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Ataraxia Updates #53 - 7th August, 2020

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Ataraxia Updates #53

- Lots of QOL
- Lots of Bug fixes


[+] General Changes

- You can now use noted Magic stones when doing Construction
- Buffed the damage of the Zaros Godsword special attack
- Removed Pawya meat from Divine Box traps
- Increased the amount of Mystery boxes in the Bronze donator shop
- Treasure trail completion/point awarding message is now filterable
- You can now farm Bloodweed herbs at any Herb patch
- Removed all Teleports and mechanics of Bork
- Removed the announcement for Godbows
- Slightly reduced droprates of Sirenic scales from creature's droptables
- Adrenaline potions are undrinkable at 100% energy
- Telos kc now announces
- You can now cut and craft Bloodwood logs into Bakriminel bolts
- Nerfed the amount Abyssal equipment sells to the General store, for too long Abyssal demons have been meta to camp all day, every day, we want to try encourage people to do other content, this will be the first of a few changes we intend on rolling out over the next month or two
- Nerfed all Bones/Ashes sell price to less than 20,000 coins per, they sold for way too much and it was unhealthy for the GP Eco
- Added Prayer bonus of Deathtouched bracelet to Omnipotence Gloves
- Added Bloodwood trees, they can be found all over Ataraxia! (Edgeville is the easiest location), These will provide "Bloodwood logs" which can be crafted into Bakriminel bolt shafts, which combined with Bakriminel bolt tips from the General store can be fletched into Bakriminel bolts. These bolts are base level T80 and can be upgraded to Hydrix Bakriminel bolt (T90)
- Vorago unique drop rates have been nerfed slightly, Tectonic energy drop chance lowered from 1-5 to 1-4
- Slightly reduced the amount that Killstreak and Enrage increased the chance of a Unique drop at Telos
- You can now split Amulet of souls (or) and Reaper necklace (or) from the ornament kit
- You can now open Box of Clue scrolls to receive 2 of either Easy, Medium or Hard sealed clues
- Guido's bonfire now drops un-noted so it goes to the Collection log



[+] Bug Fixes

- Leather crafting not increasing your amount created is fixed
- Protean Fletching now works on Portables
- Protean Crafting now works on Portables
- Noxious weapon crafting has been fixed
- Master Fledger perk now functions with the Make-x interfaces
- You can now craft Battlestaves with the Make-x interfaces
- Fixed Fletching bolt-tips having the wrong animation
- Efficiency expert now works for Fletching 
- Efficiency expert now works for Leather crafting, Gem cutting, Arrow tipping and Bolt tipping
- Fixed Completionist cape requiring players to reach floor 50 of Dungeoneering
- Fixed nulls in multiple classes; Helwyr, RS3SkillsDialogue, Shop Viewer, Item Transactions, Treasure hunter, Araxxor and Aod
- Fixed Ascension bolts not giving Experience
- Fixed Nex: AOD dropping the Blood tentacle rather than Reeves
- Fixed Arrow shafts from Oak+ logs creating the wrong ID Shaft, meaning you're unable to make Headless arrows
- Fixed Feather fletching not giving experience
- Fixed tipping arrows not giving experience
- Fixed being unable to eat peaches....?
- Fixed being able to drag an empty space onto an item to swap them
- Fixed Meerkat pouches reward from Clue scrolls being un-noted
- Fixed Molten glass/Robust glass and Crystal glass not bringing up an interface
- Fixed random make-x interface popping up allowing you to make unlimited raw cods
- Fixed Crystal singer mining not unlocking the animation



Xenthium, Armark1ng, JTlrBrad, ATD & Jaedmo

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