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  1. Snowie

    Swae return

    Hey welcome to the forums, and nice to see you return to the server If you're struggling with some bosses, join the discord, there's a lot of boss guides posted there 😄
  2. RS3 interfaces are being coded, should be added soon hopefully
  3. NXT cache downloads partially as you explore new areas, so when visiting an area for the first time it will take a while to load, as the cache is quite big. However if you were on the .jar client it most likely was just a blackscreen, that issue alone is the biggest reason we switched to NXT. I'd recommend deleting the cache then trying again, the path is; C:\ProgramData\Atrax\Ataraxia for NXT C:\Users\"user"\ataraxiarspscache for .jar
  4. I'd recommend using the Discord over the forums for troubleshooting. Tho if you were using the NXT client I'm guessing you didnt let the cache download.
  5. Snowie


    Welcome to the forums man
  6. Welcome back 🙂
  7. https://discord.gg/GcCmJTe You can also do ;;discord ingame.
  8. Updated 01/02/2020
  9. gotta update this badboy
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