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Ataraxia Updates #56 - 24th September, 2020

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Ataraxia Updates #56

- Elite Dungeons 2: Dragonkin Laboratory
- New Hours Played Titles
- Treasure Trails Points Shop



[+] Dragonkin Laboratory

- The second Elite dungeon released to Ataraxia! Dragonkin Laboratory boasts 3 bosses, 13 mini-bosses and 11 mobs to possibly encounter!
- You can find all of the details on how to complete this Dungeon here: https://runescape.wiki/w/Dragonkin_Laboratory
- The following items will drop: 

Double Surge Codex - This will give your surge 2 charges every time it's off cooldown

Double Escape Codex - This will give your Escape 2 charges every time it's off cooldown

Bladed Dive - An upgraded version of Barge, find it's effects here: https://runescape.wiki/w/Bladed_Dive

Draconic Energy - This can be combined with Stone of binding and a regular Tectonic piece to make Elite Tectonic:
140/420/280 Energy per piece, 1/3/2 Stones per piece and a Chaotic remnant for the Robe top!


- You can also get the following pets: 

Mysterious Chicken




[+] Hours Played Titles

500 Hours

1000 Hours

2000 Hours (I want to change this one a lil, I think it could look cooler) 


[+] Treasure Trail Point Reward Shop

- Found by trading Zaida at home, the Treasure Trail Point Reward Shop has opened it's Vending!
- You can buy a few different things! Either get some guaranteed Clues through buying Sealed Scrolls, Easy/Medium/Hard/Elite, 50/100/250/500
- You can also buy the Globetrotter outfit: 
Jacket 1500 points - Ability to teleport to Clue scroll location directly, charges gained per 5 Treasure Trail completions
Shorts: 1250 points - Automatically performs Emote clue scroll step
Gloves: 750 points - Ability to use teleport scrolls from Treasure trails stored in the Gloves
Boots: 750 points - Activate for unlimited energy for 18 minutes (open to suggestions for new effect)
Backpack: 1200 points - Ability to exchange current clue scroll for a different one of the same rarity

- Also available for 10,000 points is this cute guy! Blue:


- Finally, for those who live for Clue scrolls, we have an exclusive Partyhat that will only ever be obtained this way:

The Cosmic Partyhat




[+] Bug Fixes

- Fixed Vorago giving too many Clues
- Removed Lucky armadyl from Treasure Hunter
- Fixed Kalphite King safespotting
- Fixed issue with Globe of Goodwill having weird timers
- Fixed issue with Globe of Goodwill reducing time when you donate
- Fixed issue with Boss pet spotlight not showing pets dropped


We wanted to release this Update ASAP, we know there are issues and a few bugs still lurking in the PVM of Ataraxia.

The next Update will be solely dedicated to those as well as a few little content pieces.

Xenthium, Armark1ng, Arham_4, ATD & Jaedmo

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