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  1. Hello, This is my Triskelion Key guide, I will be showing you where to go to use said guide and how to get the 3 parts for them. Where to go: First you will either use Ctrl+t or go to Quest Journal and click the big 'T' in the middle. Click the skills tab and click on the 'Sparkling Wisp' teleport. After you teleport there, you will run South East to the rock face. You will see a pedestal sitting out from the rock face with a circle indented on top of the rock. You will click here to turn in your Triskelion Keys. Rewards: Below I will show the possible rewards. One picture is just rewards from 3 Trisk keys and the other from one of our own players @Molecules and he opened 500 trisk keys and 243 elite clue scrolls and shared his loot with us. How to obtain the key parts: There are a few great ways that are sure to get you keys and key parts! Through slayer, monsters that are 80+ slayer level. (I use Abyssal Demons to gain my parts.) Skilling Contract milestones. After completing 5,10,15,20 etc you have a chance at them dropping as full keys or in a bag. Thank you for reading through my guide, if you have questions or know of any other way of getting keys. Leave a comment below. -Bear
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