppose. But Here's what I ended up with after these 100 kills. The droplog will be included as a "Spoiler" so I don't spam the forum post for everyone with a wall of text. ^_^ Enjoy! I've been told that Nex: Hard Mode has increased drop rates, so I may do another 100 kill Drop Log for Hardmode just to test the difference in RNG/Drop Rates to see if it's noticeable enough to even worry about. Stay tuned! ^_^
  11. You remain hidden, guest! Keep that identity! ❤️ Thanks for the support! Yeah it's been needed for a while, so I figured I'd spend some time to make it tonight. 🙂 Haha thanks @Kope! Much love!
  12. So I know a lot of you guys have been wondering if there was a chime guide somewhere on forums, and I've heard someone was going to make one, but I haven't seen one yet, so I figured I'd go ahead and throw this together for you guys. There won't be pictures or anything, but you can just ctrl+f and search for the item and see how much it chimes for. This guide is nowhere near 100% complete, as some of the items listed in this guide don't chime (They are edited with the strikethrough option), and it may be missing a few items that do chime, that I may have missed. If that's the case, feel free to let me know, and the guide will be changed! ^_^ I will try to stay on top of this guide as the chime prices change, and/or get fixed, so you guys can have an accurate guide for chime prices. Enjoy! Where is the Chime Shop and how do I access it? The chime shop can be found by talking to "Hazelmere" in the middle of the ;;market zone. He will open a shop with a select amount of items, purchasable by chimes, and while in this shop, you can right click objects in your inventory that are chime-able, and sell them to his shop for said chimes. They are a stackable form of currency that you can have sitting in your bank until you reach the amount you need for your goal Chime Purchase. You may also access the chime shop from anywhere in Ataraxia by right-clicking your stack of Chimes and clicking "Convert", or just left-clicking them. Items in the Chime Shop Cosmetics - Black, Orange, and Pink Partyhats/Hweens, Green Santa Hat, Christmas Cracker, Chromatic Partyhat, Bunny Ears, Easter Ring. (5,000-100,000 Chime) Small/Medium/Large Protean Packs - These offer a Protean material of your choice in the amounts of 75, 150, and 300. (5,000/8,000/13,000 Chime) Mystery Box - Gives a random item out of a list of PLENTY. More or Less RNG based, so good luck. 😛 (1,000 Chime) Annihilation - T78 Melee Weapon; Not used much, as there are better options. (20,000 Chime) Obliteration - T78 Mage Staff; Refer to above statement. (20,000 Chime) Decimation - T78 Ranged Bow; One of the better bows in-game right now, especially imbued. (20,000 Chime) Ancient Warriors' Equipment Patch - This can be used on any PvP Gear Piece to upgrade it to the Superior version of that piece. (20,000 Chime) Superior Morrigans Javelin -> Superior Zuriel's Staff - Superior PvP Equipment; Like the normal kind, just better stats. (All 25,000 Chime) Imbued Gear - Can be used on any of the T78 Gear mentioned above, or any Drygore weapon to increase the stats. (15,000 Chime) Aggression Potion - Very useful afk-training tool; can be sold to players for ~6-8m per full (6) flask. (250 Chime Each) Without further ado, the following items are what can be chimed, and how much they go for! Please leave some feedback as to if I missed anything or any information in this guide is wrong/invalid. I will happily keep up with this guide as it took a good minute to make. ❤️ PVP Armors (Unworn) Statius's Full Helm - 125 Chime Statius's Platebody - 175 Chime Statius's Platelegs - 150 Chime Statius's Warhammer - 200 Chime Vesta's Chainbody - 175 Chime Vesta's Plateskirt - 150 Chime Vesta's Longsword - 200 Chime Vesta's Spear - 150 Chime Morrigan's Coif - 125 Chime Morrigan's Leather Body - 175 Chime Morrigan's Leather Chaps - 150 Chime Morrigan's Throwing Axe - 4 Chime Each Morrigan's Javelin - 4 Chime Each Morrigan's Javelin (p) - 5 Chime Each Morrigan's Javelin (p+) - 6 Chime Each Morrigan's Javelin (p++) - 7 Chime Each Zuriel's Hood - 125 Chime Zuriel's Robe Top - 175 Chime Zuriel's Robe Bottom - 150 Chime Zuriel's Staff - 150 Chime Ports Gear (Unworn) Tetsu Helm - 50 Chime Tetsu Body - 100 Chime Tetsu Legs - 75 Chime Seasinger's Hood - 50 Chime Seasinger's Robe Top - 100 Chime Seasinger's Robe Bottom - 75 Chime Death Lotus Hood - 50 Chime Death Lotus Chestplate - 100 Chime Death Lotus Chaps - 75 Chime Spirit Shields Spectral - 200 Chime Arcane - 500 Chime Elysian - 1000 Chime Divine - 1500 Chime Glacor Boots Steadfast - 300 Chime Glaiven - 300 Chime Ragefire - 300 Chime Gloves Static Gloves - 500 Chime Tracking Gloves - 500 Chime Pneumatic Gloves - 500 Chime Razorback Gauntlets - 500 Chime (Unworn) Celestial Handwraps - 500 Chime Ascension Grips - 250 Chime (Unworn) T90 Equipment (Unworn) Tectonic Mask - 1750 Chime Tectonic Body - 2250 Chime Tectonic Legs - 2000 Chime Seismic Wand - 2000 Chime Seismic Singularity - 2000 Chime Sirenic Mask - 1500 Chime Sirenic Body - 2000 Chime Sirenic Legs - 1750 Chime Ascension Cbow - 1500 Chime Malevolent Helm - 1750 Chime Malevolent Body - 2250 Chime Malevolent Legs - 2000 Chimes Drygore Rapier - 1500 Chime Drygore Longsword - 1500 Chime Drygore Mace - 2000 Chime Malevolent Kiteshield - 1000 Chime Merciless Kiteshield - 1000 Chime Vengeful Kiteshield - 1000 Chime Noxious Scythe - 2500 Chime Noxious Staff - 2500 Chime Noxious Longbow - 2500 Chime Barrows Items Linza's Helm - 100 Chime Linza's Body - 250 Chime Linza's Legs - 200 Chime Linza's Hammer - 200 Chime Linza's Shield - 200 Chime GWD2 Items Dormant Anima Core Pieces - 75 Chime Each All Anima Core Pieces - 500 Chime Each All Refined Anima Core Pieces - 1000 Chime Each Dragon Rider Lance - 1500 Chime Shadow Glaive - 1500 Chime Offhand Shadow Glaive - 1350 Chime Wand of the Cywir Elders - 1500 Chime Orb of the Cywir Elders - 1000 Chime Blade of Nymora - 1000 Chime Blade of Avaryss - 1000 Chime Zarosian Essence - 250 Chime Sliskean Essence - 250 Chime Zamorakian Essence - 250 Chime Serenic Essence - 250 Chime Telos Drops Seren Godbow - 5000 Chime Staff of Sliske - 5000 Chime Zaros Godsword - 5000 Chime Dyes Barrows Dye - 1000 Chime Shadow Dye - 1000 Chime Third-Age Dye - 1000 Chime Blood Dye - 1500 Chime Third-Age Druidic Staff - 1000 Chime Druidic Cloak - 1000 Chime Druidic Wreath - 1000 Chime Druidic Robe Top - 1500 Chime Druidic Robe Bottom - 1250 Chime Range Top - 1000 Chime Range Bottom - 750 Chime Range Coif - 500 Chime Range Vambs - 500 Chime Robe Top - 1000 Chime Robe Bottom - 750 Chime Mage Hat - 500 Chime Amulet - 500 Chime Platebody - 1000 Chime Platelegs - 750 Chime Full Helm - 500 Chime Kiteshield - 500 Chime Hydrix Equipment (Unworn) Amulet of Souls - 1000 Chime Deathtouch Bracelet - 1000 Chime Reaper Necklace - 1000 Chime Ring of Death - 1000 Chime Nex Items Torva Full Helm - 500 Chime Torva Platebody - 1000 Chime Torva Platelegs - 750 Chime Torva Gloves - 400 Chime Torva Boots - 400 Chime Pernix Cowl - 500 Chime Pernix Body - 1000 Chime Pernix Chaps - 750 Chime Pernix Gloves - 400 Chime Pernix Boots - 400 Chime Virtus Mask - 500 Chime Virtus Robe Top - 1000 Chime Virtus Robe Bottom - 750 Chime Virtus Gloves - 400 Chime Virtus Boots - 400 Chime Virtus Wand - 500 Chime Virtus Book - 500 Chime Rares All H'weens - 1500 Chime Each All Partyhats - 2500 Chime Each Santa Hat - 2000 Chime Black Santa Hat - 2500 Chime Misc Items Korasi's Sword - 100 Chime Leviathan Ring - 100 Chime Scythe (Reaper Shop) - 750 Chime Draconic Visage - 150 Chime Wand of the Praesul - 5000 Chime Imperium Core - 5000 Chime Berserker Ring - 100 Chime Seers' Ring - 100 Chime Archer's Ring - 100 Chime Warrior's Ring - 75 Chime Attuned Crystal Shield - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Deflector - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Ward - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Halberd - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Dagger - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Bow - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Chakram - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Staff - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Wand - 350 Chime Attuned Crystal Orb - 350 Chime Lava Whip - 750 Chime Staff of Darkness - 750 Chime Strykebow - 750 Chime Ripper Claw - 1000 Chime Offhand Ripper Claw - 1000 Chime Camel Staff - 1000 Chime Nightmare Gauntlets - 500 Chime Gloves of Passage - 500 Chime Gemstone Helm - 500 Chime Gemstone Body - 1000 Chime Gemstone Legs - 750 Chime Gemstone Gloves - 500 Chime Gemstone Boots - 500 Chime Dragonstone Helm - 75 Chime Dragonstone Body - 75 Chime Dragonstone Legs - 75 Chime Dragonstone Gloves - 75 Chime Dragonstone Boots - 75 Chime ***If you've gotten this far, huge thanks to @Loure for keeping me going through making this guide cuz it was pretty rough finding each and every item that did/didn't work***
  13. Would have to give my Vote to Spooder as well for this month. He's done so much around the server, and has been so interactive with our playerbase. Such a great role model Mod to look up to as a leader. And I may be a little biased, cuz him and my Red Spider Guardian in my POH Dungeon are best buddies now, so I can't let lil Gerald in my basement down. 😛 +1 Arach; Keep up the great work bud! ❤️ Much love.
  14. 1. What is your favorite thing about Ataraxia? The ever growing community and the absolutely wonderful staff/dev team we have in place, to make this server the best home I've ever been a part of. ^_^ 2. Tag at least one other player that has made your Ataraxia experience enjoyable and tell us why! @Will @Exoz @E36 @Arachnid @Hot Milo @Nut @Nemesis @the flow just to name a few. These players and staff members have made this home the best home I've ever found for a number of reasons. They're always so helpful and kind, and tend to always have the greatest attitudes. I love being able to talk to these guys about absolutely everything and consider them my best friends on the server. Thanks for all you guys have done, bros! ^_^
  15. Love this idea! You mentioned this to me ingame, and I absolutely loved it. We could keep the ;;store the way it is in case players would prefer directly buying perks through the store, but if players would instead prefer to only purchase $1 or $2, they could receive x amount of "$1 Token"s ingame, as a physical, stackable item. These items would be used for currency in the donation shop, including everything that's currently in the ;;store, including spins and stuff also. Maybe excluding the animations, as players could just directly donate for those through ;;store. But I 100% support this idea. I would love a form of ingame currency to translate donations rather than just perk boxes. Especially for those players, as mentioned above, that only have a few bucks to spend and can't afford a whole perk. These items could be sold ingame at the exact rate of gp/$, at 50-60m/$1 token, providing players with less money the same opportunity to make money off of selling donations. Love it Kat, definitely a +1 from me! ^_^
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