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  1. FULL CREDITS TO THE DEV TEAM. JUST COPY/PASTING GUIDE ON FORUMS FOR EASIER ACCESS TO PEOPLE WHO DO NOT HAVE A DISCORD if your having crash issues with directX (client closing with a .log file) then do these steps to fix the issue:- 1. go to uninstall or change programs 2. seach java and uninstall everything 3. go to download java url ( https://ww
  2. Sent a PM via discord with my application. Edit: Posting in here via Jaedmo request. In-Game Name: Gynx Timezone: CST(Central America Standard) Total Hours Played: Infractions: None Explanation: N/A (Never got infracted) Desire To Be Staff: I desire to be a staff member of Ataraxia due to the fact that I have fell in love with the community and the staff team. There's been some situations in-game that I know how to solve but I lack the power to assist so have to find a staff member to assist and I feel I would make a great guidance for any newcomer Addi
  3. Everyone really knows who I am by now but uhh. Hi, I am Gynx, a 25 year old crazy boy. I tend to get along with everyone pretty well and goof off sometimes but in a good way. I used to be amazing at all kinds of shit but grew up, got old and just left it all behind but here's my past: Video editor GFX Artist Web Developer Multi-Server Owner/Hoster/Developer Just say I got multi talents but never use them anymore. I just come around to hang out, make new friends and have a good time when I'm bored. Anyway, want to know more just ask.
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