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  1. 99 Fletching and 1600 Total Level Achieved!! Updated Pets Acquired: Fishing Crafting Farming Smithing Woodcutting Fletching
  2. welcome back Xavier!
  3. 99 farming and gatherers cape achieved
  4. Fletching Pet and Jack of trades title achieved.
  5. thanks snowie! Current Goal : Mining Pet / Eventually 120 little over 15k mined.
  6. 120 Achieved 29.1k fishies fished
  7. Current Goals: 120 Fishing / Pet Last Goal Achieved: 120 Invention 24k Fished Pets Achieved: Crafting Smithing Farming
  8. Jay

    I am Vibe

    welcome back vibe, nice to meet ya.
  9. am enjoying the new home, cant wait to see whats to come. gj boys.
  10. Jay


    thanks snowie, believe I saw you in game the other day, nice to meet ya.
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