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  1. Hey all! Mirrikuu here with an in-depth guide to Solo'ing Nex, And getting those sweet sweet T80's. Let's jump right in! Recommended Stats: 80+ combat stats 96 Herblore for Overloads 99 Summoning for Steel Titans 95+ Prayer for Anguish/ Deflect Prayers Of course being maxed is ideal, But these will be more than enough to see you through. What to Wear: Nex isn't weak to any particular style, however due to the nature of the fight, and being immobile at times, Ranged is the easy choice. I won't include setups for 92+ because you don't need them Head: Superior Death Lotus>Death Lotus>Armadyl>Karil Aura: Best Vamp you can access Neck: Farsight Blood Necklace>Farsight Sniper Necklace>Saradomin's Hiss>Fury Back: Comp>Max>TokHaar-Kal-Xil>Ava's Chest: Superior Death Lotus>Death Lotus>Armadyl>Karil Legs: Superior Death Lotus>Death Lotus>Armadyl>Karil MH: Shadow Glaive>Chaotic C'Bow OH: T70-T92 Repriser>Elysian Spirit Shield>Dragonfire Shield Boots: Glaiven Boots>Armadyl Boots Gloves: (If using Void)>Ascension Grips>Armadyl Ring:(Plat+ Perfect ring)>Ring of Death>Archers ring(i)> Onyx(i)>Ring of Wealth IMPORTANT: You can bring along a set of Ancient Burial armor (Which drops from Ancient Zaros troops and Nex minions) To SKIP the required killcount, and make all mobs neutral in the area.* *Set not needed with GWD Specialist Perk Void: Death Lotus: Ancient Burial Set: What to Bring: You'll have a chance to bank before actually fighting Nex with Ashuelot Reis just outside the encounter. Make sure to bring the Frozen Key and Ancient Burial set for Entry, and just some food in case you get hit before the frozen door. In your inventory for the fight you'll want: 2 Overloads 2 Prayer Renewals 6 Super Restores 3 Steel Titan pouches Fill with Sara brews Inventory for Fight: Inventory for Entry: Asheulot Reis: MAKE SURE TO BRING YOUR REPRISER FOR THE EMBLEM DROP IF USING A DIFFERENT OFF-HAND. How to get there: Nex can easily be accessed Via the Boss teleports, and selecting Godwars Dungeon. You'll then need to run south to the Frozen Door And go down the stairs. Pop Through the Frozen Doorway and If this is your first time, now's when you get your 25KC Once you've gotten you're 25 KC, you can go through the big door *. Or If you have An Ancient armor set, you can skip the killcount and go straight to the door. Pot up, swap inventories for the fight and hop down Fighting Nex: Phase 1: Fumus (Pray Mage /Anguish) Nex starts her first phase by channeling power from Fumus. Pray mage to avoid taking large chunk damage and to avoid being poisoned by this phase's special attack. When Nex states "Let the Virus run through you." She's placing a debuff on you which drops your stats over time. This effect is 100% canceled out by an overload. DPS Nex down, keeping an eye on your health until she tells Fumus not to fail her. That's your queue to swap targets to Fumus and Kill him. Phase 2: Umbra (Pray Range/Anguish) This phase Nex swaps to Umbra, turning her attacks to ranged. Swap prayers and DPS her down until she Calls out to Umbra. Her special attack for this phase is when she states "Fear the shadow!" She will place a small shadow Pool at the bottom of your feet which will pillar up for massive damage. Her Second Special attack; Embrace darkness, is not coded. You can ignore this prompt. Simply move away from the pool to avoid taking damage Shadow Pool attack Phase 3: Cruor (Pray Mage/Anguish) More of the same here, Nex Swaps over to Cruor and channels the power of blood. She'll start this phase out with a Siphon which is your queue to not attack her, because you'll heal her instead of deal damage. When she announces "A Siphon will solve this!"Just stop attacking Nex for 5 seconds and attack Cruor instead. If you have a Blood necklace or Vampyrism, you can still heal off of Nex's minions despite not dealing damage. Nex will also declare that she demands a blood sacrifice. If you're praying mage you can ignore this mechanic completely. Don't attack Nex While she's siphoning. You'll heal her. Phase 4: Glacies(Pray Mage/Anguish) Easily the most difficult phase of Nex is Glacies. She has two special attacks that you need to be mindful of. When she states "Contain This!" She will slam her fist onto the ground, and after 3 seconds ice spikes will pop up from the ground from where she hit. The spikes will knock out your protection prayers and prevent you from using them for a few seconds. The second special attack is "Die now in a prison of ice!" Nex will entomb you in a 3x3 grid of ice spikes which can deal over 800 damage. Your only option here is tank the damage with brews and DPS Nex fast. Melt Nex, Don't get hit By her Slam, and be prepared to chug brews. Ice spikes/Prison of ice Phase 5: Nex (Pray Melee/Anguish) We're in the home stretch now. This is thankfully another easy phase. Nex will swap over to mostly melee attacks, and will occasionally dash down one of the central paths. You can avoid this attack by standing near a Minion spawn location. The only thing special about this final phase is that Nex will swap prayers and near Death activate the prayer Wrath to do damage. DPS Nex down, stay near the walls and run away from Wrath. Provided you didn't panic, or underestimate Nex's damage you should have your first of many Kills. Good Luck to you, and I hope to see many more T80 sets floating around! Thanks for reading!
  2. Hey all, You've probably already seen me online already, as I'm one of the many who have played but not posted. I'm Dezzik, (Soon to be Mirrikuu) aka Kelly! I've been on this server post reset and have been playing since....I don't remember, another thing about me, cannabis is legal in my state, so I'm usually somewhat spacey and forgetful for no specific reason that I just clearly mentioned. I currently work from home, so I'm almost always at least at my computer. I love to help people and I'd really like to be able to apply for support someday when the time is right. I do a lot of things solo, but If I like you, I'll make a concentrated effort to try to do stuff with other people!
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