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Ataraxia RSPS
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Ataraxia Updates #35 - 13th December 2019

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Hey guys, here are the notes for recent patch:

- Small presents will now be obtained much more slowly from thieving
- The naughty and nice lists will now show when they were last refreshed
- New players now get easy clue scrolls instead of elite ones
- Remove "Now isn't a good time to do this." spam
- 300% increase to Evil Tree farming XP
- You can now sell stuff to the chime shop (no longer says there isn't enough space)
- Fix ;;ticket command
- Trivia highscores! Check the scoreboard at ;;home
- The scoreboard at ;;home now has a "Last-viewed" second option. This will allow you to quickly open the last highscores you picked
- Santa's rewards will now scale with the presents you give him
- Temporary donator requirements for voting in the first 48 hours have changed from 10 to 8
- Claiming votes now work if you have spaces in your name

- Fixed blue mystic robes dissassembly.
- Added Barrows armour effects.
- Fixed onion seeds gfx
- Client update!

Make sure to download the new client on our homepage and delete your browser cache if it gives you the old one.

Much love from the staff team! Thank you to the development team for the work ❤️ @Jaedmo @Node @armark1ng @lare96

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12 hours ago, ely sia n said:

Noice m8. Ctrl + G for gimbank when though ❤️ thanks for pushing it out for us 🙂 

No problem.

I'll be writing a forthcoming list for things to expect in the near future.

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