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  1. Hybird tokens are a rare currency that can be exchanged for T85 armor. You can receive them from the following bosses & activities: Example: 1:35 = 1 in 35 chance of receiving drop. Nex - 1:180 Telos - 1:75 Vorago - 1:35 Araxxor - 1:60 Legiones - 1:600 Nex: AoD - 1:125 Pest control - 1:150 Kalphite King - 1:180 The Magister - 1:600 Corporeal Beast 1:450 Queen Black Dragon - 1:350 Barrows: Rise of the Six - 1:250 Temple of Aminishi (ed1) - 1:35 Hybrid token drops are separate from the npc/activity drop table and are not influenced by any drop rate modifiers. Drop rates are configured to take ~250 hours of gameplay to complete one set from any of the above sources. There are 3 sets to complete, one for each combat type: Vanguard (melee): Trickster (ranged): Battle-mage (magic): nxt flex Helm (5 tokens): +2% damage, +297 armor, +32 hp Body (7 tokens): +3% damage, +341 armor, +64 hp Legs (7 tokens): +3% damage, +326 armor, +48 hp Gloves (3 tokens): +1% damage, +68 armor Boots (3 tokens): +1% damage, +68 armor Full set (25 tokens): +10% damage, +1100 armor, +144 hp More Information: Hybrid tokens and the armor pieces are untradeable. While worn, each piece of armor will give you bonus damage toward its combat type. Set pieces can be mixed to provide bonus damage for more than one combat type at a time. The helm, body & legs provide a small boost to your maximum health while worn. All armor pieces are non-degradeable, meaning you never need to repair them. None of the armor pieces provide prayer bonus - it is sacrificed for increased damage. Defensive stats are equal to T85 refined anima core of sliske. The Hybrid shop can be accessed by interacting with a hybrid token when it's in your inventory. gl & hf grinding.
  2. The community has voted; congratulations to @Sintricate on being titled with December's staff member of the Month.
  3. Staff of the Month - December 2019 This title is given to the best performing Staff member of the Month. This will include all of the staff promoted within the month. The Staff member will receive this rank: Staff of the Month A new Golden discord rank for the Month. And to top it off, $25 PayPal or RSGP to their desire. The voting is done by all of you! Check the attached Poll and vote for your candidate! Please also post why in the comments below! All the best & happy new year from Jaedmo, Node, Xenthium, the development & staff team.
  4. Unfortunately the staff team has decided against bringing you on board as a beta tester. While we acknowledge you may be of help for us, we've collectively agreed that you bring more trouble to the table than good when summarizing your past play time. You're welcome to apply again in future if you believe you've truly reformed.
  5. Most of you are probably aware of our upcoming revision update to 907, and with that I'd like to ask what small, niche or otherwise standalone items you would like to see made functional and implemented while larger, more time consuming content is in development. So, what items fit that category? Something like the Amulet of the Forsaken for example, it's obtained through the already functional Barrows minigame and doesn't require any new area or boss to be also made functional in addition to it. To sum it up, really any item which either fits into existing content or was added to RS3 on its own (not part of a larger update that isn't currently supported on Ataraxia). You may list quest items despite them being part of a larger content update. Including a link to the item's wiki page and/or any other details is greatly appreciated. Replies pertaining to items that were added to RS3 as part of a larger content update will be ignored, you can expect to see those items added as part of the entire content update they were included with. Note: Cluescroll rewards will be noted down, but don't expect to see them until a later date as we may be doing an entire cluescroll & luck rework sometime in the future. *If an item you would like to see added has already been posted, please upvote the reply so we have an indication as to what items are more requested.*
  6. Accepted, welcome to the beta team.
  7. Nothing in particular relating to team/group Ironman is preventing it from coming out. However, there's a few issues relating to other content/core systems that have recently been prioritized by Jaedmo. We want to get these ironed out first, so that the existing systems/content behaves the way it should, before we go adding a new game mode which will probably introduce it's own bugs too. Afaik, there is currently no ETA for team/group Ironman.
  8. Xenthium


    I feel like this is already a bit of a problem with those who sell hundreds in donations, collectively, just a few players hold a decent percentage of all in-game cash and it isn't earning it the right way in my books. This is ultimately their fault due to a lack of self-control.
  9. Xenthium


    I'd be down for the dicing method if it were all handled outside of the player(s), purely because it's my favourite method of gambling. If this is passes I'd also like to see some sort of tax implemented, similar to, if not the same as how osrs has done it with the duel arena; we need more money sinks.
  10. Also also, maybe the chance to get a spin/double spin ticket from voting
  11. Forgot to add, examining an item should show the General store value as well as the GE value; it'd be handy for when you're on task picking up stuff to sell to the store etc.
  12. - Add your daily task to the task tab/noticeboard interface (and progress of it). - The message notifying you of your potion running out in X amount of seconds should show up even if your game messages are set to filter. - Maybe buff the Wisdom aura, not the xp boost, but reduce the cooldown or increase duration it lasts for. In comparison to well 1.5x xp & weekend dxp etc, it's pretty underpowered. - Move the Catherby farming teleport coords closer to the patch, it seems odd and out of place how it's pretty much in a mountain and the only one to teleport you a distance from the patch. - When using Protean items, the action count message should be hidden if game messages is set to filter, like it does for all other action count messages. - Examining an npc in combat should show their remaining HP. (Perhaps something like this, maybe toggleable too, via command or in ::settings).
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