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Forum theme and site changes

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Hi guys! I've recently finished up some site work for Ataraxia, and wanted to share it with you here:

- Old non-functional voting sites have been disabled, now there are 5 sites, with Moparscape being a new addition. Please keep in mind Rune-Server has to be opened again after you vote; please report issues you have with any voting sites in particular to a staff team member, they will escalate it to us.

- Fixed slider area on the homepage and created new art for it.

- Migrated the forum to seperate containers than the main site. Many people like to target forums because of the longer load time when attacking sites; now, if the forum goes down, it shouldn't affect the main site, which will allow players to continue voting and using the hiscores as they would before. 

- Created a new forum theme for Ataraxia with assets from the homepage, there are plans in the future to have some more impressive modifications done, but for now I believe this is better than the default skin.

- Hiscores has been re-skinned to match the rest of the website. (not finished)

Please report any issues you have with the website to a staff member and they will relay it to administration; be sure to include specific information.

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