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  1. I'll jump in on this next time! Sounds awesome
  2. Couchy

    Ataraxia MOSH PIT

    This is my most favorite thing ever
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    Road 2 Max Ep.1

    Awesome work! I really enjoyed the watch! 🙂
  4. Oops.. did i break your streak? 😉
  5. Wait this is a thing?

  6. In-Game Name: Couchy Age: 19 (20 in 5 Days) Timezone: Australia Eastern Daylight Time ( GMT+11 ) Why do you want to be Support?: Being a representative of the staff for Ataraxia is always something i have appreciated, and I understand the commitments and responsibility it entails. Being able to represent the staff team on Ataraxia has always been meaningful to me, it is not something to be taken for granted. A place within the staff team puts me in a position to push further evolution of the server. As a Support I would placed in a mediator position to ensure clear accountability and communication for both the staff team and the player base. I want to be Support so that i can represent Ataraxia and it's community, and have deep contribution towards its future development.. both in content and player base. What experience do you have? Before the reset of the server, I was an active player moderator and before a support before that. I have been a support for this server twice, initially resigning from the role due to unfortunate real life circumstances, and the second time I was demoted from the role of a player moderator as the server reset was initiated. (however i was inactive at the time due to work commitments (to get the job i'm currently in). I have a deep knowledge of the game and It's always something i'm looking to improve. Why should you pick me over someone else? I feel that my timezone is in an effective place and I understand the responsibility of the role. I believe I am generally more active than the average player, and I am always willing to go out of my way to assist anyone who needs it. I work hard to be patient, empathetic and accountable as a player, and I can definitely transfer these skills directly into a support role. How much free time do you have? At the moment I am reducing my extra curricular commitments outside of the workplace, I am a musician and play occasional gigs on Friday and Saturday nights (1-2 times a month), and currently work five five-hour days a week (Monday -Friday) and I am happy to advise the exact times privately. Outside of this time frame, unless I am doing personal things (family events, gym etc...) I have the ability to get online and play. During my work hours I will have access to the forums and discord at virtually any time, so in reality I am almost 100% accessible unless I am asleep. Other Notes: I always work hard to create strong bonds with each member of the community, and to contradict what I noted on my previous application.. I now feel completely comfortable with the player base. I believe I've cemented myself as a part of the player base now and I strongly feel I am ready for the next step. Thank you 🙂
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