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Ataraxia RSPS
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Ataraxia Updates #25 - 27th May 2019

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Ataraxia Updates #25

- Malevolence, Affliction & Desolation
- Dragonbane ammunition
- Co-op Skilling contracts
- Flower Poker & Dicing
- Heaps of General changes!!


Straight up before everything, apologies for all the pictures/lack of media.. Forums are wack atm??? Ah well will be fixed when we redo it all.

[+] General Changes

- You can now press "Get task" on Kuradal and receive the option to Reset your task and get a new one at the same time (finally)
- Upon creating a new account, the Toolbelt is instantly filled, preventing annoying Bob's shop issues
- Overloads no longer deplete after every Dominion tower kill
- Three new achievements: "I'm a Warrior", "Barrows Brother" & "Of Zaros" which are:
- Obtain Dragon Defender (I'm a Warrior)
- Obtain all three Barrows defenders (Barrows Brother)
- Obtain all three Nex defenders (Of Zaros)
- You can now skip the Dominion tower cutscenes if you have the Dominion Domination perk, using the command ;;skipdtcutscene to toggle
- Protean traps now work for Skilling contracts
- Combat level has been removed from ;;players on Discord
- Your in-game rank now automatically refreshes on Discord every time you log in/out of the game
- Fishing exhaustion will now effect those wearing the Shark outfit only
- Portable fletcher no longer requires Feathers to fletch bolts
- Lootsharing will now give you physical shard items, you can collect these Shards and trade them. You need 120 Shards to create the item, This should make boss massing much better!!
- Divine locations now count towards Skilling contracts
- Allotment patch yield has been increased
- Fletching Corrupted magic logs has been made faster
- You can now use Ataraxia dollars on other players to transfer them. This means you can put them on your Ironmen!
- Pet perks now have a less-glitchy/annoying glow, the Glow enables with 5 perks and is toggleable through ;;togglepetglow
- Increased amount of Perk slots as per Donation ranks:
- Silver = 2 to 3, Platinum = 3 to 5, Diamond = 4 to 6, Master = 5 to 7 
- Removed Parasol from drop announcements
- Anima core of Zamorak armour slightly nerfed, Sirenic armour buffed
- Telos now has a Kill count, we unfortunately can't grab your previous KCs as they weren't tracked. Everyone will start from 0
- Updated Mystery boxes.. Would tell you what's new.. But where's the Mystery in that?

[+] Flower Poker & Dicing

- Gambling has been added, you can teleport there using: ;;fp, ;;gamble, ;;flowerpoker.
- When Gambling, keep all Gambling talk away from the Friends chat. That being the Ataraxia FC. 
- Anyone who brings it into this chat will be removed.
- There are two ways to Gamble, both are 50/50 and both are vs another Player.
- Flower Poker:


- These are the possible combinations. To play Flower poker, simply right click a Player and press "Gamble with". You'll then be faced with a Trade-screen in which you put up your stakes.
- When both parties accept, you are teleported into the Castle wars arena and face off.
- The winner wins the pot, in the case of a draw, you go again!
- The second method is Dicing:

- Dicing is done via the NPC: Hops.
- Talk to Hops and press Dice, then type in the name of the person you want to Challenge. You then have to enter a Spirit shard amount. You can only do Spirit shards. Talk to the Pet shop owner for conversions.
- The dice roll is Best of 1 (might change in the future)
- The winner is the one with the Higher roll.


We'll have set in stone Rules added following the patch regarding Gambling.


[+] LMS Leaderboards

- There are now LMS Leaderboards! Located on the Scoreboard at ;;home
- Unfortunately, we can't have this for past LMS games, however, it will record the Leaders from this patch on!


- Enjoy!

[+] Co-op Skilling Contracts

- You can now do Co-op Skilling contracts! Start this by using a Skilling gem/backpack on another player who also has one
- You can then choose between regular/advanced and short/long contracts to complete. 
- You can now team up and tackle the Skilling contracts! 

[+] New Store Items

- Due to the changes above, Dominion Domination perk has been increased to $15 from $10
- You can now buy 3x all the Pet perks in the Shop! Hopefully this makes pimping a pet out a bit easier.
- There is also a Pet perk - Bundle! You can fetch every single Pet perk and Piggles for $90, (save $20).

[+] Tier 99 Prayers

- Malevolence, Increases Attack and Defence by 17%, plus 17% of enemy's level, and Strength by 25% plus 10% of enemy's level
- Desolation, Increases Range and Defence by 17%, plus 17% of enemy's level
- Affliction, Increases Mage and Defence by 17%, plus 17% of enemy's level 
- These prayers are locked until you Unlock them using the Praesul codex sourced from Nex: Angel of Death
- You'll need 3 codex's to unlock all 3.
- About time we got these, finally. Probably like 300 suggestions closes with this alone.

[+] Dragonbane Ammunition

- You can now mine Bane ore at Quest Tab > Training > Glacor Cave > Run North. You will then find the Bane ore mining area.
- Mining a Bane rock requires 77 Mining, and you will receive "Bane ore"
- You can then use the Lunar spellbook and use the spell "Tune Bane Ore" at 87 Magic, you use this on an item that is from Dragons, such as Dragonhide, Dragon bones, heads etc.
- It will then transmute all of your Bane ore into Dragonbane ore
- Smelt this on a Furnace with 80 Smithing for a Dragonbane bar. You can use this on an Anvil to create Arrowheads (80 Smithing), bolts (unf) (82 Smithing).
- Use these on Feathers/Headless arrows to result in the Ammo. 
- This ammo does 25% extra damage vs ALL Dragons.

[+] Bug Fixes

- You can no longer @here in Friends chat to notify those in Discord
- ;;players in Discord will no longer result in nothing if there's too many people online and the Discord character limit is reached
- Squeal of Fortune no longer gives 1x Protean log as a reward
- Ectoplasmator now drops properly
- Hiscores have been re-enabled
- Disabled the Crucible in Edgeville
- Araxxor/Araxxi will no longer attack like a machine gun
- Araxxor instance client crashes/logging you out is hopefully fixed, we understand the frustration and are working towards making this boss perfect.
- Nihil drops are now possible to be picked up
- Enhanced Excalibur now equips on the off-hand slot
- Superior Seasingers and Tetsu armour pieces are now repairable



We're aware of the issues with various bosses/monsters and are working on them.

We have a much better bug/suggestion system now and it's flowing extremely well.

Thanks for the awesome commitment. #7 is amazing, lets make June just as good.

Jaedmo, Arham 4, lare96, _jordan & Xenthium

Ask the developers questions here

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Never been a big fan of gambling myself but I can see the desire for it and hope all goes well with it. Everything else I read seemed pretty great and I can't wait to try it out tomorrow.

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it is lovely to see gambling introduced in a fair way finally, it has been a long time coming and really something I have personally wanted in Atar for a couple of years. So i thank thee!

Brilliant to see other lovely commodities being added and reviews here brilliant work to those who have been apart of all of these new updates! *pats on back*

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