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  1. Sent a PM via discord with my application. Edit: Posting in here via Jaedmo request. In-Game Name: Gynx Timezone: CST(Central America Standard) Total Hours Played: Infractions: None Explanation: N/A (Never got infracted) Desire To Be Staff: I desire to be a staff member of Ataraxia due to the fact that I have fell in love with the community and the staff team. There's been some situations in-game that I know how to solve but I lack the power to assist so have to find a staff member to assist and I feel I would make a great guidance for any newcomer Additional Information: I understand that there's probably tons of other applicants out there and you wonder why you'd pick me over anyone else... Action speaks louder than words and that's my moto in life but I would like to share some of my RSPS history. I started RSPS in late 2008, became moderator for the first time in 2009 and was basically staff on any server I joined. I ran my own server back in 2012 and 2014. Tried again in 2016 but just lacked the ability to have time to do it. I haven't been staff of a RSPS since 2016 but my maturity and leadership skills still are top knotch and I can still handle things professionally no matter how bad the situation becomes. I'll be looked at as a model of Ataraxia and I'll do all I can to relieve some pressure off the moderators and assist the best that I can and be active as much as possible. I just feel I would fit perfectly with the staff team and we could build a legacy and I'd love to work with you guys as a team instead of just a simple member with a voice :). May the best applicant(s) get accepted.
  2. Everyone really knows who I am by now but uhh. Hi, I am Gynx, a 25 year old crazy boy. I tend to get along with everyone pretty well and goof off sometimes but in a good way. I used to be amazing at all kinds of shit but grew up, got old and just left it all behind but here's my past: Video editor GFX Artist Web Developer Multi-Server Owner/Hoster/Developer Just say I got multi talents but never use them anymore. I just come around to hang out, make new friends and have a good time when I'm bored. Anyway, want to know more just ask.
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